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By Andrew C. Wallace
June 4, 2007

Seniors have only two choices, either defeat this amnesty bill completely, or Hurry Up and Die with Dignity while you still have the resources.

President Bush and supporters of Amnesty in Congress make me very angry, because they are such arrogant elitist snobs who think Americans are so inferior, and so stupid, as to believe their elaborate, untrue and deceptive fairy tales regarding illegal invaders, SPP and amnesty.

Social Security and all other benefits for Americans will soon end if illegal invaders are allowed to remain in this country on any basis. Congress is voting to give them our benefits to increase the profits of criminal employers. Every tax dollar spent on benefits for illegal invaders comes out of our pockets and goes into the pockets of criminal employers which is effectively looting our country and reducing most Americans to abject poverty

Illegal invaders are bankrupting our country costing us billions which will soon be trillions, so do your duty as a citizen and call your representatives every day, or kiss your Social Security and your country, Goodbye.

Elected and appointed officials at all levels of government are guilty of Treason by refusing to obey the Constitution and Laws of the United States relating to invasion resulting in murder, rape, robbery and molestation of thousands of Americans by million of invaders.

Demand that your Senators and Representative in Congress defeat any new law giving illegal invaders anything, end citizenship for children of illegals, enforce existing law and establish a ten year moratorium on all immigration. This would give government time to organize and root out the hundreds of thousands of terrorists and criminals hiding among the millions of illegal invaders who must also be deported on sight.

This Treason has resulted in a continuing invasion that was encouraged, supported, financed and protected by a criminal partnership between business elites and government officials for a share of the blood money. Except for Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck all of our media refuses to report negative information on illegal invaders because they too expect to profit from our poverty.

Many officials at all levels of government do whatever they please regardless of the Constitution and Laws of the United States resulting in wide spread Anarchy, Death and Crime.

We must quickly return to Constitutional Government and the rule of Law by expelling the traitors from government in a lawful manner by prosecuting them for treason and defeating them at the polls, regardless of party.

Americans will not long tolerate the lawlessness and anarchy caused by this treason. Soon people will be forced to exercise their rights to self defense due to anarchy caused by the repudiation of our constitution and laws by traitors in government who refuse to protect us from invasion, murder, rape, robbery, molestation and financial destruction. These same traitors are openly attempting to turn over our sovereignty to elites, this is called the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America-SPP. Now you know why our founding fathers wanted us to have guns and why elites want gun control. Our constitution is truly a great document that is under attack by government officials and elites, we must defend it.

Our constitution is the basis for all government power, but if those in government refuse to comply with the constitution then they have repudiated the very source of their power and there for should have no position, or power in government. Votes by these people in congress should be disputed in court.

You must quickly bring Treason charges against all elected and appointed representatives at all levels of government who refuse to obey the constitution and laws of the United States. Your Senators and Representatives who profit from the death and destruction caused by invaders and vote to give them amnesty or anything while ignoring protests from the great majority of Americans must be charged with treason. Go to for list of financial contributors to individual politicians, then verify that some contributors hire illegals, now you have a money connection. Do not ignore officials of sanctuary cities.

Failure to enforce, or aid in enforcement of Federal Law is known as Nullification and was a major cause of our Civil War which is exactly what officials of Sanctuary cities are doing today resulting in Anarchy. We now have Federal Officials ignoring Federal Law also. These traitors, for their own benefit, have put us on a very dangerous and slippery slope to destruction. Nullification and other similarities to our own Bloody Civil War are terrifying.

I am sure that you can find a lawyer who is a patriot and will help. You must do this now in your own state. Be certain that prosecutors and the media know that you are serious and that this is part of a national effort. Treason is a federal crime and must be prosecuted by U.S. Attorneys and every one of them works for President Bush. But maybe some of them are patriots and love this country more than working a little longer for President Bush. Even if a U.S. Attorney refuses to bring charges you have sent a most powerful message. Please let me know if you find other legal means to fight these people such as state charges, or using RICO-Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations. RICO was passed to bring down organized crime which is certainly what we have in Congress and Sanctuary cities. RICO is also being used by citizens to collect damages from criminal employers of illegal invaders. You may also use U.S. Code-Title 42, Sec. 1983. �Civil Action For Deprivation of any Rights, Privileges, or Immunities secured by the Constitution and laws� but denied by state and local officials such as in sanctuary cities.

I also think this Amnesty Bill is unconstitutional be cause government does not have the power to legalize unconstitutional actions by government and business.

If we should fail in our attempt to defeat this Amnesty bill we will lose everything. At some point in the near future when the reality of our new poverty can no longer be ignored by average Americans, we will have ethnic and class warfare.

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One consolation is that politicians of either party who vote for Amnesty can never be elected to office in 2008 or ever. I think most will leave the country because they will be so detested by most Americans.

� 2007 Andrew Wallace - All Rights Reserved

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Andrew C. Wallace is a former Kentucky State Trooper, Kentucky Native, Korean War Veteran, Commercial Pilot in Alaska, University of Kentucky Undergraduate in Business, Four years of Graduate School in Economics and Marketing at University of Kentucky and University of Iowa., Assistant Professor, Thirty years as Director of Marketing Firm developing and implementing national Marketing programs for manufacturers and now retired doing research and writing.

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Social Security and all other benefits for Americans will soon end if illegal invaders are allowed to remain in this country on any basis. Congress is voting to give them our benefits to increase the profits of criminal employers.