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By Andrew C. Wallace
September 8, 2010

BUT, I GUARANTEE YOU THE FAILSAFE RETURN TO FREEDOM AND PROSPERITY if you confront your candidates and get them to read, agree, and sign the following pledge,. You must have the courage to tell candidates that you are aware that many of them are clueless, and most of them in both parties are corrupt Marxist progressives who belong in prison for their treason. The Marxists can either accept defeat, and a lawful measure of retribution, or attack us which would result in much bloodshed and their annihilation. For more detailed information go to RULES OF ENGAGEMENT FOR GUARANTEED FREEDOM AND PROSPERITY

Please be aware that many in both parties are “Establishment Candidates” who have been bought and paid for by the establishment elites, Marxist media and other notables.

Politicians must pledge to honor the following 24 points in return for election to office by the Sovereign People.

1. Candidate must promise not to commit treason by voting for unconstitutional laws, and anti-constitution judges.

2. Candidate must promise to prosecute officials they replace for Treason and related crimes as required.

3. Candidate must agree to impeach and prosecute Marxist Officials not up for reelection.

4. Candidate must agree to impeach the Supreme Court Judges who do not strictly comply with the written word and meaning of the constitution and Declaration of Independence.

5. Candidate must agree to fire all Federal Judges and to reinstate only those few who have complied with the constitution, don’t make law from the bench and don’t deny people their constitutional rights in court.

6. Candidate must agree to honor and comply with their oath of office.

7. Candidate must agree to reverse at once every unconstitutional law, and divest government of ownership in all business interests.

8. Candidate must agree to repeal all laws, and pass no new ones not authorized by the 10th amendment.

9. Candidate must promise, as a first order of business to hold hearings on the constitutional right of Barack Obama to be President and on his many criminal actions while in office.


10. Candidate must agree to eliminate the Income Tax, Tax Free Foundations, IRS and all Federal Taxes, replacing taxes with income from Protective Tariffs only, as was effectively done until 1913.

11. Raising the price of imported goods with tariffs deprives corporations of excess profits from cheap foreign labor forcing them to hire and produce in this country.

12. Candidate must agree to deport all illegals, which would end unemployment of citizens willing to work, and dramatically reduce government expenditures to support them.

13. Candidate must agree to end citizenship for children of illegals by honoring intent of the 14th Amendment, which contrary to popular opinion, does not authorize citizenship at birth for children of illegals, so stop it with legislation or the courts.

14. Candidate must agree to end visas for foreign workers while there are unemployed Americans.

15. Candidate must agree to terminate NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT and all Free Trade agreements allowing manufacturers to exploit foreign workers in other countries while firing Americans.

16. Candidate must agree to end all international Treaties and Agreements that reduce American Sovereignty in any way, such as Law of the Sea.

17. Candidate must agree to end relationship with the United Nations and terminate all associated treaties and agreements, most Importantly Agenda 21.

18. Candidate must agree to terminate the privately owned and unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank.

19. Candidate must agree to replace the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Note with a constitutional currency, and any liability from its demise to be the responsibility of the private Federal Reserve Bank and those who benefited from the massive looting made possible by the fiat currency.

20. Candidate must agree to promote a parallel monetary system in our states as authorized by our Constitution before the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Note fails.

21. Candidate agrees to outlaw Government Employee Unions at all levels of government.

22. Candidate agree that private sector unions must not be allowed to organize without secret ballots.

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23. Candidate must agree to promote the Constitutionally authorized “Militia of the Several States” to investigate, arrest and prosecute all the criminals in the Chain of Command for Treason due to the almost total corruption of all branches of government.


I___________________________a candidate for the office of___________________do hereby agree to comply with the preceding 24 points in return for the electoral support of_________________________and other voters.




� 2010 Andrew Wallace - All Rights Reserved

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Andrew C. Wallace is a former Kentucky State Trooper, Kentucky Native, Korean War Veteran, Commercial Pilot in Alaska, University of Kentucky Undergraduate in Business, Four years of Graduate School in Economics and Marketing at University of Kentucky and University of Iowa., Assistant Professor, Thirty years as Director of Marketing Firm developing and implementing national Marketing programs for manufacturers and now retired doing research and writing.

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Please be aware that many in both parties are “Establishment Candidates” who have been bought and paid for by the establishment elites, Marxist media and other notables.