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Derry Brownfield
July 6, 2006

I try to instill in my listeners (the Derry Brownfield Radio Show) on a daily basis that the United States is no longer a sovereign nation. Practically everything that happens here, be it the Patriot Act -- National ID -- Sustainable Communities -- Gun Control -- or a host of other programs and projects that destroy our God-given freedom is happening in Australia. The European Union, New Zealand and in most of the free world. It is because these nations are linked together in a global economic ambush, by global corporations, the World Bank and the World Trade Organization. Animal identification is being forced upon us because of documents our officials have signed tying us to certain international alliances.

Doreen Hannes ( has written a white paper proving that Animal Identification was spawned by international entanglements. This article will quote some of the highlights of her paper.

The players involved in the National Identification System (NAIS) are varied. The world Trade Organization (WTO) reached an agreement among participating countries several years ago in Uruguay called the Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) and Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) agreements. The SPS agrees that each member country can make regulations that must be met by other member countries in order to TRADE IN AGRICULTURAL GOODS with each other. These regulations must be in the interest of the country making the regulations to protect that country from disease, pests, or perceived health dangers. The TBT says developed countries must help less developed countries advance technologically in order to trade with other member countries.

The OIE is a World Animal Health Organization similar to our USDA but on a global basis. The OIE is independent of the United Nations but works closely with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Codex Alimentarius, both of which are tied to the United Nations. Codex may be compared to our Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on a global basis. The United States has membership in both the OIE and the UN which puts us under the control of Codex. The OIE has authority over all member nations' veterinary services. The OIE has a publication available on line called the Terrestrial Animal Health Standards commission (TAHSC) which contains information regarding (traceability product tracing and Codex standards).

Page 41 of the TAHSC states there is a critical relationship between animal identification and the traceability of animal products. Animal Identification and traceability are key tools for animal health and food safety. TAHSC relates to vaccination programs, herd and flock management, zoning, surveillance, early response, and animal movement and health measures in order to facilitate trade. A quote from page 41, "the competent Authority in partnership with relevant government agencies and the private sector should establish a legal framework for the IMPLEMENTATION AND ENFORCEMENT OF ANIMAL IDENTIFICATION AND ANIMAL TRACEABILITY in the country." The European Union declares that their animal identification requirements are in line with both Codex and the OIE.

Remember - the United States has signed documents with these member nations so we also are a member. As a member we must harmonize if we are to trade in agricultural goods. What if the United States refuses to implement a program of Animal Identification? World Trade Organization documents regarding the SPS and the TBT recommend disputes be mediated by the OIE or Codex.

It is plain and simple - this dictate is coming directly from the OIE - (world animal health organization) which is an off-shoot of the United Nation's Food and Agricultural Organization, and since the United States has signed documents creating membership in these foreign alliances, the US is obligated to create an Animal Identification program.

This is exactly what George Washington warned us against in 1796 when he gave his farewell address. Washington told us to "STEER CLEAR OF PERMANENT ALLIANCES WITH ANY PORTION OF THE FOREIGN WORLD." Thomas Jefferson stated during his 1801 Inaugural address, "ENTANGLING ALLIANCES WITH NONE." Our national leaders have forgotten American History and have us so entangled in foreign alliances that the noose is tightening around our economic neck and choking the life out of our sovereignty.

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Doreen writes, "It is abundantly clear that through these international entanglements our officials are both legislating and regulating our God=Given and constitutionally guaranteed rights away in the name of international trade and globalization. These officials have agreed to implement a plan that is destructive to our nation's existence as well as our freedom to feed ourselves without intense surveillance. Is our freedom for sale in the global market? Is selling beef to Japan important enough to throw our Constitution and our children's future into the trash can? Can we not support ourselves agriculturally with the excellent controls we already have in place?"

� 2006 Derry Brownfield - All Rights Reserved

Derry Brownfield was born in 1932 and grew up during the depression. He is a farmer and a broadcaster. Derry attended the College of Agriculture at the University of Missouri where he received his B.S. and M.S. degrees. He taught Vocational Agriculture several years before going to work as a Marketing Specialist with the Missouri Department of Agriculture. Derry served as Director of the Kansas City Livestock Market Foundation at the Kansas City Stockyard prior to establishing himself in farm broadcasting.

Derry started farming when he was 16 years old and received the Future Farmers of America State Farmer degree in 1949. Since that time the Brownfield Farm has grown to over 1000 acres maintaining a herd of 200 registered Charolias cows.

In 1972, Derry and his partner established the Brownfield Network which now serves 250 radio stations throughout the Midwest with news and market information. In 1994, Derry started his own syndicated radio talk show and he is one of the most popular radio talk show hosts in America. The Derry Brownfield Show can be heard on approximately 80 radio stations in 23 states. With his entertaining sense of humor and witty commentary he has captured audiences for over 30 years. His ability to present an informative talk show while being light and colorful is why he has a large loyal listening audience.

Derry Brownfield is a practical farmer, a practical business man and a very entertaining speaker. He travels extensively throughout the country speaking about his common-sense point of view.

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The OIE is a World Animal Health Organization similar to our USDA but on a global basis. The OIE is independent of the United Nations but works closely with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Codex Alimentarius, both of which are tied to the United Nations.