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By Selena Owens
December 11, 2009

Over the last few weeks, I’ve received numerous responses to articles that I have written, as well as to my book, The Power Within a Conservative Woman. While most of the responses have been in agreement with my position, some have not. That’s okay and that’s expected. So in light of this, I pondered—deeply pondered—what the option is if we do not fight back against encroaching tyranny, and instead, just allow this corrupt administration to intrude on individual liberties and economics to the point of socialism.

In my opinion, there is no other option.

We must fight back.

Some of my critics advocate a judgment scenario that will prevail on America for her past (and present) sins ranging from corruption, to abortion, to eliminating prayer from schools. And while I agree that these issues are never to be made light of, belittled, or forgotten, and let me say that I believe we are experiencing a judgment of sorts for sinning against God, I simply cannot hang my hat there. It is because of these corrupt and immoral laws and acts that I forge ahead, doing my part to warn others of America’s past sins, and striving to ensure that we change paths. While I’m certain that I won’t convince everyone who I speak to, or the government seems too sizeable to conquer through one election or removing one or two people from office, I must progress in what I believe God has called ME to do.

I must fight back.

I believe I can make a difference.

Above all else, nothing is impossible to God.

All I know is that at this point in my life, I am compelled to do what I do. I understand and respect the opinions and standpoints of others who believe in God and His laws, as I do, but we differ based on what he has called each of us to do. It might appear to be contradictory, but I have peace in that I am fulfilling what He has called me to do for this present hour.

Let’s play a game called, “WHAT IF?” This is a strategy that my husband and I sometimes employ when making decisions. These are the rules: I will submit a few questions beginning with the words, “what if” and it’s up to you to fill in the blanks according to how you believe the results will turn out. I’ve elected to submit my answers so that my readers will understand where I stand and why I take the position that I take.

1. WHAT IF: we sit by and do absolutely nothing regarding the direction that this administration is leading this country? We will continue to get the same results—and worse.
2. WHAT IF: we say nothing concerning the corruption that is occurring on Capitol Hill? We will endure more of the same corruption—and worse.
3. WHAT IF: we leave it someone else to handle the situation? Someone might not handle it correctly—or worse, not handle it at all.
4. WHAT IF: we wake up someday and our freedoms and liberties have been severely reduced because the government says it must be that way? We will no longer be free—and what can be worse than that?


Yet, I know that when He prompts me in a certain direction to undertake a task, that is what I do, and I encourage you to do the same. Don’t feel threatened or bothered by my stance; pray for me to continue to hear and obey God’s voice. If God tells me to fight, then fight I will, for my liberties and yours.

God is a warrior and often compelled His people to battle. His word declares:

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“The LORD is a man of war;" The LORD is His name. Pharaoh’s chariots and his army He has cast into the sea; His chosen captains also are drowned in the Red Sea.” Exodus 15:3, 4
I am commissioned to be obedient to the Lord and because of that, I will fight!

2009 Selena Owens - All Rights Reserved

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Selena Owens is the author of three books. Her latest, The Power Within a Conservative Woman: Engaging America for God, Family and Country is her first political activist themed work. She encourages conservative women to stand firmly on the principles that have made America strong, and, when faced with extraordinary circumstances, to rely on the power within them—which is endowed by God—to persevere and overcome.

Most currently, Selena (and her husband, William), is a speaker on the Tea Party Express national tour, and resounds her passion for God, family and country. While on the first tour, Selena conducted a brief interview on September 11, 2009 with Fox and Friends concerning the movement, and the 9/12 march of over one million people that took place on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

Selena is a political activist whom has never before engaged in politics. Her passion for her country and future generations has inspired her to write and speak, and also to resume a college education online after a twenty year hiatus.

Selena is married to author and speaker, William Owens, and the couple has reared four young adults who are passionate for God and country. She is also vice president of iTouch Publishers, a division of Higher Standard Publishers, Inc., and director of Multi-Cultural Conservative Coalition.












Some of my critics advocate a judgment scenario that will prevail on America for her past (and present) sins ranging from corruption, to abortion, to eliminating prayer from schools.