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By Dr. Laurie Roth
March 25, 2011

While Obama plays fast and lose trying to deal with his upset liberal base and congress about going to war with Libya, real abuses, violations and murders are happening all over Muslim countries. What will Obama do about those? I imagine, he will continue to ignore them like everyone else does. I am talking about abuses, human rights violations and murders that affect hundreds of millions of Muslim women through out the Middle East on a daily basis because of the use of the evil and racist Sharia law.

Just a few of the millions of rights violations regularly include: Get your puke bag ready. Remember Hena, the 14 year old girl who went out side her home at night to relieve herself in Bangladesh and was raped. She was sentenced to 100 lashes. She fell unconscious and died after 80. You guessed it…. Sharia law.

Then there was a 16 year old raped by a 20 year old at her village. She was ashamed and scared so she didn’t report it. Her plan didn’t work because she became pregnant and was exposed. She was sentenced to 101 lashes. This was carried out 8 months after her rape…..another gift of Sharia Law. This very same district reported 3 other cases who were lashed for illegal intercourse.

The blessings of Sharia continue…………A 45 year old woman was whipped 40 times for having intercourse with her stepson. The local imam decided this punishment which killed her. Then there was the 17 year old who was accused of having an affair. She was tortured by the village arbitration council until she confessed. Naturally after that she was whipped 101 times.

The gift that keeps on giving as we talk about the rights of freedom fighters in Libya

These encounters regarding rape and sex go on daily all over Muslim countries. We haven’t even talked about the regular beatings that occur, sanctioned by the imams and the Koran. Sharia not only is hateful and violates Muslim women, but calls for the execution of gays, execution of those who convert to another faith, cutting off of limbs and more. It is beyond brutal, discriminatory, evil and makes the rules of the Nazi party look mellow. Where are the REAL freedom fighters and leaders who will stand against this evil and for women???

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Democrats where are you? Hillary Clinton, NOW, ACLU and other women’s rights groups are simply AWOL. Obama, Republican leaders, media, anyone??? Where was Bush on this? AWOL.

I have screamed about these abuses for years on my radio show and in my articles. It is high time our leadership and someone in the White House screams about this. No one has the right to just pick little pockets of human rights problems while ignoring millions of Muslim women in a rape infested, Sharia sea of horror.


We all must do our small part in getting back our country and freedoms. Therefore I have started just this week ‘The Roth Revolution’ to draw patriots together in a social networking association. It is free, members can blog, chat, post pictures and speak their mind on the issues, to the many that are joining in. I will be blogging and communicating regularly with you myself, putting out the Roth Report, providing cutting edge faxes for you to send to congress on critical issues facing us and exploring ways we can together make a difference. Just go to The Roth Show and click on the Roth Revolution banner. Tell your friends to join also. Together, we will take our country back.

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While Obama plays fast and lose trying to deal with his upset liberal base and congress about going to war with Libya, real abuses, violations and murders are happening all over Muslim countries.