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Derry Brownfield
November 19, 2003

In my story titled NARCO TERRORISM I commented on the unconstitutional plan being drafted by Senator Orrin Hatch called "VICTORY ACT." This article will bring you up to date on how the Bush Administration's Justice Department is trying to brainwash us into giving up more of our freedoms for a secure place to live. As more and more Americans are studying the Constitution, they become aware that our freedom and liberties are under attack, not by foreign terrorists but from within. So far over 150 countries, cities and towns, along with at least three states have passed resolutions protecting their citizens from the Patriot Act. Some of those resolutions go so far as to ban their law enforcement officials from cooperating with federal agencies operating under the Patriot Act. Since the major news media is totally quiet concerning the freedoms we lost with the passage of the Patriot Act, let me refresh your memory.

The government may monitor religious and political institutions without suspecting criminal activity. The government has closed once-public immigration hearings and has secretly detained hundreds of people without charges. The government may now prosecute librarians or keepers of any other records if they tell anyone that the government subpoenaed information related to a terror investigation. The government may monitor conversations between attorneys and clients and deny lawyers to American citizens accused of crimes. The government may search and seize American citizens indefinitely without a trial. Americans may be jailed without being charged or being able to confront witnesses against them.

Knowing what the Patriot Bill allows the government to do and how this piece of legislation destroys the Constitution and our Bill of Rights, it is understandable that there is now a campaign to amend this atrocious attack upon our freedoms. Idaho Representative Butch Otter is one of the few Republicans who voted against the Patriot Act when it was passed. He told Newsweek that he is "mightily concerned about the Patriot Act when the Department of Justice warns anti-abortion groups that abortion protesters could be targeted as "domestic terrorists." Congressman Bernard Sanders is an Independent from Vermont and says, "Attorney General Ashcroft is blatantly misleading the public." Sanders has offered legislation to amend the Patriot Act, and as this publication goes to press he has 117 bipartisan co-sponsors.

These moves by the true patriots in America have the Bush Administration and the Justice Department on the defensive. The Justice Department sent a memo to federal prosecutors asking them to lobby members of Congress to oppose revisions to the Patriot Act. Ashcroft is also visiting eighteen cities to explain how Americans must give up their freedoms if they expect the federal government to keep them safe from terrorists. What I have learned about these meetings, is that they are closed to the general public and almost entirely comprised of law enforcement personnel. Justice officials say that Sander, Otter and other critics of the Patriot Act grotesquely distort the dangers of the law.

Norman D. Livergood ( has written an article titled "Ashcroft's Dog and Pony Show." Livergood says, "Communities all over America are sponsoring protests against Ashcroft's side show. All Americans need to understand that not only must Patriot Act I be rescinded but that we must reject outright the new fascistic Patriot Act II (Freedom Act) being pushed by Ashcroft and the Bush II junta."

Benjamin Franklin once said, "Those willing to give up a little liberty for a little security deserve neither security nor liberty."

� 2003 Derry Brownfield - All Rights Reserved

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Derry Brownfield was born in 1932 and grew up during the depression. He is a farmer and a broadcaster. Derry attended the College of Agriculture at the University of Missouri where he received his B.S. and M.S. degrees. He taught Vocational Agriculture several years before going to work as a Marketing Specialist with the Missouri Department of Agriculture. Derry served as Director of the Kansas City Livestock Market Foundation at the Kansas City Stockyard prior to establishing himself in farm broadcasting.

Derry started farming when he was 16 years old and received the Future Farmers of America State Farmer degree in 1949. Since that time the Brownfield Farm has grown to over 1000 acres maintaining a herd of 200 registered Charolias cows.

In 1972, Derry and his partner established the Brownfield Network which now serves 250 radio stations throughout the Midwest with news and market information. In 1994, Derry started his own syndicated radio talk show and he is one of the most popular radio talk show hosts in America. The Derry Brownfield Show can be heard on approximately 80 radio stations in 23 states. With his entertaining sense of humor and witty commentary he has captured audiences for over 30 years. His ability to present an informative talk show while being light and colorful is why he has a large loyal listening audience.

Derry Brownfield is a practical farmer, a practical business man and a very entertaining speaker. He travels extensively throughout the country speaking about his common-sense point of view. Web Site:








"The government may monitor religious and political institutions without suspecting criminal activity. The government has closed once-public immigration hearings and has secretly detained hundreds of people without charges."