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John W. Slagle
June 27, 2006

Prior to January, 2004 the Borders of the United States had become a war zone. U.S. Border Patrol Agents had been shot at by automatic weapons fire from Mexico. Narcotics loads were protected by Mexican military and illegal immigration was a daily invasion in Arizona. Rural residents had been assaulted, carjacked, homes invaded and still there was little concern in Washington. On the 11th of March, 2003, a cadaver was found a mile east of the Diamond Bell Ranch, our home. The body was a homicide victim. In Cochise County, a rural resident was shot at, his home riddled by AK-47 rounds from agitated Mexican narcotics smugglers. His travel trailer that was used to block access to his ranch property was burned to the ground.

Abandoned back packs, human trash and water bottles would fill a thousand dump-trucks, on border smuggling trails, yet politicians could not and would not make any decisions in 2003 other than ignore the situation and create a guest worker plan. The guest worker plan, which amounts to stealth Amnesty was proposed by Arizona Senator John McCain and announced by President Bush in December 2003. By the end of January 2004, the U.S. Border Patrol had arrested 34,342 illegal aliens in Tucson Sector. 16,579 were arrested in Cochise County, the majority crossing illegally in response to the President’s address. The Border Patrol and local law enforcement agencies were overwhelmed. Crimes against citizens also increased.

Politicians over the past several decades have played a key role in the current Immigration mess. It just didn't happen over night. It's easier to create a new agency or renew a failed past policy than solve the problem. There were 2.3 million alien Immigration overstay visas in the United States in 2003. Four of the Terrorist Hijackers on September 11, 2001 were also overstays. The newly created Bureau of Customs and Immigration in 2003 found, arrested and deported 300 aliens on visa violations. 150 were arrested and charged with crimes. 14,000 aliens were ordered to appear for deportation hearings. It's the same situation as the old defunct I&NS. There were 350,000 illegal aliens in 2003 that had deportation orders , absconded and are still in the United States while thousands continued to enter the U.S. daily in the South West. In 2006, little has changed.

In 2004, I proposed a few law enforcement common sense answers to the Border crisis which are: PRIOR TO ANOTHER AMNESTY which will only increase illegal immigration or a Guest Worker program that can not now be controlled or monitored, hire enough investigators to accomplish the job. Control the Borders first. Currently 2,000 Immigration Special Agents are trying to enforce the laws with priorities on Terrorist threats in a ocean of illegal aliens which is growing hourly and daily. They cannot respond to labor sanctions violations or establish area control in large cities without additional help and support from Congress, which has never been a priority on the Beltway from either Democrats or Republicans.

1. Promises of jobs, social services entice illegals to enter. When the President of the United States welcomes illegal aliens, in violation of law, they will continue to enter from every nation, friend and foe alike.

Stop the free handouts to all illegal aliens. They are bankrupting many states including Arizona for health costs.

2. Enforce labor sanctions laws to the letter established by Congress in 1986.

In 2003 only 37 companies were fined for hiring illegal aliens with 200,000 or more known to be flagrant violators. Jobs for the working class citizens in the U.S. should be always be a priority.

3. Control our Borders with additional personnel and equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles, infrared scopes, FLIRs. Utilize available Military assistance.

In 1989, the Anti-Drug Abuse Act allowed the military for Border Enforcement missions. The first obligation of the Federal Government is to defend it's people against all enemies with the strongest defense system in the world. The Borders of the U.S. are a matter of national security for this nation and a part of our defense.

4. Abolish the Executive Office for Immigration Review which creates more problems than are ever resolved and places criminals back on the streets.

The Executive Office for Immigration Review, a U.S. funded litigation bureau that operates solely to make a federal case out of the deportation of every illegal alien or criminal alien resident in this country provides appeals which takes years. The criminal classes of aliens are rarely deported and roam free in society or assume another name and disappear at their option.

5. Enforce the Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, Section 642.

If cities choose to remain Sanctuary cities for illegal aliens, remove federal funding. It is a national security issue, not municipal “ feel good policies”.

6. Republican Representative Charlie Norwood of Georgia’s CLEAR ACT would give Police Officers authority to enforce Federal Immigration laws.

There are over 650,000 police officers in the United States that could provide greatly needed assistance with immigration law enforcement. A large majority of organized gangs from L.A. to major cities, nationwide are composed of illegal aliens including MS-13, a violent El Salvadorian/Honduran criminal gang cadre.

7. Political Appointees with little experience have usually been Commissioners of the Immigration Service which led to an inept Agency. Appoint people with knowledge of the job, Immigration laws and law enforcement leadership experience, not a political puppet controlled by administration agendas.

8. Enforce all established Criminal provisions on the books relating to Human Trafficking, 8 USC 1324. No new laws are needed. Human Traffickers that are part of a multi-million dollar criminal system rarely receive maximum sentences in Federal Courts. The law states a $5,000 fine and 5 years in prison for each smuggled alien under 8 USC 1324. Most human smugglers receive a light sentence and a harsh admonishment or credit for time served in court.

The Judicial System has rarely imposed maximum sentencing guidelines unless death is involved. There is no incentive for a smuggler to cease criminal activities. The monetary rewards outweigh the risks of being arrested, as opposed to smuggling narcotics. Overstay Visas are also a problem that should be investigated as well as identity theft, false identification, social security fraud. Elected Representatives and Senators love to state that the problem is beyond the ability to fix, so make all lawbreakers legal, then control the Borders is their answer. The United States Government has allowed 47 Mexican Consular Offices to pass out 301,620 matricular consular identification cards to illegals in the States from March 2001 through December 2003.

The cards cannot establish true identity and only show that the bearer is an illegal alien. Countless Illegal aliens have been arrested with numerous cards under different names, which is a national security issue. A lawfully admitted alien from Mexico or any country has official U.S. Government documents.

9. Hold and formally Deport all Criminal Classes of Illegal Aliens, felons.

No bonds for release should be allowed and if they re-enter this nation, impose the maximum sentence under 8 USC 1326.

10. Get tough with Mexico. The massive illegal immigration problem is prompted by Mexican Politics that will not face economic reform in their own nation and use the United States as an safety outlet. NAFTA was created in 1993 to largely help the Mexican economy. The Government of Mexico taxes businesses to excess which kills job growth. In over ten years the economy south of the Border has grown by only 1.2 per cent. The United States was a Sovereign nation not an extension of Mexico or political policies formulated by President Fox. Our nation's best interests should always be a priority for our citizens and lawfully admitted aliens first and always.

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The ten important points were presented to the G.O.P. national party chairman in 2004 from a law enforcement agent and citizen’s prospective. Due to many queries from news with views readers on solutions not just the problems of illegal immigration, I wanted to pass on a few “oldies but goodie” answers to all.

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John W. Slagle is a U.S. Navy Aviation Veteran, Commercial Pilot, Multi-Engines rated and was a Firefighter, Engineer Lt. prior to United States Border Patrol service spanning 30 years. Duties included Agent/Medic, Special Tracking and Rescue Unit, Intelligence Officer, Sector Pilot to Criminal Investigator.

Slagle spent 12 years in undercover operations nationwide as a Special Agent, Anti-Smuggling Operations involving organized human trafficking, narcotics, certified Master Gun Smith and second degree Nidan black belt Goshin Iaido.










Abandoned back packs, human trash and water bottles would fill a thousand dump-trucks, on border smuggling trails, yet politicians could not and would not make any decisions in 2003 other than ignore the situation and create a guest worker plan.