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By Jill Cohen Walker, J.D.

March 10, 2006

When my co-author, Jack L. Kemp, and I wrote The Call to Prayer, we envisioned a move of God so great that humanity would have no choice but to either be humbled or increase its rebellion against Him. We imagined a conversation between the Ruler of the universe and His angelic host—a conversation that made it clear that relative truth and values were a lie and humanity must turn back to Him.

I want to share what God revealed because a generation of unbelief has hijacked this nation and it’s time to take it back. The following is from the book. May it touch the deepest places in your soul and reach into your heart. Remember, it could happen this way because time is moving swiftly as God’s plan unfolds for all of humanity.

Will you be a player for God or a pawn for evil? Ponder on 1 Peter 3:12: “‘For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, And his ears are open to their prayers; But the face of the Lord is against those who do evil.’”

A generation of unbelief

“They shall fear You as long as the sun and moon endure, throughout all generations.” —Psalm 72:5

The view from heaven was not shrouded by the lies that permeated mankind on earth. It was so clear that even the clouds did not block one’s view of the universe. As nations in the world spawned dangerous alliances and battles raged on all continents, awareness in the spiritual realm was heightened. Something was about to happen. Angelic activity was on the increase as the Holy Spirit moved into position. The Throne of Grace was aglow with something the angels understood. The Lord was angry. His most precious creation was in trouble. The angels waited for instructions. They talked among themselves with great excitement.

Then, the Lord spoke.

“It is time!”

His voice was much larger than the heavens in which He ruled; and He was not finished.

“You must understand what has happened. You must remember that a generation of unbelief usually stands on the sand, its moorings shaky, its bearings never quite right. It shifts with every breeze that blows across its collective thinking, leaving itself open to wrong direction and destruction.”

The angels knew there had been other generations of unbelief throughout history, but this generation was the last. The fullness of time, sin, and the gentiles was almost at hand. The Lord’s voice filled all of heaven again.

“Many in this generation planted a garden of weeds, brambles, and briars—a garden in direct opposition to the one I created in the beginning. They have worshipped false christs!”

The angels chattered with great awe for the Holy One of the universe. As they moved in closer to the Lord, one woman on earth began to pray deeply for her family, her friends, and her nation . . . and for the lost and dying souls. Her prayer sparked a profusion of heavenly activity that astounded even the angels.

“Lord, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, I praise You with my whole heart, soul and mind. Without You, I am nothing. I come to you with prayer for those who have spent decades letting evil destroy everything noble, everything godly in this world. We are tired and pray that You will reach into the hearts of those who have rejected You. Almost everything righteous has been stolen from Your most precious creation. Believers are mocked as evil runs rampant over my nation . . . all nations. Help us, Lord. They have gone too far.”

Her name was Debrah Goldan. She was born in Israel on the tenth day of February 1947. Growing up in Jerusalem was fraught with danger for Debrah and her family. She learned to pray at an early age. The desire of her heart was to know God. When she reached adulthood, Debrah was one of many Jews living in Israel who understood and received the message of salvation. The Lord reached into her willing heart and poured His grace down on her and her family. Now, Debrah’s love for Him exploded into prayers for God to bring about a time of unprecedented grace for mankind. She continued to pray—her prayer more of a conversation with her heavenly Father.

“Lord how did so many in my generation become so evil? Who planted the seeds of unbelief in them and left them to run wild with rebellion against You? Perhaps, Lord, some forgot that Your standard is the best, the only standard under which mankind can have real peace. Without You, many became selfish and faithless children. The seeds of unbelief were watered and are now grown . . . and they are planting another generation of unbelief into humanity.”

The Lord loved Debrah’s prayer. This time, He allowed the angels to see her and hear her words. Some wept as they saw tears run down her face. They saw that she was a woman of deep faith with deep love in her heart for the unredeemed. She knew there were no delays with the Lord. As the angels wept for her, the Lord spoke again.

“Yes, it was selfishness that kept them children forever. They rejected Me because they believed they didn’t need Me to have peace. Watch them. I allowed them to grow up in freedom, and they mocked Me. They made good evil and evil good.”

The angels understood. They had seen much over the millennia, but the last five decades were an abomination to the Lord. The angels began to sing, and the angelic chorus of praise was heard throughout heaven. “Lord, we understand that when nations rebel against You, the people are not blessed. Real freedom is hard won and never emerges when the revolution is about shaking off the God of the universe and the standards set by Him.” The angels could not stop praising Him.

“Blessings be unto Him, praise and glory are His. Praise to Him who saves even the little ones who love Him. Praise to Him who has kept Israel. May the Holy One be praised who has shaken the nations, built and destroyed empires in a single day, and died for the sins of the world.”

The angels wondered if the Lord was about to move on humanity. They banded together as the Lord continued to hear Debrah’s prayers. They waited. Then, He spoke to them as the great teacher.

“Remember My words . . . that I would raise up a nation like unto Israel. That nation would be a vineyard from which the good news of salvation would be preached all over the world. Many of my children have done as commanded; many have not done enough; others have walked away. It is as I said it would be.”

The angels knew He was talking about the United States, the nation that was almost as special to Him as Israel. He sent souls there to be free to love and worship Him. He nurtured the nation through revolutions and wars for freedom. Then the courts began to chip away at the morals of the nation. They invented rights where none existed and took away rights that had been given to the people by Him, their Creator. When the youth started their sexual revolution, He wept as the precious nation moved toward final destruction.

“I created that nation to reflect My laws and My love. They have thrown it all away. There can be no separation of the state from Me if a nation—any nation—is to survive. Empires have been crushed under My watch because the people rejected Me.”

