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By Jill Cohen Walker, J.D.

April 14, 2006

There’s something about the neighborhood Wal-Mart sporting of an up-front display for Brokeback Mountain that really infuriated me. I guess the producers will stop at nothing to try to make a profit off what no one wanted to see at the movie theaters. Or maybe it’s all part of the planned destruction of America, wherein this is just the tip of the old iceberg.

“Move the displays!” was the outcry from mainstream America. I’m not sure how many were moved, but at least folks had their say . . . and will continue to do so until corporations realize most of us are sick to death of this insidious pandering to the sexual preferences (choices) of about two percent of the American population.

The truth is that corporate America is only bowing to the wishes of the New World Order cabal whose agents run those corporations. It’s a “go along with our agenda or your business is toast” ultimatum that proves we’re dangerously close to losing the rest of what made this nation great. And just think about what and to whom we’re losing it.

That’s when I made the usual phone call to my co-author, Jack, and discussed some of my “misgivings” with him. Take a look at your government at work. Look, as we did, at whom or what your government protects these days (and it isn’t our Constitution they’re using to do so). In no particular order:

1. Abortionists as opposed to the unborn because it’s a booming business that brings loads of tax revenues to the government. It’s also a form of population/ethnic control (Margaret Sanger would be proud) that’s actually backfired on the liberals who brought us Social Security. There aren’t enough workers to support retirees and the ones invading illegally are shipping their money South of our borders. Now, I’m not a rocket scientist, but . . . do I really need “social” security or is there a better brand? I’m banking on the latter. When God says, “I will,” it’s a done deal. When the government says IT will, count on IT to be overturned with the stroke of a pen.

2. Criminals who commit heinous crimes. Our government/media complex has made the victims the new criminals for pressing charges. “You should feel sorry for those who rape, pillage, and murder because they had rough kiddie-hoods. I’m now playing the word’s smallest violin.

3. Homosexuals and homosexuality and any other form of sexuality that floats one’s boat. And those who object are called homophobes, among other nasty non-politically correct names. And whatever happened to the Kinsey kids and their miscreant parents?

4. Pedophiles and pedophilia. Often called the last rite (not right) of the fallen archangel, the victimized children remain unprotected because the ACLU thinks pedophilia is just another form of free expression. I know what I’d do with those folks . . . and the ones who support their goals.

5. Pornographers/pornography because objectifying the human body is a booming business that brings loads of tax revenues to the government; and, they want us to believe we’re nothing but soulless animals.

6. Mothers who slaughter their children on a whim, which includes murdering them in a bathtub, or by leaving them in hot cars while they go to work or get their hair done. Then we declare them insane instead of locking them up for life or imposing the death penalty.

7. Foreign workers over American workers. And that’s the jobs Americans will do as opposed to the jobs THEY say Americans won’t do, which is the big lie. The kicker is that American companies like Covansys (more on them in a later column) are now one of the NWO’s global employment agencies that farm those jobs overseas.

8. Illegal aliens bearing protest signs that say “I’m not a criminal.” Well, yes, you are because you’re here illegally. No matter. The government that swore to protect us gave those folks several politically correct titles and . . . the right to work, the right to vote absent US citizenship, and the right to rob us blind while sporting Mexican flags during NWO-sponsored demonstrations. Evidently the mavens of public relations have ordered them to carry American flags . . . as if they mean it. Oh, lest we forget, they’re the same folks who ostensibly help our economy by sending all the money back to Mexico and other “Hispanic” nations while a disproportionate number of Americans live off the dole. It’s the fast-track method of destroying America’s middle class, so don’t let anyone fool you about how much we need them.

9. Muslims and the oil fields they stole from the American companies that did the hard work developing them. But we can’t get our own oil from our own nation because environmentalists (code for Tower of Babelites) won’t let us drill for our own. Won’t let us? I can’t wait to see those Greenies (code for communists) wearing burkas one day. I suggest they all sit down and have a big read-in of The Haj by Leon Uris before attacking Christians and let us drill away.

10. Multiple generations of welfare recipients (Great Society-ites) who’ve made the Democrat party’s “safety net” into a generational hammock. Shame on me! Those are the honored poor of the Democrat party, which found a great way to divide and conquer us while also robbing us blind.

11. Black “leaders” who insist on being the Great Society’s plantation masters, but are, instead, just poverty pimps who perpetuate the problem they created so they could become Black “leaders” and cavort among the elites.

12. An ingrate teachers’ guild that inculcates our children with “values” that are so heinous they couldn’t even be mentioned a generation ago. Thanks be to the great government-god that’s turning our children into Sodom-and- Gomorrah-ites.

13. “Artists” who blaspheme or denigrate the holiest symbols of Christianity and express vile hatred toward Christians because it’s the in thing to do, we’ve become an easy target; and/or they wouldn’t dare insult any other religion for fear of being politically incorrect and suffering dire consequences.

14. A morally defunct arts endowment that’s become patron to the above mentioned “artists” whose definition of art was once defined as filth and smut. We’ve come a long way, baby, when we can call urine “art.”

15. Professional gripers—often called activists, including the likes of Hillary Clinton—who, if their visions are realized, will destroy this nation, take humanity with it, and/or leave the rest to “nature,” which could no more act as steward to the animals and other resources than the man in the moon.

16. Professional/CFR chosen politicians who promise to “change” things but give us out-of-control government spending, a permanent underclass, less security, and fewer rights. Is it any wonder we keep re-electing them? With a dumbed-down electorate champing at the bit to rob the government coffers, we just might be doomed. And don’t forget that pork barrel spending, which is another theft of our hard-earned money by the government that’s sworn to protect us.

