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By Andrew C. Wallace
July 4, 2009

WE WILL FIGHT FOR OUR LIVES AND STRONGLY ENCOURAGE Obama, Bush and the other Traitorous Fascist Officials and Judges who refuse to obey our Constitution to go straight to hell. Oh yes, leaders of both parties have identical orders to enslave us from the same Criminal Family Elites. Senior Citizens, when told, will never tolerate the mandate in the recently enacted Unconstitutional $855 billion stimulus bill to have bureaucrats reduce health care; and kill those not deemed worthy by refusing them treatment. This is now the law, and a close copy of Hitler’s “Useless Eater Program” that denied care to those unable to contribute. To further prove their intent, the Fascists have just announced that they will take a substantial part of the funds for their new Universal Health Care program from Medicare and Medicaid funding which would further reduce payments to our medical providers. Of course the traitors would also increase our taxes.

"PRESIDENT OBAMA SUGGESTED AT A TOWN HALL EVENT Wednesday night that one way to shave medical costs is to stop expensive and ultimately futile procedures performed on people who are about to die and don't stand to gain from the extra care."As reported by Peter Nichols of the Los Angeles Times. Former Senator Daschle said “Seniors should be more accepting of the conditions that come with age instead of treating them”, Bloomberg News. “In England anyone over 59 cannot receive heart repairs or stents or bypass, because it is not covered as being too expensive and not needed”.

WHEN INFORMED, MORE THAN 50 MILLION SENIORS WILL FIGHT LIKE HELL TO LIVE. Seniors earned their benefits and have no intent of allowing Fascist Traitors in government to force them to suffer and die so Fascists can loot their benefits to bribe those who earned nothing. Our Officials and Judges took the same solemn oath that most of us did,” to serve and protect the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, both foreign and domestic”; they have repudiated that oath, and the constitution by making war on the people who are the sovereign source of all constitutional power. Our oath was a solemn part of our permanent bonding to America and we will die defending our Constitution and Republic, as so many have already done. We would never rebel against constitutional actions taken by government officials, but we take serious exception to the continuous unconstitutional, and criminal, actions taken by Fascist Usurper Officials and Judges, who by definition of their words and actions, are Traitors. Their heinous actions will not stand. Thomas Jefferson said it best when he articulated a key principle of liberty–“any government that willfully violates the rule of law and encroaches on the rights of the people ceases to be a legitimate government”.

RESIGN AND LEAVE THE COUNTRY is our only advice for Officials and Judges who have betrayed their oath and made war on the people. If the traitors could count they would know that it is impossible for them to win this war, ultimately numbers are everything. Stupid is another quality of our traitors, otherwise they would know better than to attack the old people. Most Seniors are proud of their accomplishments, educated by experience, suffer fools not at all, want to be left alone, have few family responsibilities to restrain them, short tempers aggravated by pain, and a propensity to fight like hell without reservations to win if attacked; and because they refuse to surrender their country, and what little remains of their lives to arrogant reprehensible Traitors.

OFFICIALS AND JUDGES WHO REFUSE TO OBEY THE CONSTITUTION ARE TRAITORS. This is an indisputable fact. Defeating our unlawful gangster government can be accomplished easily by ordinary citizens without funding, or formal organizations. These Traitors receive compensation, support, and direction from a criminal cabal of Corporations, corporate owned Media, Tax Free Foundations and the Criminal Family Elites who control everything. Your duty, as an American, is to tell all of your officials and Judges who have supported unconstitutional laws and actions that you despise their treason. Appeasement and being nice never works with dictators, traitors and gangsters. You must tell them in the strongest possible terms to resign and leave the country they betrayed because it is our intent to prosecute their treason to the full extent of the law. Our objective is to defeat enough of the traitors so that we can impeach the Supreme Court of the United States, fire the remaining judges and prosecute all the Traitors wherever they are.

TEA PARTIES ARE GREAT, BUT HOME DELIVERY OF YOUR CONTEMPT IS MORE EFFECTIVE. As Ron Ewart said, you must show our Traitors the great depth of your contempt and loathing, up close and personal, where they cannot ignore reality. This also means the legal picketing of homes and offices of government and media officials using the same tactics that Acorn used on the Bankers resulting in the economic depression. . Keep it legal, don’t harm them, leave that to their friends in prison. If local officials don’t like it, picket them too. Letters and calls alone do not compare with the power of special interest money. Do not fail to go to for names of those who give money to your politicians so you can publicly boycott them if they continue to support treason. Find and support candidates of any party who really support the constitution and the rule of law.

