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Marc H. Rudov
February 9, 2010

The New American Sport

Our society has sunk to a new low. Six years ago, during the halftime show of Super Bowl 38, the world went berserk when Janet Jackson exposed her nipple to Justin Timberlake and all of TV-land. Yesterday, however, during Super Bowl 44, when a young boy slapped a man’s face in a Doritos commercial, the same world reacted with laughter and approval.

Postscript: According to TiVo, this was America’s favorite Super Bowl 44 commercial.

Hitting men with impunity is the new American sport. Just ask Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods’s wife, who hit her husband and chased him with a golf club that she wielded to smash his car window — a feat that would landed any man in jail. Just ask Mary J. Blige, who punched her husband in the face, in full view of nightclub witnesses — a feat that would have landed any man in jail.

Doritos pulled a similar misandrist stunt in Super Bowl 43, as I illustrated to Bill O’Reilly on Fox News, when it’s high-priced spot featured one man hurling a snowglobe at the crotch of another. If you laughed at that one, too, you demonstrated your pure disregard for men.

If all of this is so funny, reverse the genders and run the same commercials again. Let’s all have a big laugh. What network, agency, and advertiser pinheads are greenlighting these anti-male commercials? Send me their names; I will publish them.

Woman Is the New Man

It’s widely known that the epidemic of teens becoming pregnant, using drugs, dropping out of school, and joining gangs stems from weak or nonexistent dads. No worry — Madison Avenue has a brilliant solution: weaken fathers at every turn; emasculate men and subordinate them to domineering women. Inequality is the new equality. Woman is the new man.

Recently, State Farm Insurance began running a spot with a wimpified husband in mock pregnancy. Why? To show a man feeling like a woman. What would John Wayne say? Do you want to send this “pregnant” eunuch to fight in Afghanistan?

The typical grade-school boy will ask himself, after absorbing these misandrist images and messages, Is this how a man is supposed to behave — with a watermelon under his shirt, with no shred of testosterone? Is it now OK to slap daddy in the face when I’m angry? A man is not allowed to hit anybody, but everybody is allowed to hit him. I don’t want to be a man when I grow up.

The NoNonsense Bottom Line

The biggest slap in the face from Doritos is to children. Its pernicious commercial compounds the already-negative impression they derive from repeatedly watching men being reduced, and reducing themselves, to buffoons.

Where’s the outrage from mothers — especially Michelle Obama — NFL execs, progressives in Obama’s administration, purveyors of “women’s studies” programs, pediatricians, and child psychologists? There is none.

The next time you watch or hear a domestic-violence PSA, remember the Doritos Dictum: If mommy slaps daddy in the face, it’s OK because the suits at Pepsi’s Frito-Lay division, sellers of Doritos, make it acceptable. And, by not protesting, Americans also make it acceptable.

After viewing the Doritos commercial, no little boy will want to become a man, father, or husband. And, no little girl will want to marry him — but she’ll still have his babies. Funny, huh!

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It’s widely known that the epidemic of teens becoming pregnant, using drugs, dropping out of school, and joining gangs stems from weak or nonexistent dads.