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Part 4




By Jill Cohen Walker, J.D.

April 9, 2005

The words that should have shocked all Americans decades earlier were brought to light at the Mut Zur Ethic “Courage to Take a Moral Stand” Conference in Switzerland on November 26, 2001. Author Theresa Dunford (The United Nations) quoted John McManus’ The UN, the EU, and America in her reference to a speech given on November 26, 2001 at that conference. The words that follow come from the transcript of that speech.

“I can recall as a boy hearing General Dwight Eisenhower’s voice telling the American people that the war in Europe had ended. It was in May 1945 when he stated that ‘the forces of the United Nations are victorious’ at a time when the United Nations organization hadn’t even been founded.”

Dunford also cited Eustace Mullins’ “The World Order: Our Secret Rulers” (1992) to expose the UN. Mullins wrote, “….the Rockefellers donated the most expensive parcel of real estate in Manhattan for its world headquarters. It was against this background that the Governor of New York, Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, addressed a meeting at the Sheraton Park Hotel on July 26, 1968, in which he called for the creation of ‘a new world order’.” The Rockefellers run one of the primary international banking corporations.

Evidently treason has always been a bi-partisan effort. There’s just no other way to define the duplicitous actions of government leaders. There’s been ample opportunity and mega-support from Americans to stop paying for the UN to exist and to remove us from that disgraceful organization . . . and it never happens. Bring up even the idea of a global government or a new world order with a politician and s/he’ll tell you it’s all just a conspiracy theory that has no merit. Baloney!

Now, try to imagine how Maj. Arch E. Roberts felt when he saw the American flag waving next to the UN flag at Pusan Headquarters, the Supreme UN Command in Korea. How did he feel when he realized that American soldiers were buried in a UN cemetery under the flag of a diabolical world government? And why was there a UN command in Korea in the first place? Were they Monday-morning quarterbacks or on-the-field refs? If they wanted a Soviet style world government, why were we were there fighting the Communists—or were we?

Maj. Roberts knew the war was finagled by the UN and State Department to assert worldwide UN military authority. It was the world’s greatest power grab based on the lie of eternal world peace. To Maj. Roberts, the UN was a direct threat to American principles that generations of US citizens “dedicated their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor” to defend and preserve. He was right. Strong interference with his pro-American educational training program for the troops in Germany resulted in its shut down because of UN, State Department, and Pentagon policies.

Communism was no longer a bad thing. Even when the Senate investigated “‘military muzzling,’” unknown internationalist policy planners ran a covert propaganda campaign opposing every principle embodied in the US Constitution. The allegiance of American military leaders was divided by what Maj. Roberts called “a new military morality, which came straight from the UN Charter.” (Perhaps those who swear allegiance to the US Constitution believe the Charter trumps our Constitution. Vicarious allegiance isn’t a farfetched theory, especially when dealing with the morally unrestrained—the anti-American, anti-Constitution, anti-God politicians, Hollywood elite, judges, and internationalists. It should make us overtly hostile toward the oligarchic courts and five decades of their anti-US, and anti-Judeo-Christian decisions.)

Maj. Roberts fought to turn things around and stop the “exploitation of America’s soldier sons in international adventures.” He knew the UN used Communism to control all nations and resources (including their favorite “species,” people), and took control of the US military to implement its global government. To accomplish its second goal, the UN infiltrated several federal agencies, created a solid and “interlocking propaganda media, and employed politically oriented agents who [were] sympathetic with one-world government policy.”

Surprised? Why? Since when do most politicians speak the truth? They didn’t tell us then that the original goal of the UN was to “terminate our Christian nation” and replace it with a Communist “twilight zone.” Why? Because we still had the guns. They wanted them then . . . and they want them now to impose their brand of tyranny. Look at their lies and decide for yourself. The organization’s decades-old use of environmentalism (earth worship, paganism, and land grabs), support for on-demand abortion (small, disposable, and saleable sacrifices), prostitution for girls as young as ten years old (total sexual immorality allegedly demanded in 1993 by that patriotic American, Hillary Clinton at a UN Conference on Rights of Children), and support for the “I can live any lifestyle I want” agenda all fly in the face of America’s Judeo-Christian heritage. Now add euthanasia to that list, whether voluntary or involuntary, and you have a pagan culture of death.

