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By Al Benson


My wife and I were in Wisconsin last weekend for a Son's of Confederate Veterans dinner. On Sunday morning before we started for home, I happened to see a copy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Usually when we are out of town, I try to look at the local papers where we are to get a feel for what is going on in that area.

The article that caught my eye on the paper's front page was one about funding for government schools in Wisconsin. The article said: "State funding for public schools - which consumes by far the biggest slice of state tax money - will not be cut under the budget proposal Gov. Scott McCallum is preparing to send to the legislature." Even though there is a projected $1.1 billion state budget shortfall, the governor has basically left government school funding untouched. And he is on record for saying the state's economic vitality hinges on 'quality schools.' I found that rather interesting in light of the headline right next to this article on the front page of the Journal Sentinel. That headline said: "State's spending binge gives taxpayers a hangover."

Wisconsin, like most states, has suffered from recession and struggled economically, especially since September 11th of last year. Anyone even superficially keeping tabs on the economy recently has to have noted the big companies that are going under, and the other big companies that are managing to stay afloat only by laying off thousands of workers around the country. With everything else suffering, funding for the government's schools can not be reduced - that must remain solidly in place, and even increased, if the politicians can find some way of doing it without being lynched by irate taxpayers.

Some may wonder, with all the other cutbacks, why the government schools are permitted to carry on like 'gangbusters' with no corresponding reductions in their budgets. Although the naive may not grasp it, there is one prime reason for this - the government schools do not [and have not ever] existed to educate. They exist to indoctrinate, to subtly prepare their students to be good little consumers and willing participants in the coming New World Order. If you doubt that, I would challenge you to read some of the 'history' books being used to perform educational lobotomies on government school students.

Further, should you care to do more homework, you can go back and read some biographies of some of the early-day founders of government education in this country. For instance, there are: Horace Mann, the Unitarian; Robert Owen the socialist; Robert Dale Owen, the atheist who later converted to Spiritualism; and Amos Bronson Alcott, the 'meandering Transcendentalist' who was a big fan of John Brown the Abolitionist/terrorist of Harpers Ferry, Virginia fame. These men, and others of their ilk, were all prime movers in promoting government education in its early days. As early as 1813, Robert Owen wrote: "It follows that every state, to be well governed, ought to direct its chief attention to the formation of character, and that the best governed state will be that which shall possess the best system of national education." What Owen stated almost 200 years ago now, is exactly what the government schools in this country have been doing since their inception--interfering in the home and family life in their attempt to form characteristics and a mindset in their students that will be acceptable to the state.

Needless to say, this is not one of the legitimate functions of constitutional government in this country and the idea of the government forming the national mindset via 'education' is hardly scriptural. In Holy Writ, the family is the building block of all society - not the state's education system - yet the state has usurped that power, and most families, because they have purposely been educated in ignorance in their government school days, willingly go along with it, knowing no better.

It galls me no end to hear Christians defending the 'conservative' government school systems in their locality and telling people they should put their children into it. I have several Christian friends that are or have been public school teachers, and even though they work in that system, they realize what it is, and none of them defends it uncritically. They attempt to educate children committed to their charge in spite of the system, not because of it.

There are many parents in this country that realize how bad the government schools are, and they remove their children from them and attempt to teach them at home - a noble effort, and something more should be doing - yet some of them, having been 'educated' in government schools themselves, lack the capacity to give their children more than they received - and that lack is by design, not accident. The government school system wants no competition and it wants no families out there with strong Christian convictions that will teach their children to think independently. That is a no-no! Those who learn to think might question - and if enough think and question, the government's brain laundries might be in danger of losing their influence on society. Years ago, a columnist I read stated that the government schools are little more than an experiment in state socialism. I totally agree with him. Unfortunately, until more Christians learn the truth, we will continue to wallow in the state-designed morass we are in - and we will continue to pay through the nose for doing it.  

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