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By Jon Christian Ryter
August 15, 2012

On April 2, 2012 I posted an article on my website in which I noted that then Presidential candidate Rick Santorum knew that the originator of Massachusetts healthcare system was not Gov. Mitt Romney but Massachusetts House Speaker Salvatore F. "Sal" DiMasi.

Santorum justifed his distortion of the truth by using quotes from former turncoat Republican-turned-Democrat Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter's political autobiography, Life Among the Cannibals, in which Specter minimized his role as the 60th-and-deciding-vote for Obamacare by saying he did not think Obamacare would be any worse than Romneycare—suggesting by what he did not say (nor has anyone else in the liberal media done so) that Romney authored the socialized medicine law in Massachusetts when, in point of fact, the healthcare system in Massachusetts was created by, and rammed through both Houses of the Massachusetts legislature by the State's most powerful politician—House Speaker Sal DiMasi.

Ironically, the man who authored what was supposed to clone Hillarycare—the Clinton's 1993 Health Security Act—(from which Obamcare was crafted) found, in the end, it didn't work for him. You might even say that, in the end, DiMasi—who became federal Inmate #27317038 for trading political quid pro quos for Massachusetts healthcare and education system IT services for campaign contributions—did himself in. Prison inmate DiMasi became a victim of the federal Medicare system—long waits for a doctor, longer waits for a diagnosis and even longer waits for treatment that many times come only after it's too late to save the patient's life.

DiMasi (like every other politician in the country who very clearly understood that government healthcare systems are portals that have always been used to euthanize the elderly when they become a drain on the government's financial system), never subscribed to the Massachusetts healthcare system that should have been called DiMasicare. On June 21, 2012, DiMasi's lawyer, Thomas Kiley, told Fox 25 News that DiMasi has stage 4 cancer in his throat and tongue which spread very quickly because the State repeatedly ignored his requests for medical tests for the lumps he detected in his own neck.

In January, 2012 DiMasi was diagnosed with cancer. Additional tests in May verified he had a squamous cell cancer that had spread to his tongue. While the Massachusetts healthcare system is a voluntary program and, as long as the Massachusetts resident purchases private insurance through their work (or an individual plan on their own), they are exempt from having to be covered by the public health system. Until he was incarcerated for taking quid pro quos (bribes) from donors, DiMasi had "good insurance." As Inmate #27317038, he was stuck with Medicaid or Medicare. And now, it appears, DiMasi will be stuck with the Independent Payment Advisory Board which is charged with rationing healthcare services to the elderly—and those whose quality-of-life isn't worth the investment to treat them.

So, the unanswered question is—if you were the Left, trying to make your healthcare system look good, would you name Massachusetts' healthcare system after a jailbird or a governor with integrity? And, would you want a very unpopular socialized healthcare system compared to a plan developed by Hillary Clinton (Hillarycare) (National Archive, Box #1748)? Or, one claimed to have been created by a respected GOP governor?

Romney was only allowed to tinker with DiMasi's plan, changing the individual mandate into a public or private option that actually worked. Hillarycare is pretty much identical to Obamacare (with both plans utilizing an euthanasia mandate to save Social Security by dramatically reducing the number of people receiving old age income benefits). What is now called Romneycare actually works—which is why the left likes to compare Obamcare with "Romneycare." If you were the leftwing media, what would you compare to Obama's plan? DiMasicare? Who'd want it? Hillarycare? Who would trust it? Romneycare works best for the left. It doesn't matter if it's not true. It only matters if the Useful Idiots believe it's true. The only parts of DiMasicare that Romney owns is that [a] he made it work with the public-private option, and [b] he signed it into law.

Obamacare, on the other hand (as we are already seeing in its applications to Medicare, is all about denying benefits to the double dippers if the bureaucracy believes the cost to society is too great based solely on the life expectancy of the elderly patient who needs either a medical procedure or an expensive pharmaceutical to stay alive, and whether or not that citizen will contribute enough back to society to offset the cost of the lifesaving treatment combined with the drain that person makes on the system each month in the form of Social Security payments. That is, after all, the real reason for Obamacare. Socialized medicine, in every country that uses it, is the devise used by government to "correct" the life expectancy actuarial tables.

When retirement income benefits were created by governments (beginning with Germany) "retirement age" was set at age 65 in a world where the combined lifespan of men and women averaged 59.7 years. The average lifespan of men (of all races) was 58.1 years, and for women it was 61.6 years. Workers were not supposed to life long enough to draw benefits. Which meant, the bureaucrats who created the program expected the tax levied on all incomes was "free money" for the politicians to spend.

Here's the rub. In 2010, the average lifespan of both sexes was 78.7 years—20 years longer than the lifespan of people when Social Security was created. Men, who lived 58 years when FDR's grand scheme was initiated now live 76.2 years—almost two decades longer. Women, whose average lifespan was 61 years in 1930 also live two decades longer.

Since the government's retirement ponzi scheme was originally designed to pay only a minimal amount to its "benefits recipients," Uncle Sam has been in trouble since 1950 when medicine began keeping people alive until age 68. Governent needed a devise since 1944 to correct the actuarial tables.

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Five presidents from 1933 tried to fix the problem by enacting an euthanasia devise called national healthcare. They are: Franklin D. Roosevelt who tried three times in his four terms to correct the problem; Harry S. Truman; Lyndon B. Johnson, even Republican "I'm not a Crook" Richard Nixon tried. And, before Obama, the co-presidency of Bill and Hillary Clinton tried. In Hillary's plan was the establishment of an AIDS gulag that resembled the Public Heath TB Sanatoriums where those diagnosed with tuberculosis would be sent until their TB was cured. Once someone with HIV was diagnosed as AIDS-active, they would be rounded up by the Public Health Service and sent to a "treatment center." Once committed, the patient would spend the rest of their lives—which a Clinton White House Protocol suggested that discussed the Health Security Act as it was dying in Congress—would not be long. That passage in the failed Clinton Health Security Act appears to be the precursor to Obama's Death Board.

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Ironically, the man who authored what was supposed to clone Hillarycare—the Clinton's 1993 Health Security Act—(from which Obamcare was crafted) found, in the end, it didn't work for him.