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Marc H. Rudov
June 11, 2008

The Defeatist Generation

Tom Brokaw’s book, The Greatest Generation, is filled with personal accounts of brave American soldiers who fought in World War II. Until Brokaw interviewed them, in their august years, they never had spoken to anyone of their wartime experiences, believing that feelings are better left undisturbed and unarticulated, that silence and masculinity are synonymous. Instead of teaching their sons to fight like hell and sacrifice for a great cause, these reluctant talkers inadvertently created a generation of passively silent men who pathetically march to the feminist agenda. Alas, these Boomers, Gen-Xers, and Millennials are the men of The Defeatist Generation — willing to lay down their arms and surrender to the gynocratic army.

When the topic is Osama bin Laden, men are Rambo; when the topic is women, men are Bambi. Men will go bonkers over — and pay lots of cash to see — football, hockey, rock concerts, tractor pulls, boxing matches, and naked women. But, when elected officials legislate away their reproductive, civil, and custody rights, their rowdiness melds into reticence. These men of “action” are quickly transformed into passive, diffident, cheap wimps. If one of their friends gets falsely accused of rape, they will be shocked … for two seconds … and then hope like hell it never happens to them. End of story.

Like Tom Brokaw’s WWII heroes, men of The Defeatist Generation willingly suck up their pain, akin to the old circus guy taking a cannonball in the stomach. Unlike Brokaw’s war heroes, however, they win few gender wars because they rarely, if ever, fight back. Only defeatists subserviently wine & dine their girlfriends and wives for sex, and then see those same women gouge them in divorce court. Only defeatists continue to reelect and reelect Senator Joe Biden, the biggest man-hater in the US Senate, the father of VAWA — the inexplicably unconstitutional but thriving Violence Against Women Act.

On my radio show two weeks ago, I interviewed Michael Robinson, executive director of the California Alliance of Families and Children (CAFC). With an annual operating budget of $50K, Michael is the sole policy consultant for men’s rights in California. He competes with 25 feminist lobbyists, operating with $10M per year — outstaffed 25:1 and outspent 200:1. That’s why California, in 2008, still unconstitutionally defines DV as man hitting woman! Yet, he’s had some great legislative successes: preventing divorced mothers from unilaterally moving their children out of state, keeping parental alienation in the family-court lexicon, and putting a stop to some forms of paternity fraud.

Incredibly, if Michael Robinson quits his tireless policy-reform activities or becomes incapacitated, the men in California will have nobody to fight for them in Sacramento. They must find this alarming, right? Wrong. When I asked Robinson how much donation money he had received almost two weeks after appearing on my show, he answered: “Zero!” That’s right: men feel entitled to Michael Robinson’s hard work.

Survival of the Fittest

Money talks; bullshit walks. One must conclude, then, that the peripatetic men of the Golden State are so busy with bullshit, like playing fantasy football and paying their women for sex, that they can’t be bothered to worry about losing their rights. That’s why California is called the Golden State: men’s silence is women’s gold. Gynocratic politicians, and the male voters who elect them, enable women to mine the gold of maternity and paternity fraud, and false accusations of rape, DV, and sexual harassment.

Case in point: Senator Joe Biden wants to give women free access to 100K taxpayer-funded lawyers so they can falsely accuse men of DV and take their children away from them. Unconstitutionality aside, there are two psychological questions necessary here: 1) Why does Biden continue his angry rampage against men? 2) Why do the eunuchs of Delaware keep this A-hole in office?

Notwithstanding that “survival of the fittest” is an irrefutable axiom, known to every living creature on Planet Earth, men somehow contract amnesia and a death wish when women are present — their testicles experience real shrinkage. I see this every time a man pulls out a chair for his female competitor in the infamous boardroom on Donald Trump’s The Apprentice.

Passive silence is the signature characteristic of The Defeatist Generation. Just remember what happens to the proverbial frog sitting motionless in the pot of water over a low flame: as the water temperature slowly rises (akin to yet another misandrist law being passed), the frog incrementally approaches the point of death. Likewise, while men sit in silent oblivion, the determined feminists, aided by male politicians, incrementally crank up the legislative and judicial heat until these silent, oblivious men are dead in the water.

General Mills is currently running a misandrist Multi-Grain Cheerios commercial in which the husband, deathly afraid of his wife, informs her that the cereal has only 110 calories. She demands to know if he’s calling her fat. Then, he almost wets his pants and barely can look her in the eye, while apologetically explaining that he was merely reading the box’s nutrition matrix. “What else does the box say?” she gloweringly inquires. He sheepishly replies, “Shut up, Steve.” Finally, she shoots him a wan, condescending smirk of approval. I want to puke every time I see this trash. This eunuch is a typical cowering American male, a member of the Defeatist Generation. Why didn’t he just say to her, “Yeah, you have a fat ass!”?

Why did General Mills fund this commercial? Because its VP of marketing felt that diminishing a man in front of his wife would sell cereal, based on how most couples interact. The eunuch in this Cheerios commercial is a proxy for every man who grovels to his merchant maureen for sex, for every feminist-controlled gynocrat who’s so fearful of his wife that he willingly throws his male constituents under the bus.

The NoNonsense Bottom Line

Based on my experience in this business, men tend to blame their misandry predicament on women. That’s like getting drunk and wrapping your new car around a tree, and then blaming the alcohol.

The reality is, men must blame themselves for slowly giving away their rights over the past 50 years. They must stop behaving like cringing, passive, silent, cheap ostriches and become titans of action — before the indefatigable feminists, with their deep Louis Vuitton bags, completely gut men’s rights. Men cling to their remaining right — the right to remain silent — and have made it an artform, a self-defeating death wish.

Men make two key mistakes in life: they recruit merchant maureens and elect gynocrats. A merchant maureen is a woman who drops her anchor into a man’s wallet, with his consent. He is silent, out of desperation for sex, and willingly gives her his gold. Most men, whether in private life or politics, just don’t have the balls to stand up to merchant maureens.

A gynocrat is a politician who cares only about women’s rights — men are invisible and irrelevant. Can you name an American politician who isn’t a gynocrat? Didn’t think so. Yet, gynocrats hold — and keep — elected office because men, 44% of the electorate, put and keep them there. Accordingly, gynocrats care nothing about men because they have no evidence that men care about themselves.

Men will protest a bad referee call during the Super Bowl, but they won’t protest bad laws that strip them of their rights. Men will pay thousands of dollars to purchase widescreen TVs the week before the Super Bowl, but they won’t contribute $10 to a lobbyist fighting for their rights to live as protected citizens. What else would you expect from the Defeatist Generation?

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Again, men make two key mistakes in life: they recruit merchant maureens and elect gynocrats. Very simply, then, here’s how they can self-correct: 1) don’t recruit merchant maureens and 2) don’t elect gynocrats.

The true measure of a man is the courage of his convictions, the degree to which he’ll fight for his rights. The bottom line is the bottom line: How much do you really want to keep your gold? Your deafening silence says it all.

2008 - Marc H. Rudov - All Rights Reserved

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Based on my experience in this business, men tend to blame their misandry predicament on women. That’s like getting drunk and wrapping your new car around a tree, and then blaming the alcohol.