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By Marsha West

September 1, 2007

Whether or not the allegations against Sen. Larry Craig are true, the fact remains that any man who solicits anonymous sex in a public restroom, or a public park, or a "gay" bathhouse is a pervert. If Larry Craig did what he's being accused of, he's a perv.

Remember former New Jersey Governor, Jim McGreevy? While McGreevey was governor he had an affair with a male employee, which prompted his admission on national television that he was a "gay American." But long before his adulterous affair with a man came to light, McGreevey was cruising for sex at truck stops. Jim McGreevey is a perv.

Openly "gay" singer George Michael was arrested for "lewd conduct" in a public toilet in a Beverly Hills park. George Michael is a perv.

According to an ABC News report, "Public places like men's restrooms, in airports and train stations, truck stops, university libraries and parks, have long been places where gay and bisexual men, particularly those in the closet, congregate in order to meet for anonymous sex." The report goes on to describe how these guys make contact, "Tapping of the foot is pretty standard for men who cruise in toilets," said Keith Griffith, owner of [enter at your own risk], a Web site on which visitors post locations popular with men looking for anonymous sex."[1]

Warning: These perverts just might decide to cruise a public restroom at your local Good Guys or your corner Taco Bell. As we just learned, even university libraries are not safe from sexual deviates. Better keep a close eye on the kids, moms and dads!

Image going to the john in an airport, only to discover a couple of homosexuals having sex in the stall next to you! The excuses offered for this detestable behavior are laughable. Gershen Kaufman, a professor emeritus of psychology at Michigan State University offers this doozy: "Cruisers are not sex offenders. They are deeply, deeply closeted. There is a lot of self-hatred and shame and they can't allow themselves to come to terms with their sexuality." I'm sorry, but I find his justification for their behavior disturbing. It's hard to pity perverts. Prof. Kaufman then asserts, "There is also the added element of danger and being discovered." What it's really all about is the element of danger. Pervs could care less about traumatizing kids � or offending adults. What they really want is to get away with it.

So the next time you take little Johnny to a public lavatory consider what could be lurking behind the closed door of the stall. Self-professed expert on cruising Keith Griffith informs us that cruisers "will usually go to the stall at the far end of the strip of toilets. They will see each other and usually decide to go someplace else. The vast majority have no interest in being seen. They may be meeting in public locations, but they will be as discreet as possible." Thank God for small favors!

People of faith should not accept the "to each his own" excuse liberals toss out to justify immoral behavior. Anyone who would cruise a public place to engage in anonymous sex is demented!

On a "Gay Life" poll conducted at [enter at your own risk], the question was asked of "gays": Do you have sex in public places?

Here are the results:
Always - 284
Almost always -188
Sometimes - 1292
Rarely - 990
Never - 1315

Only 32% of "gays" who took the poll said "Never."

What in this lifestyle encourages homosexuals to do these sorts of perverted things? For those who say that having sex with a faceless stranger in a public toilet isn't perverted, then what is?

Not only is anonymous sex perverted, it's dangerous, even suicidal! Cruisers have no way of knowing what kinds of diseases the person they're "accommodating" could be carrying. The really scary fact is that it is estimated that between 8-10% of gay males are currently H.I.V. positive. And guess what? H.I.V. among Men who have sex with men (MSM) is on the rise.

Here's something that's even scarier. A new AIDS study conducted by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta found that many young "gay" and bisexual men in the U.S. were unaware that they have the virus.[2] (The spread of H.I.V in the U.S. is disproportionately high among African Americans. More than half of new H.I.V. infections occur among blacks.)

Cruisers have a HUGE risk of contracting AIDS, hepatitis A and B, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes simplex, genital warts and many more disturbing conditions. Moreover, the latest STD to strike homosexuals and bisexuals is lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV), a variety of the Chlamydia trachomatis bacterium, which is an "ongoing epidemic with men who have sex with men (MSM) in Europe, the United Kingdom and North America."[3] (If you want to know more about the conditions that may be encountered in homosexual men, go to the link provided at the end of this article).[4]

Regarding Sen. Craig's recklessness behavior, which is the point of this piece, some conservatives are arguing that Bill Clinton committed adultery, defiled the oval office, lied under oath and remained in office. They bring up the names of Sen. Ted Kennedy, Rep. Barney Frank, Rep. Gerry Studs and other devious Democrats who were involved in dastardly deeds yet refused to resign, and still represent the people. The public expects immoral behavior from liberals! Everyone knows that liberals have a different set of moral standards than conservatives do. For one thing, most liberals are secular humanists, hence they're not big on biblical morality. Liberals hold that the state has the right to force citizens to accept what is contrary to their religious conscience. (This includes the Christian belief that homosexuality is immoral.)

Now, Sen. Craig is supposedly a staunch conservative. As such, he believes what the majority of conservatives believe, which is that the family is the backbone of a healthy society. Conservatives hold that traditional (biblical) morality is the best protection against societal evils. And, "Conservatives believe that traditional morality serves as the best protection against the ills that plague society. The government should encourage policies that promote morality and discourage immorality. Personal freedom demands personal responsibility, and liberty is no excuse for irresponsible behavior."[5]

In June 2007, Larry Craig pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct. He received a ten day suspended sentence, was fined $500 and was given one-year probation. Two months later he says he is innocent of the charges against him. From all the reports I've read, it would appear that Sen. Craig refuses to take personal responsibility for his actions. If the police report is correct, and there's no reason to believe it isn't, the man has shown irresponsible, even deviant, behavior. Therefore, Republican Senate leaders were forced to remove him as the ranking Republican on the Veterans Affairs Committee.

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Sen. Craig has destroyed his credibility. He has shown himself to be unworthy of the high office he holds so he must step aside. Larry Craig has no business representing Idahoans, or anyone else.

"The spiritual man makes judgments about all things" (1 Cor. 2:15).


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Sen. Craig has destroyed his credibility. He has shown himself to be unworthy of the high office he holds so he must step aside. Larry Craig has no business representing Idahoans, or anyone else.