OFFICIALS AND JUDGES WHO DISOBEY OUR CONSTITUTION HAVE NO LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY FOR TREASON USING FEAR AND GANGSTER POWER. A majority of Americans are well aware that a coup d’etat has taken place by criminal traitors who control our government and therefore deny us access to the use of government to remove the traitors and return to our Constitutional Republic. It is very difficult to tell people who are losing everything from looting, while under the ruthless boots of proven Fascism, not to respond with justifiable force. Maintaining restraint is doubly difficult because the treason is so obvious to most people and committed with such an arrogance of unlawful gangster power. Being one of the serious, and thoughtful patriots, I am highly visible, and an obvious target of the Fascist Traitors. But, if they take us out, by whatever means, they remove most constraints from the more action oriented patriots. Thoughtful patriots want to remove traitors from office in a proper nonviolent manner. I don’t give a damn for the well being of traitors, I want them in jail. We must avoid a civil war if at all possible, because many Americans would die, devastation would be total, but the fascist traitors would all be dead. Many think the fascist leaders want to start a civil war because in the past when they started a war the leaders were protected.

GERALD WALPIN IS AN AMERICAN HERO OF HISTORIC PROPORTIONS, who at 77 years of age, on his own, has struck the first significant blow to expose the criminality and treason of our gangster government by coup d’etat. Gerald Walpin, as Inspector General for CNCS, was given an hour to resign by the White House, or be fired (contrary to law), because he refused to overlook criminal actions by Obama’s friend and supporter Kevin Johnson. Mr Walpin refused to resign and took his case to the public to defend himself against the White House’s attempt to smear him as a senile old man for exposing their ongoing criminality; a view repudiated by millions who have seen him on Television and cheer his bravery. Mr. Walpin will be remembered in history as the first, and most effective patriot in the fight to expel the ruthless traitors and return to a Constitutional Republic.

BOTH IRANIAN AND AMERICAN CANDIDATES FOR OFFICE ARE SELECTED BY ELITES, NOT THE PEOPLE. The outcome of our elections and theirs was irrelevant to the control of government. President Obama and his Fascist Officials must envy the Iranian government’s ability to shoot the protestors down like dogs because they have no weapons to defend themselves. Maybe, that helps explain Obama’s reluctance to condemn Iranian officials for their brutality. If the Iranian people had guns there would be a new government in Iran, and if our fascist government attempts to control us with similar unconstitutional force, many will die, but the fascists will all be dead. There is no other reason for our fascist government to do everything possible to take away the peoples guns, because without the means of self defense we are either dead or slaves. REMEMBER IRAN for its lessons on gun control.

IT IS IRONIC THAT THE TREASON AND OPPRESSION OF OUR FASCIST JUSTICE SYSTEM, concealed by the Fascist Media, has so alienated poor and middle class Americans that they delivered our country over to Obama, another employee like Bush, of the Fascist Elite (who have controlled our government for years) by promising unspecified Change. The “Change” we got was much more of the same, a ruthless gangster government that is destroying our Constitutional Republic and impoverishing the people by theft and treason.

FEAR AND INTIMIDATION HAS BEEN USED FOR MORE THAN 100 YEARS by Traitors in government to control the people, going so far as to allow prosecutors and judges to frame, prosecute, and imprison people by denying their constitutional rights. All of this in addition to theft and crimes against the people on an unheard of level. These unconstitutional actions are the rule, rather than the exception, and explains why poor and moderate income people, even if they love their country, fear and hate the justice system with good cause. Judges routinely refuse to allow juries comprised of average citizens to be told that they have the constitutional power to find the defendant innocent because they think the law is unfair or defective, and to ignore the judge’s instructions. Judges and prosecutors also routinely refuse to allow the jury to see all of the evidence. Grand Juries and Criminal Juries no longer serve to protect us from government as was the intent in our constitution. Many dedicated and capable Defense attorneys are mostly victims of an expensive facade, who can no longer protect innocent Americans in a justice system that is unconstitutional, criminal, and corrupt. The corrupt Justice System was not the only cause of alienation of the poor and middle class, but it was the deciding factor.

SENIORS, GET OUT AND PROCLAIM YOUR RIGHTS ON JULY FOURTH, AND PICKET YOUR TRAITOROUS OFFICIALS AND JUDGES UNTIL THEY ARE GONE, THE LIFE YOU SAVE WILL BE YOUR OWN. The new acts of treason are being accomplished so rapidly that I can’t keep up with them to report in this article. But, as an Economist, I can swear to you that everything that is being done by our usurper government is guaranteed to destroy and loot the Economy of America leaving us totally destitute. Capitalism, did not fail, could not fail, because bankruptcy corrects the mistakes with minimum losses while our forced nationalization will result in losses in perpetuity. Everything our fascist government is doing has been proven to fail everywhere it has been tried. It is no mystery, if we follow the Constitution we will prosper as we did before 1913 when the looting really began.

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Andrew C. Wallace is a former Kentucky State Trooper, Kentucky Native, Korean War Veteran, Commercial Pilot in Alaska, University of Kentucky Undergraduate in Business, Four years of Graduate School in Economics and Marketing at University of Kentucky and University of Iowa., Assistant Professor, Thirty years as Director of Marketing Firm developing and implementing national Marketing programs for manufacturers and now retired doing research and writing.

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The new acts of treason are being accomplished so rapidly that I can’t keep up with them to report in this article. But, as an Economist, I can swear to you that everything that is being done by our usurper government is guaranteed to destroy and loot the Economy of America leaving us totally destitute.