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By Dr. Laurie Roth
April 20, 2012

Our Republic and freedom is flat lining

Our country has been raped by Obama and his regime and he has put us in the ‘devils playhouse.’ Voting for Romney in November will just take us to another room in the unconstitutional and evil playhouse we are lost in now.

Shameful betrayals are a daily thing. Attacks come from everywhere, are worded in Slippery language from Obama and his minions – just like his Saul Alinsky bible of direction would have it.

Hit em hard and hit em fast so the American people don’t know how to strike back, where to strike back and are afraid to strike back.

The Attacks

Forced Health care bill – mandating Obama care – forcing the people to pay for and have Government approved Health insurance or receive big fines. Just when we thought we had seen it all, then we find we have forced RFID chips (p. 1001) to be implemented by March 23, 2013. Medical surveillance and accessing our bank accounts is important you know! March 23, 1933 was the day Hitlers Enabling Act was voted into law which was the beginning of the end for the German people. I have two words -- Nazi Germany

NDAA Bill – The signing of the Patriot Act after 9/11 was done out of fear. The offspring of this intrution to our rights was the NDAA. Now our military can turn on us, sweep us away without charges, trial or Miranda rights. We can be held in GITMO or anyplace else in the world – forever if they want. Obama gets to define what a terrorist looks like – BUT HARK – he already did with the release of the MIAC report in 2009 describing anyone as potential domestic terrorists who were returning VETS, pro second amendment, pro life, pro state and federal sovereignty. I reckon that puts most of Americans in his cross hairs.

Back to many wanting to vote ‘the lesser of two evils’ ROMNEY. Don’t forget he stated in one of the televised debates that he also supported the NDAA Bill. Romney care was the inspiration for Obama care. It offered $50 co-pays for abortion and nearly bankrupted his state. Pro choice – pro life – pro gay marriage – pro marriage between a man and a woman. His record is plane as day. Romney votes and says whatever he has to say and compromises anyway and any how to get power and votes -- end of story.

Foreign country counting our votes and voter ID being demonized -- It is a national security nightmare of globalist proportions to have any foreign company and country count our votes. Spanish company SCYTL has been contracted to do just that. How could any U.S. President or any congress allow such a thing? This is a total breach of our sovereignty, security and in my view – impeachable if not treason.

Couple this with the powerful push against showing voter ID at voting locations. Opponents say showing a photo will disenfranchise minority groups, the poor, students and seniors. We are supposed to buy that bull rot. Gee, under this way of thinking, seniors, minorities and the poor should boycott:

Little League
All landlords
Passport office
Utility companies
Many games, event or shows

How is it that voting, the most important event which protects our freedom is not to require real ID from folks? I’ll tell you why. It is just one of the many organized schemes to steal our vote, possess and contort our land for international purposes! The progressives could care less about an honest election. They plan and support illegal aliens voting every election. It’s about their rights you know. Forget the America people and our Constitution.

The attacks continue

Global elitism/internationalism, otherwise known as the ‘new world order’ is the evil brainchild of the left and right. Bush senior used to talk in his speeches about the new world order. My skin would crawl in horror when I heard that. To Obama on the far left and many on the right, we are to be controlled by international Governance and submit our speech, guns, health, what we eat, what we grow, how we grow it and how we raise our kids.

Speech, our Internet freedoms, health, food, right to peacefully assemble, ability to use guns and get ammo are all under organized assault.

Our Coal industry is systematically being shut down, while power plants are being regulated and taxed out of existence.

America is not allowed to achieve. America is not allowed to be Christian. America is not allowed to lead. Being a light on a hill is now being redefined as racism, abusive, controlling of others and wrong.

The Solution

Elect a Constitutional Patriot with vision and guts into the White House.
Vote in more conservatives and Patriots into the Congress and Senate
Destroy the NDAA Bill
Destroy the Mandated Obama care Bill
Close up activated FEMA camps
Stop the closing of Coal plants and over regulation of power plants
Pull back controls on all energy industry so they can build infrastructure without threat and manipulation
Stop funding Islamic terrorist groups like Hamas and stop using tax dollars to build mosques
Put 30-50,000 National Guard troops on our borders, triple border security and finally secure them. Stop the 200 billion a year in drug trade.
Stop all abortions and start defending the Constitutional right to life
Get us out of the illegal war in Libya and systematically pull our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Assume a position of strength and clarity again with radical Islam. Tell them clearly and up front that the next 9/11 type terrorist attack on America will bring the immediate glassification of Meca and Medina. They can reign in their radicals if they have a little more incentive to do so. I intend to give them that.

We have jumped on a train that is headed for a big wall and will crash and burn. Stop thinking the lesser of two evils. Pray for your country and help me as your ‘Seabisket’ and total outsider get elected President. Let’s take our freedom, Constitution and country back.

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� 2012 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Shameful betrayals are a daily thing. Attacks come from everywhere, are worded in Slippery language from Obama and his minions – just like his Saul Alinsky bible of direction would have it.