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By Selena Owens
January 22, 2010

Our country is in such a tumultuous time in history. Here we are, faced with economic perplexities of colossal proportions, a government that is aggressively invading every area of the American lifestyle, and with citizens who have been deceived into believing that change is on the horizon.

Be this as it may, healthcare and the economy are not the only areas in which the progressive and liberal agenda seeks to undermine the conservative movement and its leaders. They are bent on destroying the movement by not only harassing it head on, but also by infiltrating it with positions and policies that are in direct conflict and violation of conservative ideals.

This being the case, I was quite shocked to read this week of the position of the ultra-conservative ministry, Focus on the Family, in regards to a homosexual, pro gay marriage “conservative” group being a sponsor of the largest conservative conventions in the country: CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee). The group, GOProud, a Republican homosexual activist group, endorses same sex “marriage”, a repeal of the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, and “expanding access to domestic partner benefits” for homosexuals. It appears as though Focus has chosen to remain a sponsor of the event after considering its position. The reason? According to Tom Minnery, Senior Vice President of Focus on the Family Action, Focus is striving to “engage the broader conservative movement and to be salt and light in that environment.” He further states that if all of the conservative groups, “charge off in a huff, pick up our marbles and go home,” no one will be left to counter the agenda of GOProud at CPAC.

Did I read that correctly? The “broader conservative movement”?

CPAC is the preeminent annual meeting of conservative activists. And while the reasoning of Mr. Minnery is commendable, the environment of CPAC is not evangelical in nature. Attendees of the convention do not expect to have to deal with conflicting messages, or contradict GOProud’s homosexual agenda; they are there to promote and celebrate true conservatism. Conservatives from all across this great nation attend CPAC to be strengthened by fellow conservatives, and to become informed of the issues by leaders within the conservative movement. Attendees trust that co-sponsors believe the same thing, and espouse the fundamental tenets of Conservatism. So for a group such as GOProud to be a co-sponsor of this event speaks loudly against the true platform of CPAC, and tarnishes the image of Focus on the Family.


I don’t quite understand what Mr. Minnery has in mind when he speaks of a “broader conservative movement.” Conservatism is not broad; it is narrow. That’s precisely why it is conservative. It does not espouse an evolving form of cultural relativism when addressing core values and principles that stem from Christian virtues. Conservatism is very clear-cut in its code of belief, and leaves no wiggle room for those who wish to ascribe their evolving definition of a thwarted view of conservatism to its platform.

To be exact, Conservatism does not promote or endorse homosexual behavior in any form or fashion. Period. To that end, I am baffled as to why CPAC and Focus on the Family does.

To go a step further, CPAC itself should not endorse GOProud’s co-sponsorship. What kind of message does that send to hundreds of thousands of conservatives who depend on this organization to lead the way in promoting, endorsing and perpetrating the conservative message? What do CPAC’s organizer, David Keene, and Mr. Minnery think we should say to members of GOProud? How about, “Tell me about your broader conservative beliefs. Interesting. Oh, I see. You two gentlemen are an item. Well, let me know when the wedding date is set. I’ll be sure to send a gift.” Sounds outlandish, I know, but I have attended CPAC and people get to know a lot about one another over the course of a weekend. Dialog comes easy because we have so many things in common. Or, shall I now say, did have in common.

Standing in stark opposition to CPAC and Focus on the Family’s acceptance of GOProud as participants in this year’s conference is Liberty University, the late Dr. Jerry Falwell’s iconic Christian university located in Lynchburg, Virginia. Liberty has not only opposed the participation of GOProud in conjunction with CPAC, but has decided to withdraw its co-sponsorship involvement. Liberty University Dean, Mathew Staver, and Chancellor, Jerry Falwell, Jr., wrote a letter to Mr. Keene in December requesting that he disallow GOProud to co-sponsor the event. When they received no reply, and it became apparent that CPAC intended to retain GOProud’s co-sponsorship, Liberty University withdrew their co-sponsorship. The university’s literature will be at the event, but their money will be visibly absent, as will their heartfelt support.

Former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, also declined participation in the event as a speaker. Mrs. Palin declined on the basis that CPAC will put "special interests over core beliefs" and “pocketbook over policy.”

This type of watered down Conservatism is precisely what groups like GOProud hope to attract to their side. All GOProud needs is a politically correct advocate from our side to justify their involvement with the largest conservative forum in the nation. This type of excuse weakens the conservative platform, and causes a mammoth organization like CPAC to waffle on core issues.

You can be assured that other homosexual groups are closely watching GOProud’s infiltration with amazement of just how simple it is to get a foot in the other side’s door.

Yes, God loves the sinner and is full of love, grace, and mercy. But let’s not forget that He also disdains the sin of homosexuality, and those who condone it.

I unabashedly stand with the decision of Liberty University, and the former Governor of Alaska.

2010 Selena Owens - All Rights Reserved

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Selena Owens is the author of three books. Her latest, The Power Within a Conservative Woman: Engaging America for God, Family and Country is her first political activist themed work. She encourages conservative women to stand firmly on the principles that have made America strong, and, when faced with extraordinary circumstances, to rely on the power within them—which is endowed by God—to persevere and overcome.

Most currently, Selena (and her husband, William), is a speaker on the Tea Party Express national tour, and resounds her passion for God, family and country. While on the first tour, Selena conducted a brief interview on September 11, 2009 with Fox and Friends concerning the movement, and the 9/12 march of over one million people that took place on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

Selena is a political activist whom has never before engaged in politics. Her passion for her country and future generations has inspired her to write and speak, and also to resume a college education online after a twenty year hiatus.

Selena is married to author and speaker, William Owens, and the couple has reared four young adults who are passionate for God and country. She is also vice president of iTouch Publishers, a division of Higher Standard Publishers, Inc., and director of Multi-Cultural Conservative Coalition.













Be this as it may, healthcare and the economy are not the only areas in which the progressive and liberal agenda seeks to undermine the conservative movement and its leaders.