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By Dr. Laurie Roth
June 6, 2014

Obama has a growing legacy that can be seen with every stroke of his ‘self proclaimed power pen.’ His declarations, regulations and manipulations run right past congress at warp speed. It is like watching a NASCAR race of evil with the Obama car crashing through cars in his way, breaking every rule while soaring to the finish line. Congress and the Senate talk politics, coffee and re election strategies while the nation and world look in horror at explosion after explosion on the US racetrack.

When you peak in Obama’s toy box of horrors you see all he has to play with in between golf games and races of evil. We see the NDAA Teddy Bear and a sea of UN Constitutional executive orders looking like Muslim army men with their bombs. He plays with his famous Obamacare computer game and his oil refinery and coal plants which burn with real looking fire.

We have watched the betrayal, incompetence and lies regarding the Veterans Administration scandal. When the heat got a little too hot for Obama we saw him say his usual ‘pretend’ lines, “I didn’t know anything about this…I will get to the bottom of this.” The truth is that he knew about this from the very beginning and appointed Eric Shinseki to fix the serious problems at the Veterans Administration. With this enlightened appointment by Obama, things were made dramatically worse with a huge sea of falsified records being turned in for money. Vets have been denied care and many others have died. This scandal is among the worst facing Obama, which may actually scorch his Marxist toy box.

As big as the ongoing Veterans Administration scandal and betrayals are, the erupting scandal and damage over Obama’s captive exchange for Sgt. Bergdahl with the high level Taliban commanders may just be the one that does him in. No one is just looking the other way on this one.

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This is a national security assault Obama has thrown on the American people by letting go 5 high level Taliban commanders. He knowingly broke the law and bypassed congress. He honored Sgt. Bergdahl in a big press event who is a criminal and deserter. He hated America and stated that regularly to other soldiers and in print. 6 soldiers were killed trying to find Bergdahl and Obama had nothing to say to their grieving families, nor did he even mention their names or courage - Unforgivable!

Both the ongoing Veteran’s scandal and growing Bergdahl scandal may be the undoing of Obama. He certainly deserves impeachment charges over both of these, let alone Bhangazzi. Congress and the Senate grow some backbone and do something real, as in impeach Obama.

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Obama has a growing legacy that can be seen with every stroke of his ‘self proclaimed power pen.’ His declarations, regulations and manipulations run right past congress at warp speed.