According to its Charter, the UN was created to impose a global government on all nations either through peace or through force, when necessary. Maj. Roberts considered resistance to the UN “a new dimension of warfare—a psycho-political war” that patriots must win. To defeat this organization, he said, opponents must battle the weapons of “duplicity, subversion, and treason,” not to mention the liberals’ politics of personal destruction. Take a look at the cast of characters that produced this global monstrosity.

On December 22, 1941, Cordell Hull chose fourteen alleged “elite geniuses,” including Dean Acheson, “to serve on the President’s Advisory Committee on Post-War Foreign Policy.” They would set the stage for solving difficult international relations problems that would arise after the “forces of aggression” were defeated. (What a load of hooey. I think they consider us the forces of aggression. But I digress...)

Hull wrote to President Roosevelt about the goals of the UN Planning Commission: arms limitations (weapons bans); overall security (tyranny); international economic relationships (global taxes); and other areas needing international cooperation. Enduring world peace and economic progress (communist-style world government), they said, would follow. President Roosevelt agreed with Hull’s choices. This was the toughest test for the almost-born organization. If they could control the US, their new and improved Tower of Babel would become a reality.

However, during HUAC (House Committee on Un-American Activities) hearings on August 14, 1948, Adolf A. Berle testified that Dean Acheson was the leader of a pro-Soviet group within the State Department. He contributed regularly to pre-UN plans and garnered congressional approval of the Bretton Woods Monetary Agreement in 1945. That was the same year Major General Patrick Hurley, former Ambassador to China, linked Acheson in with a State Department group that “wanted to arm the Chinese Communists to defeat Chiang Kai-shek.” He was a defender of Alger Hiss during his trial for espionage against the US, and was grilled by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee regarding his law firm’s international activities. Nice effort, but what if all those hearings were a sham to lull us into believing our government was still anti-Communist, and still sovereign?

As cited by Maj. Roberts, “Postwar Foreign Policy Preparation 1939-1945,” Department of State Publication #3580 [released February 1950] identified several UN “founders” who were members of Hull’s world government “‘brain trust’”—a passel of Communist elitists working in our government. The State Department handled all of the “research, interdepartmental government agency coordination, and international cooperation.” I’ve listed them by government/non-government affiliation:

State Department/Government

Sumner Wells (Under-Sec. of State; Vice Chair “brain trust”
Dean Acheson (Asst. Sec. of State)
Adolf a. Berle, Jr. (Asst. Sec. of State)
Herbert Feis (Dept. of State Advisor, Intnl.Economic Relations)
Green N. Hackworth (Dept. of State Legal Advisor)
Leo Pasvolsky (Spec. Asst., Sec. of State; Chief, Dept. of State, Special Research)
Harry C. Hopkins (Chief, Dept of State, Commercial Policy)
Benjamin V. Cohen (General Counsel, National Power Policy Committee)

Council on Foreign Relations

Norman H. Davis (President, Council on Foreign Relations; Chairman, American Red Cross)


Hamilton Fish Armstrong (Editor, Foreign Affairs)
Isaiah Bowman (President, John Hopkins University)
Anne O’Hare McCormick (Editorial Staff, The New York Times)

Maj. Roberts listed some motivations of UN founders, i.e., “moral weakness, greed, lust for power, and genuine ideological convictions,” but he was more concerned with indicting the UN. While I agree, those folks made it happen and deserve to be identified and remembered as traitors. They were a disgrace then and their socio-political heirs apparent are a disgrace now. Again, I’ve listed them by government department. The list of traitors is long . . . follow the money . . .

