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Marc H. Rudov
October 3, 2009

The Last Drop of Water

Last night, David Letterman, who finally had recovered from his tasteless joke in June about A-Rod having sex with Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter, admitted to the world that a man had tried but failed to extort $2M from him. This man, whom Letterman did not identify, wanted to punish Dave for being involved sexually with “several” female members of the Late Show staff.

Who is this mystery man, and why would he care enough about David Letterman’s sex life to blackmail him?

Robert Halderman, Emmy-award-winning CBS TV producer now in jail for this crime, was angry at Letterman for boinking his live-in girlfriend, Stephanie Birkitt. Why? Ms. Stephanie, who appeared many times on the Late Show, was Dave’s special assistant and lover. Oh.

Apparently, Stephanie kept quite the diary and plenty of mementos to document her affair with Letterman. Girls tend to do that. Halderman delivered this damning evidence to Letterman three weeks ago as part of his extortion plot. Yikes.

It’s amazing how self-destructive, stupid, blind, jealous, and vengeful people can become over sex. Sex. It’s available everywhere! You’d think they were in a desert, fighting over the last drop of water.

Career-Ending Stupidity

Let’s look at the career-ending stupidity of the three players:

David Letterman: A wealthy, high-profile entertainer with a lot to lose, he has access to the hottest women in the world. Yet, he put everything on the line by nailing young women on his staff — and Stephanie is the one made public to date. Stupid, self-destructive behavior? You betcha. He thought he could keep these dalliances secret, especially from his wife. Astounding. How can the honchos at CBS trust him now? His staff? Companies like IBM would have fired him for this. Expect to see sexual-harassment lawsuits materialize, as hungry lawyers salivate in the wings.

Stephanie Birkitt: She was having sex with a superstar boss while living with her boyfriend. Future? She’ll have a tough time being taken seriously as a professional — and a girlfriend or wife. According to Gawker, Letterman allegedly paid her tuition at Yeshiva University Law School. Sex in exchange for financial gain. Don’t we have a term for that?

Robert Halderman: How he thought he could successfully extort Letterman is laughable — over a woman, no less. Most women cheat on their husbands and boyfriends. Why was he angry at Dave? His live-in girlfriend betrayed him, not Dave. She chose to bed another man. Robert can’t blame Letterman for Stephanie’s choice. Misplaced anger. Career over. Utter stupidity.

The NoNonsense Bottom Line

Sex is like fire: it can warm one’s house or destroy it, depending on one’s knowledge of and ability to handle it. The three players in this sad saga — Dave, Stephanie, and Robert — proved they lack knowledge and ability, and now they are burned.

How many men and women have paired up, and continue to pair up, incapable of handling sex? Most. The divorce and cheating rates prove it. The misery index proves it. That’s why so many of them now avoid relationships: they’ve been burned.

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Who is this mystery man, and why would he care enough about David Letterman’s sex life to blackmail him?