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By Andrew C. Wallace
September 26, 2007

You must know that the Elite are your number one enemy. Elites are above the law, as government officials they ignore our constitution and laws. Children of Elites do not serve in the military. In general they are parasites. Elites are those who control the Corporations through their stock and the stock of their Foundations. Most of the Elites inherited their wealth, many of them consider government to be their family business. These are the people who control both political parties, there is no real difference, they hold grass roots supporters in contempt, as they do all real Americans. Elites are supported by left leaning Fellow Travelers in media and academia. There are also a relatively few fellow travelers in churches. It is difficult to understand any support for the left by religious people since the left is noted for being secular and godless. There is nothing in the Bible to justify support of illegal invaders.

Elites are responsible for thousands of Americans being killed, raped, robbed and molested by millions of illegal invaders every year so that corporations and government officials can profit. Millions of Americans are unemployed because the invaders work for less. Taxpayers are paying for education, medical, housing and other social services. Every illegal head of household costs taxpayers about $20,000 a year more than they pay. This supports the extra profit of employers and represents a reduction in the wealth of this country. If invaders are allowed to remain it is all over, Social Security, Medicare, Veterans Benefits, and everything else will be gone. Forget your 401K, IRA, and Pension, they will all be gone because the dollar and your country will be gone. This is the result of treason for greed and power. Our dollar has lost about 50% in value in the last five years as compared to the benchmark of Gold. The dollar is now in free fall, and so is your standard of living.

As a boy during the great depression I have had the opportunity to learn much from observation and a modicum of education. It now takes two workers to support a household and many can't do it with two. Both political parties voted for NAFTA and the other trade agreements that have cost millions their jobs, and pensions. Both parties voted for nine guest worker programs. When your children either drop out, or graduate from high school or college they will find many jobs have been given to foreign born workers. Corporations are having their products made in other countries so Americans are unemployed. You can thank Elites who control the corporations that control your government officials. Elites go to Ivy League colleges few others can afford. About one third of Senators and 8 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices have Ivy League degrees, talk about a stacked deck.

Elites are actively engaged in Treason against the United States of America by supporting and assisting invaders and stealing our Sovereignty contrary to our Constitution and Laws. A majority of officials in all three branches of government, from both parties, refuse to do their sworn duty. The Elites control most of the wealth and media in this country, but they are greedy, arrogant and power mad, they want it all, they want a China. Americans are losing their country, jobs, benefits, freedom, security, and their very lives at the hands of ruthless invaders brought in by Elites. Americans have few options. If you fail to resist you can expect to die homeless, hungry and in pain. Thanks to the foresight of our founders, and in spite of constant efforts by Elites, Americans are the most heavily armed population in the world. Americans fought and died for this country and if they must, will do so again.

My purpose is not to advocate, but to inform and predict based on Economics and History. The policy being followed by Elites is very similar to what Hitler did in Germany. However, Elites are using illegal invaders in place of the SS, but dead is still dead. Students of History will also remember support given the Nazi government by forefathers of Elites in government, finance and industry. Many of the most noted forefathers were ruthless criminals. Elites would be wise to study results of the French revolution where the nobility had beliefs similar to theirs.

Elites use the large corporations which they control to force those government officials who are not elitists to do exactly what they want to increase their profits. Otherwise they will cut off their support and use their money and corporate owned media to drive them out of office.

Newspapers, TV and Cable are corporate owned and controlled by Elites. This Media refuses to publish most everything that is negative about illegal invaders or about the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP). The SPP is how the Elites are doing away with our Borders and Sovereignty. Failure of media to report all of the truth would have resulted in total ignorance of the people if it had not been for the internet, Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs and. Talk radio. Bill O'Reilly on Fox News does an outstanding job in promoting protection of children and prosecution of criminal illegal invaders but supports cheap labor by guest workers and illegals.

