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By Pamela Gaston

August 18, 2001

In Oregon, meetings were held in 1989, called; "Oregon Agenda for the Children and Families" At these meetings of agency and government interests, plans were designed for a comprehensive mechanism to assess and control the lives of every Oregonian, and derive as much interest�(Money) for the state as possible while enforcing this agenda.�

From these meetings came "Oregon Shines; Benchmarks Goals"; "Goals 2000"; "Justice 2020" and "Small World Courts" and the theme of "Community Policing".�Policies were created to implement these "goals" for every Oregonian, most of which are now encoded in the statutory scheme currently enforced in Oregon.���������

The main agenda of these meetings was Commissions on Children and Families, and how to use these state agencies to implement a socialist, global agenda and force it on Oregonians, or their children would be removed from their families. The theme of the meetings was "Parents Patrie" or "The STATE is the Parent" of the child, and the biological parents get in the way of enforcing the "new culture" on the children.

The legislature, courts and agencies have created a non constitutional system called "Justice 2020" (look it up on a search engine !) "Courts of Mediation and Arbitration" wherein there is no Bill of Rights, nor is anyone charged with a crime for the STATE to come in and take your children. Only an anonymous phone call, sometimes made by caseworkers themselves to entrap people whom they are targeting.�

One goal stated in the Benchmarks Goals says "by the year 2010 there will be no more children living in poverty in the state of Oregon"......sounds innocent enough, and deceptive like every other "goal". What is not stated is that children are already being removed from their families for "failure to provide" which means you are poor and refuse "services" and "databases" and therefore are assessed to be "uncooperative" and that is another risk factor in itself to take your children.�

The Support Enforcement facade is another main part of the "funding streams" the agencies feed on. We heard testimony in the Oregon Law Commission that 80% of the support enforcement cases is money being taken from parents whose children have been removed from their families, not at all what people think that this is divorced people paying child support.

Through the use of the Support Enforcement fraud, most of the Fathers are victimized and have lost their licenses to drive and hold a job with the state constantly garnishing their paychecks, or they simply cannot keep up and they end up in jail in the Kevin Mannix (former Oregon legislator now running for governor) private independent prison industries in Oregon to work for the state. These are China Policies being enacted already.�

The first goal of the child services agency is to make a family they have targeted "welfare qualifying". They do not have to be ON welfare, only qualifying, for the state to get federal matching funds to steal children from their families without a crime. Most instances, this means getting the man out of the house, ordering the mother make him move out by accusing him of being a sex abuser. ALL the men are labeled sex abusers and the women labeled by forced interviews with state doctors as mentally unstable.�

This forces completely innocent but terrified families to go to absurd and expensive lengths to comply, setting up two households, for example, on the orders of the caseworkers, when the family may have had minimal income together, now will be destitute trying to comply to get their children back. Then they are also hit with the "Support Enforcement" for the State and recently the Law Commission hearings the testimony of the legislators was that parents should have to pay, and even at the very first hearing, and they are working on "streamlining the process" to render the families more readily.

These are the practiced and polished methods of deception being used by trained agents whose only "interest" is how much can the state make and profit and limit state liability. This is all completely intentional, and the abuse within the agency and foster homes is routinely covered up - only when there is a body they have to account for will you hear of the crimes in the foster homes. Your child is worth $100,000.00 minimally in compelled contracts for the state, even if the child is later returned along with enforced involuntary service agreements, and the agency calls our children the "commodity" for the "federal funding resources streams". They have built a for profit child abuse industry and this requires abused children in order to make a profit, the only real agenda happening.

The agency abuses the children routinely, even the act of removing them. The practice of the state is to immediately take the children, traumatized from being ripped from their homes, and laying them out screaming among strangers, police, male and female caseworkers, naked and sexually abusing them by often homosexual "counselors", often not in any clinical setting or in the foster homes. These practices are common, and now evidence has been exposed that the pornography and black market child selling is also being run by the state public servant criminals and pedophiles through the foster homes, institutions and state schools.�

Just like in Nazi Germany, this is all about money, power, sex and perversion. The "in-your-face" agenda off lesbians ordering the parents around is another aspect of what the families have to deal with once assessed by a state agent. The man hating "counselors" fill the women's shelters, and the District Attorney "women's domestic violence shelters', ready to fill out the paperwork to incriminate the man in the family without a hearing for him to defend against it. Frequently, men come home from work to find they have been "restrained" by a district attorney without crime or evidence of a crime, without a hearing, cannot go into their own homes, are arrested for attempting to see their wives or children under broadened stalking ordinances, cannot even write to their children or call them. Again, legislator Mannix "broadened the scope" of the stalking "ordinances" to criminalize, demonize and destroy increasing numbers of families. And since the District Attorneys run the courts with their judge bar member brothers, there is no redress against their schemes in a court.�

The entire "abuse" and "crime victims rights" legislation is deceptively written to compel contracts and to work together with the child services and other agencies, using shared databases to generate income and interest for the state. These are money circulating machines, nothing more, with the only "interest" being the corporate profit margins. In the domestic violence legislation, there is language most people do not realize, that in these programs it is specifically related to protecting lesbians abuse of same sex partners. Again, the big deception is that "domestic violence" means a man brutalizing a woman, but this is not where the money is being made. These intentionally vaguely worded programs are never what they purport to be, as the money is siphoned off from the public teat. They are without exception exploited for the corporate agenda.

