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By Linda Harvey

    As the mother of two teenagers, my heart sank recently when I learned of another new twist in the seemingly infinite ways to assault our kids. Some schools now post pink triangles on classrooms they have designated as "safe" for homosexual-sex questions. Students who ask questions in these "safe" places are then linked up with gay activist groups outside the school. And this happens without any call to the student's home, to warn a parent their precious child is about to jump off a cliff.

    So, when I read that the most powerful lobbying machine in our country, the National Education Association, will meet next week in Los Angeles and vote on a sweeping set of measures to fast-track homosexuality even more swiftly into our nation's schools, I feel at the end of my rope. Isn't there anyone who has any sense anymore? Where are teachers with courage, principle and honor? Where are school board members who can see where this is leading? Surely, someone will listen and understand why I plead with the NEA and all the other purveyors of depravity, to let our children go.

    For too long, those we entrust with our childrens' minds have held that trust as a secondary priority. The first is themselves. A teachers' union? Why? In America of 2001, where are those terrible working conditions that require this? When I was a teacher in the '70s, the principal stopped by my class after school one day – I hadn't yet joined the Ohio Education Association, and he gently but firmly urged me to do so. The whole idea offended me yet, I must confess, I relented. The pressure was subtle, but clear: This is what you do if you want to be a team player.

    With a little more maturity, I now define success differently. I wish I had been braver then. Now, the stakes are far higher. How can people who care about children pay money to a group that is so eager to corrupt them, to steal their innocence? And all the while they use nicey-nice words like "diversity," "support," and that most manipulative of terms, "safety." I now have my own idea of safety. Our youth and our communities will be safer if you, NEA, let our children go.

    Whole days are devoted to honoring homosexual sex practices, but in some schools, Mother's Day is being shelved. Students in classrooms all across this country are fed up with the endless, stupid promotion of obviously unnatural and gross acts, but those who speak out are often intimidated into silence by an NEA member. Kids get tired of public shame and ridicule just like anyone else. A teacher's hostility is perfectly acceptable in such cases, though, because as one left-wing organization's ad said several years back, "It's OK to hate hate." Once others' cherished beliefs have been defined as "hate," then no amount of fact-finding can convince the brainwashed to do other than look upon you as sub-human when they take the time to notice, just before or after the lesson on the Holocaust. Maybe our schools need fewer pink triangles and more mirrors for the faculty lounges. In any case, the Gestapo needs to let our children go.

    Some will feel I am too harsh. Not all teachers are like that, they will say – and I agree. I know of fine teachers who are being subjected to the same ridicule, who have themselves been silenced, who are being threatened with loss of their jobs on a daily basis. Yet, I wonder how many of these teachers are still NEA members. It's not that my own past sins can absolve me, but we need to start somewhere, folks. Let there be peace on earth – and truth and sanity and virtue – and let it begin with me. Let all our teachers out there hear me when I plead with them to stand up, and to do it now. And to the powerbrokers of pseudo-knowledge, the petty minds of sexual fascism out there, I say: Let our teachers go.

    We have heard claims by promoters of perversion that some of our students are committing suicide over this issue. And if this is happening, it's truly a national tragedy. The solution, though, is not to send them with scrubbed faces and packed lunch boxes off to the next sodomy lesson. The solution is to get to the root of what's going on with these unhappy, misguided kids. Something must be very wrong when someone wants to do things that their bodies are not suited for. If we want our babies to grow up to be natural men and women – and not surgically-altered robots – then we will rise up as parents and demand that the psychological profession get its act together. To the close-minded school counselors who believe it is actually harmful to steer children toward heterosexuality, we say: Let our children go.

    There's only so much time, so why are schools spending precious days and hours on social experiments? What crazed education researcher could possibly believe that teaching children to accept homosexual-sex acts is more important than learning about the U.S. Constitution? Or about Renaissance architecture? Or even how to spell "m-a-r-r-i-a-g-e?" To those who believe our heritage is pointless and that children must be trained to rebel, I say: Let our children go.

    If you do not, expect a mass exodus from the public schools. You see, most parents aren't activists – most will simply quietly withdraw their children and enroll them in a private school, or they will home school. They will go to a place where the education still makes sense, or they will create such places if they don't exist. But if you, all-powerful NEA, use your considerable leverage among politicians to make it difficult to escape these policies, where there seems to be no place to turn, then you will see parents and grandparents take to the streets. They will suddenly rise up, and eject school board members who allowed these atrocities to happen. They will fire superintendents and principals who followed the Party line. They will withhold their taxes.

    Because you are toying with the most basic instinct known to mankind: The instinct to protect our young. Go ahead and continue to run under the radar if you like, but when the truth comes out, you will fall. You will change – or you will fall.

Let our children go!


Linda Harvey has written for USA Today, the Columbus Dispatch, and National Liberty Journal. In 1995, she founded Mission: America, a non-profit organization whose objective is to equip Christians with current, accurate information about cultural issues such as feminism, homosexuality, education and New Age influences. As editor of the organization’s quarterly newsletter, Choice 4 Truth, and two companion web sites, Mrs. Harvey is in regular contact with national Christian leaders dealing with headline-making issues. She has contributed to materials published by Focus on the Family and is interviewed regularly on radio and television programs across America.