17. Black robed cultists (Supreme Court “justices”) who find imagined rights in the Constitution or, failing that, in other countries’ laws. Truth be known, I think that oath our elected and non-elected leaders take is not to support our Constitution. They decided the UN Charter, borne of the UN Treaty, trumps it and that’s what they swear to uphold. As I’ve mentioned before, the UN Charter is almost a direct translation of the former Soviet Union Constitution.

18. Those same black-robed oligarchs decry our right to criticize them when they really screw up—and here of late, that seems to happen all too often. They have no love of this nation, no love of national sovereignty, and are nothing more than CFR stooges in black robes making laws that fit with the NWO agenda. Why do we listen to them? Why do we obey their dictates when those dictates spit in the face of God?

19. Any earth worshiping, hallucinogen taking, “aboriginal” religion. Anything but Christianity (must be the real thing, baby) is protected by the courts, the legislatures, and the ACLU. The mere mention of Christ or Christianity sends them into a tailspin, but mention Buddha, Mohammed, or even Satan, and they light up like neon signs in the smut section of a sleazy city.

20. Professional victims. You know, the ones who, more than likely, are the cause of their own problems. Find a pigeonhole in which to fit and you’re golden.

21. The CFR, Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderbergs—those bastions of globalism, new world order-ism, and the revived Babylon. Our government doesn’t just protect those folks, they ARE part of those folks and that’s who’s running the show behind the scenes. Does it matter who we elect if the only choices we have must be approved by the CFR, the folks who sold us out to the UN and its communist charter?

Folks keep asking me for the way out of the mess we’re in today. I tell them to start with the ACLU unthinkable: Get right with God and Pray! They still ask, “How do we stop killing the unborn, raping the children, committing acts of lewdness, destroying our sovereignty, and put an end to illegal immigration?” Since voting government officials (from the locals to the top spots) out of office is almost fruitless because only CFR candidates can run and win, we must declare complete independence from our government. If we don’t use their money (Matthew 22), their educational gulags, or their services, they will pass without any mourning, much like a painful kidney stone. However, if we continue to allow ourselves to be enslaved, we can only expect to see a government that’s increasingly hostile to our rights.

If, perchance, you think “enslaved” is too harsh a word, consider that we’ve become like the Roman Empire at its most decadent. The emperors knew how to keep the people happy. They provided them with bread and circuses. It was just enough to distract them from the failures in foreign ventures that would have, otherwise, doomed the government.

Well, we’ve also been made “fat, dumb, and happy” by stupid entertainment and an illusory wealth that cannot be quantified in any real form. Every year we fall another HALF-TRILLION dollars into debt while our leaders do nothing but encourage whatever wealth we’ve accrued to leave our nation. We’ve gone from being the world’s largest creditor to its largest debtor, and there’s no outrage from the citizenry.

We know the Democrats want to rid this nation of the middle class through excessive taxation and spending (not to mention a vast shift from morality to immorality); but the Republicans were elected on a platform of slimming government. Unfortunately for CFR controlled, veto-virgin George Bush, they’ve expanded the girth of government in increments that would’ve frightened even LBJ. Now they want to make 20 million lawbreakers American citizens with no background checks, no assimilation requirement, while Mexican flags decorate CFR-sponsored demonstrations. (The latter changed when the media mavens suggested the American version.). It’s the same government that refuses to protect the unborn, is warming to the idea of pedophilia, and feels pity for moms that murder . . . sheesh, wake up, America!

The manner in which Vicente Fox talks to Bush, you’d think that W was leading a second-rate nation and Fox was the most powerful man in the world. What right has Fox to chide us (or force us) into taking his unwanted population? Who is he to make foreign policy for this nation? We didn’t elect him to any office that I know of, so maybe Mr. Fox has overstepped his bounds just a wee bit.

And don’t even give me the compassion argument. Compassion would be freeing their markets and allowing them to participate in their own governments so they could stay at home, whether in Mexico or some other “Hispanic” nation; but don’t expect those words to come out of the mouth of “compassionate conservative” George Bush.

And don’t expect the Democrats to stop the process, either. They’d let them all come in if it meant the quick demise of the middle class.

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There’s no room for humility or cowardice (under the guise of compassion) when dealing with other nations, especially those that want to take us down. When it comes to foreign affairs and “entangling alliances with foreign nations,” humility is seen as a weakness not a virtue, especially when we’re on the cusp of World War III. Our enemy saw us as a paper tiger before 9/11. We cannot allow them to perceive us as anything but strong, even if it means dealing sternly with a “friendly” nation; and tolerating wickedness in the name of compassion won’t secure God’s blessings on this nation.

So, make a list for yourself. How is your government protecting you and your posterity? I’ll bet the list will be long . . . and painful to read. Go ahead and list the grievances you’d like to redress with the American government that’s no longer interested in your point of view . . . except in media-driven polls. Then ask yourself where your nation went and what you were doing went it disappeared.

© 2006 - Jill Cohen Walker - All Rights Reserved

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Jill Cohen Walker earned a BA from Goddard College in 1977, a JD from Franklin Pierce Law Center in 1980, and an MS in journalism at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 1999. A freelance writer for fifteen years, she has written numerous articles for tech magazines and newspapers, and co-authored a book on hiring practices in the printing industry.

She taught Social Studies for one year in a northern middle school, and medical-legal and bio-medical courses in the Allied Health division of a local community college for four years. A student of legal history and the US Constitution, she began to study current events and Bible prophecies in March 1985. Her deep interest in and awareness of American politics started during the 2000 elections when she realized the prophetic time clock was ticking fast. She is the co-author of the novel "The Call to Prayer". (











Let’s face it; members of Congress have never been removed from office in droves. And even if we did throw the bums out, would the alternative be better?