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Standing Together - The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail






by Beth Schoeneberg

November 30, 2013

By now the entire nation is aware of the debauchery that took place at the Missouri State Fair – NO I’m not referring to the rodeo clown who wore an Obama mask while the crowd cheered for the bull to run him down or even the announcer who might or might not have egged it on… I’m referring to the politicians and sensitive liberal hearts, who saw travesty, racism and political incorrectness instead of humor – causing a rodeo clown to be banned from the Missouri State Fair forevermore! CRAZY RIGHT?

What part of “CLOWN” do these people not understand? This isn’t the first president to be made mask of or fun of by this clown or other clowns. Why was it such a problem? Should we ban the politician masks at Halloween?

Republicans & Democrats alike are both appalled at such “bad” humor. REALLY? Have they never watched Saturday Night Live where numerous comedians dressed like and impersonated political figures, especially presidents? Have they not watched any of the late night comedians, who continually bash presidents and politicians? Why is the rodeo clown being chastised? Where is the actor’s guild, who should be protecting his freedom of speech? Isn’t it just “art.”

Crossing those “thick” party lines both Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder, (R) & Senator Claire McCaskill ,(D) are in agreement on this. Well – I never voted for Claire and Kinder just lost my vote; rumor has it he’s planning a run for governor… Sounds to me like he’s running for a politically correct popularity contest!

This story went viral on the social media highway. A video was posted by a fair/rodeo attendee taken with their “cell-smart-phone” and then it just BLEW UP! My opinion – it’s a rodeo clown, its humor and while it might be perceived as disrespectful, aren’t all the comedians bashing presidents and public figures disrespectful? I think banning the clown was over the top and unnecessary. The fair officials could have simply said – change the act/change the mask! I suspect they don’t know how to be true leaders or supervisors of any situation.

AND speaking of leaders: A true leader tries to unite the people. President Obama has done nothing but try to keep this nation divided on one issue or another. If he was a man of integrity – he’d speak up now and tell the Fair Board, Claire McCaskill, Peter Kinder and the others wearing the feelings on their shirt sleeves, to “Lighten up.” I believe, however – these politicians and political wannabees are guilty of many crimes and grievances against the people, therefore they are overly sensitive and paranoid. Of course there’s the arrogance as well – believing that “there is dignity in their offices,” therefore they shouldn’t have to submit or sacrifice for anyone or anything! (That is a quoted phrase from Pelosi regarding pay-cuts and sequestration)

I personally believe when any president appears on late night comedy, it is demeaning to his office. I don’t expect all to agree with me AND I’m not going to fire people for booking them on the show; after all, it’s all about ratings – RIGHT? Clinton demeaned and degraded the office when he chose to have an elicit affair in the oval office – of course the democrats along with the mainstream media said of all of Clinton’s affairs and female scandals, “That’s his personal life.” BUT when a republican misbehaves it’s appalling!

There is a double standard here… and I’m disappointed in America & in Missourians for allowing this to become such a blown-out of proportion mess!

We have Fast & Furious, we have the Benghazi attack, we have the IRS scandal, we have ObamaCare and Sequestration, we have a $16-Trillion dollar debt, we have only 47% of Americans working at fulltime jobs, we are killing millions of unborn babies every year, we are supposedly in an energy crisis… and although we’ve been told the war on terrorism is over… we’re being spied upon for the sake of US security. While there is plenty to be upset about in this nation – a rodeo clown act is NOT one of them.

I say to the sensitive politicians – Get serious about your oath of office – get serious about this nation….. AND STOP CLOWNING AROUND!!

As I conclude this article and rampage against the so-called politically correct, I want to share a couple of lines from the song ‘SEND IN THE CLOWNS” written by Stephen Sondheim and performed by Judy Collins (as I remember). I thought these lines were particularly appropriate – hope you do too…

Don't you love farce?
My fault, I fear.
I thought that you'd want what I want...
Sorry, my dear!
And where are the clowns
Send in the clowns
Don't bother, they're here.

Isn't it rich?
Isn't it queer?
Losing my timing this late in my career.
And where are the clowns?
There ought to be clowns...
Well, maybe next year.

Perhaps politicians and those who are politically sensitive should stop taking themselves so seriously and start taking this nation to heart. I hope next year at the Missouri State Fair we can say…


Is the nation aware however… of the debauchery that took place at the Iowa State Fair?

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While the politicians and the mainstream media go-after a rodeo clown for slapstick humor they believed to be ill-directed – in Iowa the Animal Liberation Front perpetrates vandalism on the beloved Butter Cow. As I write this newsletter to you, there has not yet been an arrest but ALF has proudly taken credit for the atrocious terrorism on the Iowa State Fair! YES TERRORISM! I ask one question… Why hasn’t the Iowa State Fair board banned all members of the ALF? ALF should be banned from all State Fairs and all County Fairs; in my humble opinion. They make no bones about their hate for animal agriculture. There is no tolerance in their creed. As far as ALF is concerned you have no right to eat meat, eat cheese or drink milk! You shouldn’t own a pet or raise any animals – they should be as free and have the same rights as you and me? WAIT? What about the animals that eat meat and/or eat people? YEP…


� 2013 - Beth Schoeneberg - All Rights Reserve

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While the politicians and the mainstream media go-after a rodeo clown for slapstick humor they believed to be ill-directed – in Iowa the Animal Liberation Front perpetrates vandalism on the beloved Butter Cow.