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By Andrew C. Wallace
July 6, 2008

Obama, McCain and Leaders of both Parties have stated their clear intent on national TV to continue promoting and subsidizing the brutal murder, killing, rape, robbery or molestation of Americans by allowing illegals to enter and remain in this country for cheap labor. The object of this treason is to reduce Americans to poverty and slavery while combining the United States of America with Mexico and Canada as part of the North American Union ruled by a corporate One World Order.

Leaders of both political parties are part of the “Chain of Command for Treason” CCT consisting of the power elite who own or control the tax free foundations, media and corporations that control government. The people of this country don’t have a word to say about anything. Our elections are mostly controlled by the corporate owned media which is giving us a choice for president between two socialists. Most of the people in this country are as uninformed as a box of rocks due to the media.

When politicians are in power they don’t care what the people want, they will do whatever corporations have paid them to do. All politicians know that between 80 and 90% of the American people want illegals denied entry to the United States, those that are here deported and employers jailed. Americans don’t want birth citizenship for children of illegals. Citizens don’t want to pay for education, medical care or other benefits for illegals, and they certainly didn’t want their Social Security given to illegals, but the government did it anyway. The government did not want the Border Patrol to work too hard at stopping drugs, cheap labor for corporations, and terrorists at the border so they framed two border patrol agents for doing their jobs as an example to others.

Trade deals like NAFTA are part of this treason that allowed corporations to exploit foreign workers here, and overseas resulting in loss of jobs, and benefits to Americans. The simple truth is that trade deals benefit corporations at the expense of Americans. China is not to blame for defective products they manufactured to the specifications of their corporate customers. We had a major problem with dangerous imports last year which corporations promised to correct, and now we have the same problems again this year.

The Federal Reserve is a private bank owned by corporate elites that has assisted in the theft of your assets resulting in a 50% decline in value of the dollar during this administration alone. The increase in cost of oil will increase the price of everything forcing average people into poverty, and is due mostly to decline in value of the dollar.

We have no shortage of energy resources. Our government in collusion with corporate elites has made it unlawful to develop these ample resources because if we had them we would not fall into poverty and slavery where they want us. Most importantly, the elites would be able to profit from these resources later using their new slave labor that used to be called Americans.

You can only elect a Fascist or a Communist for President this year. Do your homework and you must agree that they are both hard core socialists. You have only one viable choice and that is to explain the facts of life in person to your congressional politicians using the materials accessed in the News With Views link below. I think you will enjoy the experience and want to do it again to watch your politicians squirm, spin and lie because they don’t have a clue, and know their corporate benefactors will not be happy. If a politician is reluctant to do what is right, remind them that you can go to to determine exactly who has purchased them and for how much. You might also remind them that refusal to sign the statement is a clear admission that they are not patriots or dedicated to the best interests of the people.

You should be terrified at what the future holds for all of us if you fail to get your congressional politicians to see the light and clean house. You are looking at a nightmare, no utilities, armed conflict in the streets, no fuel, no medical care, no food, no security, worthless money and living in third world poverty.

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If you want to continue the good life you must get off your rear and face down your congressional politicians in person. There will be no second chance because failure now will lead directly to the time when our dollar is worth zero, there are no benefits of any kind and we have brutal tyranny resulting in mass destruction and bloodshed. Older Americans will die homeless, hungry and in pain. And all of this because you would not get off your rear for a few hours to talk frankly with your congressional politicians using the information, direction and tools provided here. Read my article.

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Andrew C. Wallace is a former Kentucky State Trooper, Kentucky Native, Korean War Veteran, Commercial Pilot in Alaska, University of Kentucky Undergraduate in Business, Four years of Graduate School in Economics and Marketing at University of Kentucky and University of Iowa., Assistant Professor, Thirty years as Director of Marketing Firm developing and implementing national Marketing programs for manufacturers and now retired doing research and writing.











Trade deals like NAFTA are part of this treason that allowed corporations to exploit foreign workers here, and overseas resulting in loss of jobs, and benefits to Americans.