Department of State:

Laurence Duggan ran the Latin American Division of the State Department. According to the “Institute of Pacific Relations,” he was drafted into the Soviet espionage apparatus by Hede Massing, a former Soviet espionage controller.

Noel Field was a Communist spy brought in by Hede Massing. As head of the Western European Division, State Department, he didn’t conceal his pro-Soviet views. He left Washington in1936 for a League of Nations position. After World War II, he fled to Eastern Europe, was arrested in 1949 during one of Stalin’s purges, and was moved from Czechoslovakia to Hungary after being accused of spying for the U.S. During his 1949 questioning, Field named Alger Hiss as a Soviet agent. He turned up missing behind the Iron Curtain while Hiss was on trial for espionage. Sounds like a man who knew too much.

Henry Julian Wadleigh ran the Trades Agreement Division, Department of State. During the trial of Alger Hiss, he admitted to membership in the Ware cell and the Bykov-Chambers-Hiss espionage group. Is all this sinking in yet? Please keep reading . . .

John Carter Vincent was the Chief of the Chinese Affairs Division and was “identified as a Communist in US Senate Internal Security Subcommittee hearings.” Not surprising, this paragon of patriotism/nationalism was an American delegate at San Francisco’s UN birthday party.

David Weintraub used the Office of Foreign Relief and Rehabilitation Operations. He was heavily investigated during the 1952 Senate investigation into Communism in the United Nations. He used his position to help Communist agents penetrate US government agencies. I wonder if their sons and daughters are working in those agencies today.

Treasury Department:

Harry Dexter White (Asst. Sec.) FBI records identify White as a member of the Perlo Communist Cell in DC and a spy for the Russians. The Treasury Department’s representative to 18 inter-departmental and international agencies/ organizations, he was the chief architect of the UN International Monetary Fund at Bretton Woods and San Francisco. White’s name shows up repeatedly in Senate documents regarding Communist/subversive activities in the US.

Harold Glasser was sent by Bykov, head of Soviet espionage, “to control Harry White.” He was the Treasury’s spokesman for UNRRA, a branch of the UN that gave Arabs the right to return to the new State of Israel (1948). Also a member of Perlo, Glasser worked with UNRRA for the life of the agency, decided which nations would get aid, and was a top consultant to Dean Acheson.

Nathan Gregory Silvermaster was identified by Elizabeth Bentley, a long-time “courier for the Russian Secret Police in America,” as the head of the DC-based Silvermaster Soviet spy ring. Also associated with Harry White at Bretton Woods, Silvermaster’s testimony before the US Senate Security Sub-Committee covers “175 pages of interrogation and exhibits” regarding his espionage activities in the US.

Virginius Frank Coe was part of the Communist underground and senior editor of Time magazine, as revealed in Whittaker Chambers’ original Berle notes. He was technical secretary at Bretton Woods in 1944, Secretary of Harry White’s International Monetary Fund (1946-1952), and a member of the Ware group. He hid behind the Fifth Amendment during congressional hearings. That was the same Bill of Rights he replaced with the UN Charter.

Victor Perlo was a member of the Ware group, and later headed a DC cell. He infiltrated through the Commerce Department in 1938 to gather data on basic economic decisions he presented to Harry Hopkins, Secretary of Commerce. He transferred to the Division of Monetary Research, left the government in 1947, and wrote American Imperialism. Perlo was a real Tower of Babel patriot.

William L. Ullman was a US delegate in San Francisco and Bretton Woods. He was “chief photographer of stolen government documents for the Silvermaster espionage ring” while a Major in the Material and Services Division of the Army Air Corps., headquartered at the Pentagon. This was infiltration into the highest places in government. Ullman gave the date of the D-Day invasion to the Soviets through Elizabeth Bentley. (Check out Web of Subversion, by James Burnham).

