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Marc H. Rudov
November 19, 2009

Rolling in Their Graves

Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, and Reagan — not to mention General Douglas MacArthur — must be rolling in their graves at the sight of Barack Obama genuflecting to Japanese Emperor Akihito.

It was a supreme act of weakness, a lowpoint for the US presidency, a voluntary denigration of America. Should anyone be surprised? Of course not. Barack Obama is consistent. Yet, every time this president removes a brick from American integrity, people are surprised. Amazing. Denial is a powerful force.

Obama’s Feminine Side

Do you remember the “special inaugural issue” of Ms. magazine, in January 2009? I’ll never forget that image, and the danger to men that it conveyed. Talk about showing Obama’s feminine side! It was a harbinger of things to come.

In mid-February, a few weeks after Inauguration Day, while chatting with Bill O’Reilly at Fox News headquarters in New York City, I predicted that Barack Obama would become the most female-centric president in history, a threat to men’s rights. At that time, Bill wanted to give Obama a wide berth in all areas. His riposte was along the lines of: “You might be right. Let’s see what happens.” I hope you’re convinced now, Bill.

Fast-forward to October 30, 2009, when the White House issued a list of visitors to the executive mansion since Inauguration Day. It’s no coincidence that Kim Gandy, ex-president of the National Organization for Women (NOW), visited 14 times — 14 times in 10 months. Why? Obviously, to demand that Obama dance to her feminist tune. Result? He obliged her — in spades (see “Time for the GOP to Man-Up”) — making him a “Gandy dancer.”

Railroading American Men

The original gandy dancer — before Obama, that is — helped build and maintain America’s railroads in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Thousands of these workers, in a rhythmic “dance,” used long levers called gandies to position the heavy steel rails for nailing to wooden railroad ties. Hence, the term was born.

Unfortunately, the Gandy-Dancer-in-Chief is also laying tracks across America, railroading American men along the way: He knows that the quickest way to weaken America is to marginalize its men.

Have you seen one male talking head on TV speaking out about Obama’s unconstitutional adherence to the feminist agenda, to his railroading of men? No, you haven’t — and you won’t. And, Obama knows this.

Sadly, the typical male reaction to Obama’s Gandy dance is: “Hand me another beer; give me that remote.”

As Iraq needed a surge to survive, America badly needs a manhood surge to survive. Where is this surge? Men seem content to let women, and their Chief Feminist, railroad them. Silent, anonymous grumbling is futile; only strong action will work. Memorizing NFL stats and watching extreme fighting are not examples of strong action.

The NoNonsense Bottom Line

In geometry, we learned that two points make a line. Well, Obama has produced enough points to create a feminist constellation — all while men at home, at work, in universities, in the media, and in government have looked the other way. Still trying to please their mommies, their wives, their girlfriends, perhaps?

At what point will men decide they’re mad as hell, won’t take it anymore, and stand up for themselves? Based on current behavior, I predict never.

Obama can’t railroad men unless they consent — and, by default, they do. Until men play a new tune for Obama, he’ll keep dancing to Gandy’s tune and keep bowing to NOW’s demands. All aboard!

2009 - Marc H. Rudov - All Rights Reserved

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It was a supreme act of weakness, a lowpoint for the US presidency, a voluntary denigration of America. Should anyone be surprised?