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By Hans Zeiger

July 2, 2003

The American family is dying a terrible death while in a coma on pain-killers. On Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that sodomy is a right. The way things are going, it looks like the family is sleeping through this one and just might wake up when homosexual marriage is legalized, when the Boy Scouts are destroyed, when our churches are filled with homosexual pastors and priests, and when there�s two condoms in every pocket and a porn shop on every corner.

Justice Scalia was correct when he said that the Supreme Court has taken sides in the culture war. June 26, 2003 was the day that moral relativism invaded the family home with the full force of judicial law.

The Court eked out yet another fourteenth amendment privacy argument to legitimize the collapse of morality. Does the fourteenth amendment to the constitution protect a right to murder in private, to steal in private, or to break the speed limit when the state patrol isn�t looking? It is truly disgusting that the majority opinion applied sentimental words about our sacred constitution to describe its decision: "persons in every generation can invoke its principles in their own search for greater freedom."

In this generation, the radical Left is about to put the shackles of moral slavery around both the constitution and the American family.

I don�t mean to be pessimistic - though this is a departure from my usually bright optimism � I mean to say that time is running out to bring traditional family values back to Main Street USA. In a time of sissified ultra-tolerance, Americans who care about our future must counter-attack aggressively. Because the radical Left just cranked the homosexual agenda up to double speed through the intersection of truth and injustice, and the American family hasn�t even plugged in the stoplight yet.

Minutes after the decision was handed down, the ACLU launched a new project called �Get Busy, Get Equal.� The new �Get Busy, Get Equal� web site is introduced with, �The Supreme Court just struck down Texas� law against sexual intimacy between gay people. It�s a huge victory. By saying our relationships can�t be treated as criminal, the decision makes it far easier to get full equality. We can�t let this opportunity pass. Push now � for civil rights, recognition of same-sex couples, and safe schools.�

Next week, Lambda Legal Foundation will announce �aggressive plans for turning this landmark ruling into a reality in . . . peoples� everyday lives.�

This is an opportunity that the radical Left will not let go of unless the mainstream family pries open the sticky fist of moral relativism. According to Lewis Whittington in the homosexual magazine The Advocate, �the culture war is not over.�

The homosexual movement claims they wanted to stop the invasion of their bedrooms by waging this latest fight in the Supreme Court. Starting today, the radical Left is working overtime to invade our homes, our schools, our churches, our Boy Scout troops, our businesses, and our minds. We can�t let them.

We can�t let them because it is impossible for society to be sustainable while actively celebrating a behavior that was once punishable on the same level as rape and incest in this country. It is impossible for a culture to be edifying to young people and old people alike while inventing new rights out of crimes against nature and decency.

Sodomy is not a right. If rights come from God, sodomy is a heinous moral wrong.

How did we get to this point? Americans are tolerant and accepting people. We like to mind our own business and let other people mind theirs. But this is not a time for tolerance and acceptance. Our enemy is more than a casual opponent in a recreational athletic competition. This is a struggle between good and evil in which evil is now spreading to the hearts, minds, and souls of young people in this generation.

It�s a shame that we�ve let the Left take America this far, but now that we�re on the defensive, the least we can do is fight back.

� 2003 Hans Zeiger - All Rights Reserved

Hans Zeiger, 18, is an Eagle Scout and president of the Scout Honor Coalition. He is a Seattle Times columnist and chairman of Washington Young Americans for Freedom. He can be contacted at [email protected].








"Justice Scalia was correct when he said that the Supreme Court has taken sides in the culture war."

"The Court eked out yet another fourteenth amendment privacy argument to legitimize the collapse of morality."