Irving Kaplan was “chief advisor to the Military Government of Germany on financial/economic matters.” Associated with the Perlo and Silvermaster groups, he worked for David Weintraub (UN Division of Economic Stability and Development, February 1946-November 1952). Eighteen adverse reports on Kaplan were submitted by the FBI.

Maj. Roberts said there were three traitors who deserved a special place in the “gallery of UN rogues.” The first was Alger Hiss, Chief of Special Political Affairs at the Department of State. A Harvard-educated lawyer, he was deputy to Leo Pasvolsky, had jurisdiction over internal organization of the State Department, and was in charge of “logistic and policy support of our activities in international organizations,” including the UN, specific UN agencies, and American personnel in the UN. He was Executive Secretary at Dumbarton Oaks and supervised everything related to the almost-born UN. Hiss, Harry Hopkins, Cordell Hull, and others, worked on the original draft of the UN Charter (See Seeds of Treason, by Ralph de Toledano).

Hiss’ role as General Secretary/San Francisco received approval from Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt, the first of which should have raised a few eyebrows. It was Whittaker Chambers who testified before HUAC that he and Hiss belonged to the same espionage group and Hiss provided him with confidential State Department documents. Three years later, Hiss denied under oath any involvement with the Communists and was convicted of perjury. His name comes up in more than 30 Senate transcripts/reports on Communist activities and espionage against the US.

The second was Leo Pasvolsky, the son of Russian “communist revolutionaries.” In 1934, he entered the US as an economics expert in the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce. The following year he became a Special Assistant to the Secretary of the State Department. A UN founder, he worked with Cordell Hull as a principal strategist at Dunbarton Oaks and San Francisco. He was the “‘architect” of the UN Charter and an economic expert at Brookings Institution. As Maj. Roberts noted, the 1945 edition of Current Biography defined him as far left and stated that his title “[spared] the White House possible wrangling in Congress over a Russian-born expert with a political past as varied as a zebra’s stripes.”

In a speech given in Oklahoma City on June 17, 1963, L.V. Horner, author of The United Nations a Threat to our Security, said Pasvolsky issued a departmental memorandum containing the objectives and functions of the department he directed. Pasvolsky wrote: “To survey the basic principles which should underlie a desirable world order to be evolved after the termination of hostilities . . . and to devise a means of limitation of national sovereignty.” The hostilities he referred to had to be the Cold War, which should make us wonder if Ronald Regan’s words, “Tear down this wall,” have implications that go back to Pasvolsky’s original memo. If Americans didn’t feel threatened by Communism, the world government would quickly become reality. It’s worked out that way, hasn’t it?

The UN Charter, as crafted by Pasvolsky, Hiss, and Vyacheslav Molotov of the Soviet Union, is almost a direct translation of the Soviet Constitution. Maj. Roberts observed, “One can place those documents side by side and identify the material which has been taken from one and placed in the other.” (Surprised? Look at our liberal-sponsored gun-control laws, which are an almost direct translation from their Nazi counterparts. The same is true for the Nazi origins of our no-smoking bans and impending laws on obesity.)

The third “rogue” in the “evil chorus of UN founding fathers” was Phillip C. Jessup, Assistant Secretary General of the UNRRA Conference in 1943. He was Assistant Secretary General at Bretton Woods (1944) and a member of the 1945 San Francisco delegation. Jessup also headed up the Institute of Pacific Relations, which was the subject of a Senate Internal Security Subcommittee investigation. It seems the Institute was a “vehicle used by the Communists to orient American Far East Policy toward Communist objectives.” Authorities on the subject held that Institute activities may have led to China falling to Communism after World War II.

Still, Jessup somehow became the US representative on the UN’s World Court, though the Senate refused to confirm him as US Ambassador to the UN. His name shows up in many Senate investigations into subversion, including hearings on the Institute of Pacific Relations, “Activities of United States Citizens Employed in the U.N., Interlocking Subversion in Government Departments, Strategy and Tactics of World Communism, and Scope of Soviet Activity in the United States.”