When the United States Senate defeated the Amnesty Bill, it was the first time in history of the Republic that American people got their way when the Elites wanted something else. I thought we won because Americans were strongly opposed, but I was told that most senators do not give a damn what we want, they only defeated the bill because they were scared to death.

The left wing is a continuum consisting of liberals, socialists, progressives, communists, Marxists and for lack of a better description, the far left. The far left wants total control and dictatorship.

There is an unholy alliance between the left and corporate Elites. There is no such thing as a large business or financial corporation that is patriotic, they have no loyalty to any country, nor do those who control them. Even our Founding Fathers knew this. How an honest liberal in the media, academia, or church could be involved with the others can only be due to self deception, and ignorance.

Black legislators gain corporate favor by supporting illegal invaders who are responsible for 40% of the unemployment of Blacks. I can see no difference between these legislators and the slavers who sold their own people into slavery. The same can be said for any politician who supports illegals.

After their Senate defeat Elites are determined to destroy America by passing Amnesty a little bit at a time. We need to teach them a lesson that they will not soon forget. First, we must tell every politician of both parties that we can. and will defeat them if they do not promise the following in writing:

  • All immigration into the United States for any reason to be Halted for 10 years.
  • NAFTA, CAFTA and other harmful trade agreements to be cancelled
  • SPP and all related plans to be unlawful with penalties
  • Return to Rule of Law and Constitution. Those in any branch of government who substitute their own judgment or opinion for letter of the law to be impeached or fired with penalties
  • All illegals to be deported on sight. Criminal illegals to serve prison time first.
  • Children born in this country will not be given citizenship unless one parent is a citizen or legal permanent resident proven by DNA.
  • Americans must be protected at all costs by closing the borders even if the use of deadly force is required. There are to be no excuses. Any official who impedes this effort in any way is guilty of a crime.
  • English is to be the official language and no other language is to be used on ballots, in schools or by government. No business can require an employee to speak a language other than English. Large corporations should only use English on the phone and in retail outlets.
  • No illegal is to be given any government services.
  • Employers of illegals to be prosecuted and held financially responsible for any harm done to citizens by illegal invader employees.
  • Officials who protect illegals from deportation will be guilty of a crime and personally responsible for any damage done to citizens. Sanctuary governments to lose all federal funding.

People must know that a viable service based economy is impossible, you must have manufacturing. This country has many problems of an Economic nature that must be solved, but none of them can be fixed unless most of the officials in our government honor their oaths of office and end the illegal invader problem and the sovereignty issue of the SPP et al. Terrorists may kill thousands of Americans, but Elites with their invaders and SPP are the enemy that can destroy us.

If we can't prevail on officials in the federal government to protect us as specified in our Constitution then we should be able to rely on the Constitutional State Militias to protect us as outlined by Dr. Edwin Vieira in NewsWithViews. But, the Militias do not exist leaving citizens with only the constitutional right to self defense.

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It is my fervent prayer that we defeat the Elites, illegals and SPP under the Rule of Law before the American people feel the full impact and react to the killing, poverty, crime, loss and destruction brought on by Elites. This would result in a pyrrhic victory after the death of many Americans and most Elites. Before this issue is resolved I would expect some isolated and serous bloodletting in poor and middle class areas that could escalate. If anyone doubts what I have said they should visit one of these areas in a sanctuary city, provided they are legally well armed. Those who want more detailed information on this subject can find all you need by other writers for NewsWithViews.

� 2007 Andrew Wallace - All Rights Reserved

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Andrew C. Wallace is a former Kentucky State Trooper, Kentucky Native, Korean War Veteran, Commercial Pilot in Alaska, University of Kentucky Undergraduate in Business, Four years of Graduate School in Economics and Marketing at University of Kentucky and University of Iowa., Assistant Professor, Thirty years as Director of Marketing Firm developing and implementing national Marketing programs for manufacturers and now retired doing research and writing.

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People must know that a viable service based economy is impossible, you must have manufacturing.