No statutes or rules are ever made with the rights of the people as any part of the agenda. The rights of families are non existent in the courts that have been created. These are not courts, but agency tribunals. The word "attorn" literally means to turn over the property to the state (king)" and attorneys are given juvenile cases by the bulk rate. The bar has members in every branch and agency and major media boards, and has been influencing the "law" making for many generations perfecting a District Attorney Paradise where the state owns everything and Sovereigns are all enslaved. You either have a right or a privilege, not both. You are either a sovereign, a KING, or a slave who has to ask permission or be punished if you "break" someone else's rule, punished criminally having committed no crime nor charged with any crime (requires a HUMAN injured party). The CORPORATE STATE is NOT a Sovereign Natural Person with Inherent Rights for whom the Bill of Rights was written to protect.

We are restoring Courts of Justice now, and family issues must be handled within families as they have since the beginning of time. That is until now, that the state gives itself the unlawful authority to intervene based on "risk factors" and "probabilities" which place every person at severe risk of state abuse.�

The main thrust of the current regime is to implement the Oregon Children's Plan, for which the People have charged this government under John Kitzhaber with treason for such horrific oppression against Oregon families.

We have to say no to unjust rules, unfaithful public servants and outlaw judges. Article 1, Sec 1, all authority is inherent in People, Oregon Constitution, but it is up to Sovereigns to exercise their Inherent Rights.

These policies are global now, we watched the results of the l989 meetings entrenched in Oregon, then l995 we saw these policies and "new" court systems and programs go national, and in l999 we watched the "International Court of Rome" come into being based on the model of the small world courts perfected in the outlaying counties in Oregon. The people have been massively deceived, and allowed an unaccountable government to usurp our Constitution for a Corporate Socialist global interest. We are at the eleventh hour, as they are moving aggressively at this time to implement this control machine in the courts and agencies as the people are waking up to the serious nature of the deprivations of rights being enacted against Freeborn Natural Persons. No one is going to come in and do this for us. It is our RIGHT and our RESPONSIBILITY and OBLIGATION and DUTY to "throw off, alter or abolish" a government that becomes tyrannical and usurps our Sovereignty.�

Your children and posterity do not stand a chance if this agenda is not halted immediately, and it is in every state. We have to preserve state rights against this global agenda, encourage other states and countries also to create protections based on our Bill of Rights, not a corporate charter. If there is to be a "International Court of Rome" then it must become Constitutional, not statutory. We cannot allow this destruction to go any further, nor allow public servants to be unaccountable. The main problems are no prosecution and no remedy or due course of Law for the families who are "attached" by the vulturous "outreach" programs. The prosecutors and the Justice Dept. In Oregon are openly protecting crimes of public servants and officials, so who will prosecute a criminal public servant? The prosecutors are on the lawsuits, and are criminally and openly engaging in crimes against the Public Trust and the People, yet how does the prosecutor prosecute himself?

The answer is he doesn't. WE DO. We are now forming lawful assemblies as common law juries and exercising our rights to bring forth remedy that is being denied to us. The door is open now and all that is necessary is for more people to become aware of the true nature of the issues, that the state influenced media is not reporting.�

We have to come out now, an Ecclesia. In Greece, when a government became tyrannical, they held an Ecclesia. Those who wanted the current government stayed within the walls of the city, those who wanted a new government went outside the walls. If there were more who went outside, there was a new government formed.�

This is what we have to do today. Realize the systems that we were brought up to trust have been perverted and now must be restored with a bright light of the Public Knowledge. It has been entrenched in silence and deception, and cannot move forward with everyone watching. These databases must be stopped and we have to return to things that are REAL - Inherent Rights are REAL - Sui Juris, "In my own jurisdiction", Sovereign, innocent until proven guilty of a CRIME. As is your God given, not legislatively derived, RIGHTS go, you eat your own food, you make your own choices and you bear and raise your own children as you see fit with NO government interference at all. REAL money, REAL accountability from public servants who have no right to oppose us as an army every time we move or live our lives, enslaved and restricted.�

It is time to set a new standard in Oregon, that will be a model not for the Pioneer Police State as is the corporate agenda, but a new Pristine Government in America, and a return to the intent of the protections of our inherent Rights.�

As our friend Bill Mayhar says "you have rights you never dreamed of with this Bill of Rights". No other country in the world has this foundation to stand on - do not let it erode any further. If a "rule" is unconstitutional it is null and void and unenforceable. Do not compromise with the corporate beast and its rules anymore - SAY NO - under REAL LAW only if you have committed a CRIME can the government even talk to you. We are behind Alice's looking glass now, and court is the Mad Hatters Tea Party. There are no rules, no rights and no Law at this time for Sovereigns. Only the money has rights in these courts, literally, this insanity enforced by the money priests across the globe, the agents of the International Bar.

"Shout from the roof tops what I whisper in your ear" the Good Book says. That is all that is left now, as the corrupted system has now been exposed publicly, it is fragmenting in the light. The only place this facade of "authority" exists now is in the minds of the people who fear it. Everything that has been taken from us is standing unguarded at this time. Yes, they have the guns and the money, but when confronted they know that the system is a LIE and when challenged there is nothing there. Together we push this putrid generation into the fires of hell from which it came, and restore a new theme of FREEDOM in the united States of America.

� 2001 - All Rights Reserved

Pamela Gaston is a political activists and a pit bull with lock jaw when it comes to exposing corruption in child services and the courts.  Author of Sui Juris book. Her web site is: Her E-Mail is: [email protected]








"The first goal of the child services agency is to make a family they have targeted "welfare qualifying". They do not have to be ON welfare, only qualifying, for the state to get federal matching funds to steal children from their families without a crime"