Do we get it yet? Our government sold us out on June 26, 1945. President Harry S. Truman closed the San Francisco Conference with a thumbs-up address, gave his support to the draft UN Charter, and was present when it was signed. There were others in attendance: the Secretary of State, the Democrat and Republican leaders of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the Democrat and Republican leaders of the House Foreign Relations Committee, and two delegates donated by the general public. The US Senate ratified the treaty two days later. The vote was 89 in favor, 2 opposed. That’s 89 traitors and two patriots, the Honorable William Langer (R-ND) and Senator Styles Bridges (R-NH). Langer saw the UN as the bulwark of major conflicts around the world for decades to come.

On September 26, 1969 at the Little Theater in White Plains, NY, Lt. Col. Roberts (good men get promotions) debated Congressman Richard L. Ottinger, the Director of the United States Committee on the United Nations. The Lt. Colonel’s words expose the evil that beset this nation in 1945: “Congressman Ottinger, honored guests, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I hold for the prosecution. During the next 20 minutes, the prosecution will attempt to prove the following charges against the United Nations organization: That the United Nations is a subversive organization. That vital powers of government held in trust for the American people have been illegally transferred to the United Nations Organization in violation of the prohibitions of the Constitution. That the United Nations Charter was foisted upon the American people to serve those who seek to overthrow the Constitution and to coerce American citizens into a Socialist animal farm.” He also stated: “Now, the Constitution is very specific about the powers of keeping peace and waging war. Nowhere does the Constitution authorize the transfer of these powers to an international agency. The prosecution has therefore established the fact that the Senate ratification of the United Nations Treaty on 28 July 1945 is in violation of the Constitution of the United States. Being illegal it must be put down.”

They did it then and they still do it. They use force against innocent people around the world, engineer wars and plagues of attrition, sanction genocide, infanticide, force the death of people like Terri Schiavo (those they call “useless eaters”), and orchestrate cultural and religious wars just to prove they are in control. They are at war with God and with humanity. We must take a stand, but if we take up arms to protect the sovereignty of this great nation, we’ll be considered criminals or, in modern terms, terrorists. Well, what’s in a name?

In Part 3 of this series I said we should be “polishing our uniforms.” I know I’m right. They’re loading us up with illegal aliens to create an anti-American army, turning us into a unit within one of their global regions, and stealing our God-given heritage. Keep polishing if you have the conviction and courage to stand for what’s right . . . if you have the courage to fight for the Constitution our Founders gave this great Republic. Look at who you’re voting for and impeach UN sponsored judges. Stand for something other than self. Otherwise, sit back and watch as your nation becomes a cog in an evil wheel run by despots. And if you complain when that happens, no one will hear you . . . because it will be too late.

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Part 5 of this series will focus on “planned conflicts,” or wars of attrition to place the UN in a global power position that makes the Tower of Babel look like a cake walk.

© 2005 - Jill Cohen Walker - All Rights Reserved

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Jill Cohen Walker earned a BA from Goddard College in 1977, a JD from Franklin Pierce Law Center in 1980, and an MS in journalism at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 1999. A freelance writer for fifteen years, she has written numerous articles for tech magazines and newspapers, and co-authored a book on hiring practices in the printing industry.

She taught Social Studies for one year in a northern middle school, and medical-legal and bio-medical courses in the Allied Health division of a local community college for four years. A student of legal history and the US Constitution, she began to study current events and Bible prophecies in March 1985. Her deep interest in and awareness of American politics started during the 2000 elections when she realized the prophetic time clock was ticking fast. She is the co-author of the novel "The Call to Prayer". (











I know I’m right. They’re loading us up with illegal aliens to create an anti-American army, turning us into a unit within one of their global regions, and stealing our God-given heritage.