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By Tom DeWeese 

August 9, 2002


A recent Reuters' article citing British meteorologists noted that the first six months of this year have been the second warmest ever and that average global temperatures for 2002 could be the highest ever. Before people begin to panic, the proper response to this is, so what?
It is summertime. It gets hot in the summer. You do not have to be a meteorologist to know this, nor is there any significance to a particularly warm summer or year.
Weather cycles are measured in centuries, not a single year or two. The Earth's overall average temperature has not increased in more than a century, following a period between 1850 and 1950 in which it rose about one degree Fahrenheit. Since then, all measurements, including those from meteorological satellites, have shown no increase and, in fact, there has been a slight decrease.
The cumulative affect, however, of reading the various findings and claims about weather has led people to believe what must surely be the greatest hoax of modern times, global warming. The Reuters' article cited a spokesman for the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change saying "there has been a marked trend in the rise of global temperatures" when, in fact, there has not.
Ironically, James Hansen, the US meteorologist who, in 1989, helped start the global warming hysteria when he testified that warming was likely, has since stated that he no longer believes it will happen. The planet, says Hansen, in the 50 years ahead, may warm only a mere 0.7 Centigrade (1.25 degree Fahrenheit).
Unlike the oft-repeated falsehood that "all scientists" confirm global warming is happening, the truth is that literally thousands around the world do not, many of whom have signed petitions and statements repudiating it. The reason for this is that these meteorologists and climatologists know that the "computer models" on which the claims are based are virtually useless. The millions of factors influencing weather defy the ability of any computer model to make such predictions and the scientists will tell you they still have only an incomplete understanding of the climate system.
Those repeating the global warming lie are using the oldest technique in propaganda. If you repeat the lie enough times, it becomes a "factoid" accepted as the truth. This lie comes from the United Nations and is supported by a network of corrupt scientists who benefit from research grants to continue "investigating" the lie. Helping to advance the lie are the legions of so-called "journalists" doing nothing more than printing the global warming news releases.
It's summer. It's hot. So what?

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