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Marc H. Rudov
May 31, 2010

Freedom Isn’t Free

Each year, we observe Memorial Day — formerly Decoration Day, rooted in post-Civil War times — which officially became a federal holiday in 1971. What’s all the fuss?

Most people view Memorial Day as the official start of summer, a time to party. Given that US school children know more about American Idol and Al Gore’s global-warming propaganda than our Founding Fathers, such frivolity isn’t surprising. In fact, according to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, US history began in 1877.

During this long weekend, it’s our duty to remember the men and women (mostly men) who gave their lives to make and keep America free. But, looking back is not enough. We also must look ahead to assess the strength and durability of our freedom, and question whether our current way of life — growing socialism, debt, deficit, illegal immigration, unemployment, and global governance — will sustain or sink it. This is the least we can do for our fallen soldiers, that their sacrifices not be in vain.

Freedom isn’t free — or an entitlement. Freedom is waning. Why? To use a simple metaphor, freedom is like physical fitness: achieving and maintaining it is difficult; losing it is easy. That’s why 63.1% of American adults are overweight or obese. Physical weakness is symptomatic of mental and emotional weakness — and the harbinger of a crumbling society.

Creative Interdisciplinary Thought

There are five major problems now facing America: economic instability, corrupt government, terrorism, cultural divisiveness, and the BP oil disaster. Do we have future leaders in the wings trained to deal with such challenges?

Females now account for 60%+ of college graduates, increasingly leaving males in the dust. Does this imbalance make America stronger? No society with uneducated males can remain strong and, therefore, free.

What are women studying? What problems can they solve? A growing number of them are enrolled in “women’s studies.” In fact, there are more than 900 such programs around the world. Consider how much time and money are being diverted to useless pursuit. “Gender diplomas” don’t train women to solve real business, technical, and security problems. Worse, they deepen the female victim mentality that endlessly expands Big Government.

Columbia University describes the benefits of its undergraduate program as follows:

Graduates leave the program well-prepared for future scholarly work in women’s and gender studies, but the degree also prepares students for careers and future training in law, public policy, social work, community organizing, journalism, medicine, and all those professions in which there is a need for critical and creative interdisciplinary thought.

Creative interdisciplinary thought? Impressive. Also, I’m pleased that “community organizing” is a skill Columbia University imparts to its graduates. It will come in handy to women hired to defeat terrorism, build new businesses, and fix engineering disasters.

Regardless of how many females major in women’s studies, now or in the future, these misandry mills cast a giant shadow over public policy, public opinion, and the legislative and judicial branches of state and federal governments.

Measure the strength of any country by its focus. What made America an exceptional leader in the world was its dedication to individual liberty, small government, entrepreneurial spirit, free enterprise, and physical security. That dedication has been replaced by political correctness.

President Calvin Coolidge, who shrunk our government and stimulated great prosperity, used to say that “the business of America is business.” That’s focus, and it works. Which women’s studies program teaches this principle? Steer your daughter away from this nonsense.

The NoNonsense Bottom Line

When terrorists choose where to strike, they seek weakness — on the borders, in the financial system, in the legal system, in the military, and in cultural unity. It’s no coincidence that, in the past 18 months, they’ve made three attempted (one successful) terrorist attacks in America.

There’s a strong correlation between terrorism and the growth of women’s studies programs, which engender weakness and victimhood. That should give all of us pause on Memorial Day.

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When terrorists choose where to strike, they seek weakness — on the borders, in the financial system, in the legal system, in the military, and in cultural unity.