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Marc H. Rudov
December 24, 2008

The Definition of Manhood

Mention the word feminine; most people understand it instantly. Jessica Alba, Beyoncé, and Scarlett Johansson come to mind. Now, try masculine. Puzzled? Stymied? That’s because the definition of manhood is in constant flux and dilution, as men have allowed misandrists — male and female — to marginalize them. There’s no better example of a male misandrist than VP-elect Joe Biden, worshipper of women and trasher of men, who constantly brags about his unconstitutional, pernicious weapon of male destruction: VAWA.

Being manly is out in America. Instead, we have the metrosexual, the straight man who preens in the bathroom as much or more than his woman. Don’t forget the former hit TV show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, produced by NBC Universal’s Bravo network, to have gay men teach clueless straight men about style and manner. The trendline is clear: men have been becoming, and are socially rewarded for becoming, more feminine. What’s going on?

This sinking manhood in America is confusing today’s boys about masculinity. As I stated previously, this is happening because men are allowing it to happen. Like the automakers in Detroit, American men are in denial, doing nothing, while they’re being phased out. Never forget that 85% of legislators are male — those anti-male laws are coming from somewhere, and male voters are putting and keeping these misandrist legislators in power!

Divorce, out-of-wedlock births, the preponderance of female teachers, negative images of fathers in sitcoms and commercials, and a legal system that allows, in fact encourages, women to commit maternity fraud, paternity fraud, rape fraud, and domestic-violence fraud make growing up and living as a male a truly vexing experience. And, if men think someone will “save” them, they should be ashamed. Grow a pair.

Many women, however, don’t care — or deny their lack of concern — about the fate of their sons. Let me give you two examples. On December 28, 2007, I debated attorney Jennifer Brandt on Your World with Neil Cavuto about the lunacy of marketing “Hello Kitty” products to boys. Then, on February 28, 2008, I debated attorney Mercedes Colwin on Fox & Friends about the feminization of boys in school. Their rebuttals are perfect depictions of mothers who want to keep their sons umbilically attached and nourished with placenta, to prevent them from becoming real men.

Barack Obama’s Lesson to Men

Why should anyone care? Feminized boys are incapable of providing balance to society, and if there’s anything the USA lacks, it’s balance. So, what example could “umbilical boys” follow to grow up, to become men? How about president-elect Barack Obama, putative man-in-chief? Hardly. On November 16, 2008, Mr. Obama and wife Michelle spoke with Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes. Here are two snippets from that interview that will underscore my point:

Steve Kroft: How long do you give her (Michelle), knocking around that big house (the White House), before she starts to want to put an imprint on the job of being first lady?

Barack Obama: I think Michelle is going to design her own role. I think she’s gonna set her own path. But, here’s one thing I know about Michelle: She’s serious when she talks about being a mom. That’s why our girls are so wonderful. I’d love to take credit for it, but (pointing to Michelle) this is the one who deserves most of the credit.

Unbelievable. There’s no way the Obama daughters could have turned out so well without the influence and guidance of both parents. Yet, Barack Obama took no credit for their upbringing, which he rightfully deserves. Worse, Michelle just sat there, silent, and gave him no credit. What message does this send to Americans about the role of males and fathers in our society? Try deference, irrelevance, and impotence.

In snippet #2, Mr. Kroft asked Barack Obama whether his mother-in-law would be moving into the White House:

Steve Kroft: There’s been a lot of talk about … you, you talked about your mother-in-law. Is she moving in with you?

Barack Obama: Well, I don’t tell my mother-in-law what to do. (Michelle laughs). But, I’m not stupid — that’s why I got elected president, man (Barack and Michelle laugh). But, she sure can if she wants.

On the surface, this seems an innocuous, lighthearted exchange, but it makes the same point as above: men are required and expected to defer to women. And that’s that. It’s what “smart” men do, right? It’s how wimps get laid and get elected. It’s what boys are taught, what they do, and, as a result, why we live in a gynocracy. That’s Barack Obama’s lesson to men.

Mother’s Wishes and Son’s Desires

Dissatisfied with the demise of Queer Eye, NBC is taking another stab at clueless men. In concert with Ryan Seacrest, the Peacock Network is airing a so-called dating series that is, in the Obama era, a sad exposition of American “manhood.” Called Momma’s Boys, which I would rename Placenta Place, this ridiculous show claims it will uncover the conflicts between a mother’s wishes and a son’s desires, and reveal the truth about who plays a more crucial role in a young man’s life — his mother or his significant other. Note: a real man doesn’t have this dilemma.

Last night, NBC aired this program for two hours, opposite Monday Night Football. Fortunately, I live on the West Coast and could see the Bears beat the Packers in OT by a field goal — before forcing myself (for this article) to watch Momma’s Boys. I could bear only 45 minutes of it, and I thought repeatedly of poking out my own eyes throughout that time.

Thirty-two 20-something women (girls, really) packed into a mansion in Santa Barbara, vying for three umbilical boys and the approval of their mommies. Each week, rejected girls will leave Placenta Place until the three umbilical boys end up with the matches their mommies bless. As the author of Under the Clitoral Hood, I’m trying to imagine a woman feeling orgasmic about a man whose mother chose her to lie in bed with him. Is this dysfunctional or what?

The juxtaposition of NBC’s pathetic umbilical spectacle with football was amazing. The show’s only redeeming value is visual proof, in living color, that men have allowed themselves to sink to a new low. I found it nauseating to watch mothers lecturing their sons about the suitability of women — and coddling them for making the “right” choices. OK, no more details about the show. You get it. Enough.

To deny that America is populated with umbilical boys — deferential men forever tethered to their mommies — is to be hugely mistaken. Otherwise, NBC and Seacrest could not air this national embarrassment, in prime time, find contestants — eunuchs, mothers of eunuchs, and females in search of eunuchs — and do so profitably.

As women hungry for real men will attest, Momma’s Boys is, sadly, a true reflection of manhood in America. Just ask them. And, here’s a scary thought: those umbilical boys eventually will become fathers. How will their sons and daughters turn out? Badly.

The NoNonsense Bottom Line

Earlier, I compared men to the waning Detroit automakers; that comparison is apt. The Big-Three have chosen to become irrelevant and now want Americans to “save” them. Right.

Men have within their own hands the power to create whatever world they wish to inhabit, the power to be as relevant or irrelevant as they choose. Their world has become a gynocracy because they chose to let that happen.

NBC’s “Placenta Place” is a mirror of the American gynocracy; Ryan Seacrest and the Peacock Network are making money by mocking mockable men, women, and mothers. If you are aghast at what this mirror reflects, what will you do about it?

Mothers choose to keep their sons umbilically attached; their sons choose to comply. Women choose to date and marry “men” forever tethered to their mommies. Men choose to elect gynocrats who destroy their rights. Apparently, people are happy with their reflections in NBC’s societal mirror — that’s why it’s on TV!

In no place does the US Constitution state that women are entitled to extra or superior rights. Yet, in virtually all aspects of life — home, office, bars, legislatures, and courts — men have allowed women to be superior. Why? Simple: fear of not getting laid and not getting the approval of their mommies. Such is life in Placenta Place. Love it or leave it.

2008 - Marc H. Rudov - All Rights Reserved

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Being manly is out in America. Instead, we have the metrosexual, the straight man who preens in the bathroom as much or more than his woman.