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By Kevin E. Abrams

November 13, 2003

It is said, modesty is the dignity or the crown of a woman and humility the stature of a man. And as for speech, is it endowed with the force of it's creative power when it is diminished on the alter of frivolity and debasement? And in which world do we live wherein substance is so often a contradiction of form?

Not many years ago while engaged in constructing a pottery vase at a local studio, I was approached by (female) members of the management to enroll in a nude modeling and sculpture class. My own thoughts at the time were that nude modeling was simply an artistic pretext for immodesty, so I declined. A young oriental girl was also busily potting who was also approached to attend. She politely declined. Later while cleaning up and storing my tools, I overheard the organizers of the nude workshop discussing the reluctance of the oriental girl to attend their special artistic event. They opined between themselves, that her reason for not participating had to be because she was "shy." I thought for a moment and concluded there was another possibility - that she was not "shy," but modest, as many women from Asia and the far East are.

In retrospect, I surmised, the way in which the organizers of the nude workshop justified themselves, was to rationalize how modesty, which is a positive human attribute, could be marked and represented as something to get over. Like so much of our language, words like modesty and shyness had been "retrofitted" to suit a new set of social constructs, largely riding on the heels of the sexual liberation (license) engineered by the social Zoologist Alfred Kinsey and his fellow sex workers. Under Kinsey, who assumed the presumably meritorious title of "Doctor," a scientific and legal pretext was engineered under the pretext of legitimate science to alter what Kinsey referred to as western "breeding patterns." Indeed, left-wing regressive social engineers have seduced our youth into "seizing the moment." By adopting immodest conduct and speech under the guise of conquering shyness and self-repression (actually self-control), the dignity of our youth, and pathetically, scores of adults who mimic youth culture has been grossly undermined and compromised. In the "brave new world" of a liberated youth, modesty, like sexual dignity, normalcy and mature adulthood, has been recast as a pathology or something "old fashioned." Pornography, rather than the infantile abuse of, and obsession with human sexuality it represents, is wrongly stamped " adult." Indeed, pornography not only distorts and corrupts the unique human capacity for sexual intimacy, but also breaks down trust and true communication leading to a largely unidentified area of social conflict and narcissism.

I believe it was the famous war newscaster, William Morrow, who stated, "all communication has broken down in Europe, which immediately was followed with hostilities. Otherwise, when communication breaks down, divisiveness and conflict follow. To be sure, the ability of Americans to communicate with one another AND even with themselves, has deteriorated. In fact, it's the little lies we tell ourselves which mutate into the big lies we feed entire nations - like how being licentious somehow equates with getting over our shyness, or how the "Jews" are the enemy of freedom - this, when in fact the message and true meaning of liberation and freedom ARE the Jewish message and mission to all humanity.

The meanings of words we embrace have an animating force contained within them which often manifest in our actions. So often, it's not whether "what" we believe is true, which compels us, but simply what we believe. And further, because the largest percentage of the human paradigm for action is predicated upon convenience, we all too frequently fail to act in truth. Contrary to many popular notions, acting and thinking correctly cannot be predicated upon convenience, which by the way, is why and how meanings of words like "shy" and modest are lost to expediency and self-righteousness.

In conclusion, it is the God given responsibility AND authority of all parents to uplift and guard the moral and ethical dignity of their children. We accomplish this in two essential ways. First, by instilling in our offspring a moral and healthy sexual constitution, which requires healthy parental gender roles in a natural family setting. And two, the empowering of our children with an ability to earn an honest and productive living for both themselves and their families. Teach your children THESE things, and they will both love and respect you for it. Be there for your children as parents. Through their lives, our children will have lots of friends to have a fun time with, but only, and hopefully, two parents.

To sacrifice our modesty and humility upon the alter of convenience and license, is to sacrifice our stature and dignity as human beings. Sometimes, the only way we know this, is by ensuring the basis of our actions is based upon truth in communication both externally AND internally. And whereas doing the right thing might not seem to be the most convenient, in the long run it IS "the long shortest way."

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Kevin E. Abrams is not a product of Academia. Kevin refers to himself as a lay "psycho-historian," meaning, the study of "who," and the "why" of history. Over the past 20 years, he has written numerous articles on the "gay" issue, and in 1995 co-authored The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality In The Nazi Party with Mr. Scott Lively. The Pink Swastika can be downloaded free of charge at:  Kevin's e-mail is: [email protected]







"In retrospect, I surmised, the way in which the organizers of the nude workshop justified themselves, was to rationalize how modesty, which is a positive human attribute, could be marked and represented as something to get over."