The angels shivered at His words and wept again. Their tears spanned the decades of moral decay that had shaken the foundations of what He had brought into existence. Then, a sudden rush of activity started again. Debrah was still praying for Israel and all the nations that had turned their backs on her. She prayed for the unredeemed, and heaven heard her prayers as they reflected the Word of God.

“Oh, Lord, we have suffered under our enemies for centuries, but since You brought us back to the land of Israel, evil, even among our own ranks, has worked hard to destroy us. We know You will not forget us. Let Your hand move across this nation and all nations on the earth. Let Your voice be heard as hearts turn to You in repentance.”

The Lord again saw her as she prayed. He poured more grace upon her to withstand the enemy. His voice was heard, again, throughout heaven.

“They signed truces and said they were working toward peace, but there was no peace. Israel’s enemies, even among her own, have sought her destruction and thought they were doing My will. They were wrong; they are wrong. They continue to use My name to promote evil against My faithful chosen ones.”

The angels remembered the many battles for God’s land. Sneak attacks against Israel, closing the waterways, armies that outnumbered the fighting forces of the fledgling state. Invisible armies sent by the Lord battled against the earthly enemies of God. The angels remembered . . . and so did Debrah.

“Heavenly Father, ‘please do not remain silent, do not hold Your peace, do not be still. You have promised to keep us as a people throughout all generations, but Your enemies surround us and have lifted themselves up against You and Your people so that Israel will be destroyed.’ Lord, they don’t know You. Pour down Your grace that they may hear and know the truth. Let salvation come unto them like a powerful vision. Let them bow in repentance before the Throne of Grace.”

The Lord listened and then spoke more truth to the angels.

“I allowed evildoers to hold positions of power to test the people. Now, they want to destroy My chosen ones. They do not allow children to worship Me freely. They love those who don’t acknowledge me and plot against those who love me. They tear My laws down from the public square. Their lies are tossed into the air with little or no remorse. Yes, it is time.”

Praises for the Lord, the King of kings, resounded through the heavens. Angelic warriors and messengers lined up to receive their assignments. The United States would take the lead; the Holy Spirit and the angelic forces would penetrate her wall of separation that was made “high and impregnable.” The children of God would bring her moral decay to light. Suffering believers in all nations would be called into battle.

Debrah continued to call on the Lord . . . her prayers a petition of love.

“Father, God, You are the God of my lying down and rising up. I live to serve only You. The earth has become polluted with the plans of despots and the immoral. Our civilization is crumbling into an evil morass of rebellion. We have no laws that honor You. They have been stolen from us. They worship idols, both human and inhuman. Their minds are debased with lust; they worship the creature and things that crawl on their bellies. Their children are destroyed in the womb. Move Your holy hand over Your creation, Lord. Remove the despots and tyrants from our presence and let Your anointing flow through the streets of every village, town, and city. Let the mountains bow down in praise to You.”

The angels understood Debrah’s pain and her petition to the Lord. They knew that mankind had allowed itself to be brought low . . . almost to the pit of destruction. Allies of Israel were duplicitous, often giving money and comfort to her enemies. Terrorists called themselves freedom fighters and murdered innocent men, women, and children. They said they did it for God, but their plans were steeped in evil. Their desire to build another Tower of Babel was becoming a reality.

Now, when the Lord spoke, the angels received even more understanding.

“They want one government. I shall allow them one government with evil to rule over them. It was ordained before the foundations of time. But first, we must expose the rebellions, the attempts to stop believers from speaking the truth. It is time to deal with those I turned over to reprobate minds. Wake up the believers who have been spiritually asleep!”

The angels rejoiced. They were prepared for the battle that lay ahead. Their praises to the Lord were a heavenly chorus that filled all of heaven with the music of the Ancient of Days. Debrah’s prayers reached into the heart of the Lord and permeated the heavens for all eternity. She offered one more prayer.

“Lord, they parted Your Holy Land when You gathered us out of the ashes of Hitler’s Europe. We know the words of Ezekiel, Zechariah, and Joel who all spoke with Your voice. You said you would bring back the ‘captives of Judah and Jerusalem.’ You did, O, Lord. Now we see all nations preparing to come against Israel in the valley of Jehoshaphat . . . the Valley of Meggido. Your judgment is on them for dividing Your land and for coming against Jerusalem. Let not the plans of evil kings and rulers come to fruition. We ask for peace and receive terror, but only for a season. Then, Lord, You will judge all the nations that have sought our destruction.”

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Small pockets of light around the earth could be seen from the heavens. Debrah’s prayers and praises to the King of the universe would not be ignored. The Lord dispatched several squadrons of angels to wake the sleeping prayer warriors—the believers. The rest of the angels were fully prepared. They knew this battle would reap a worldwide harvest of many. The Lord, God, Creator of the universe, spoke one last time before His hand moved across time and space, across land and sea, across the nations that filled the earth . . .

“It is time to bring in the harvest. You will do as you have been commanded for My holy name’s sake . . . because time is running out for all of creation . . .”

© 2006 - Jill Cohen Walker - All Rights Reserved

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Jill Cohen Walker earned a BA from Goddard College in 1977, a JD from Franklin Pierce Law Center in 1980, and an MS in journalism at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 1999. A freelance writer for fifteen years, she has written numerous articles for tech magazines and newspapers, and co-authored a book on hiring practices in the printing industry.

She taught Social Studies for one year in a northern middle school, and medical-legal and bio-medical courses in the Allied Health division of a local community college for four years. A student of legal history and the US Constitution, she began to study current events and Bible prophecies in March 1985. Her deep interest in and awareness of American politics started during the 2000 elections when she realized the prophetic time clock was ticking fast. She is the co-author of the novel "The Call to Prayer". (











“I allowed evildoers to hold positions of power to test the people. Now, they want to destroy My chosen ones. They do not allow children to worship Me freely. They love those who don’t acknowledge me and plot against those who love me. ...