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By Kevin E. Abrams

July 1, 2003

So now we are beginning to gain a clearer look at the face of fascism - homo-fascism to be exact - the same exact fascism which plagued Germany only half a century ago. This is not your average every day decision, but one which is in direct conflict with the founding sexual ethos of western civilization itself and the morals and ethics of a majority of Americans. It will truly divide a nation against itself and she will not stand.

The Supreme Court of America has acted against the spirit of the American Constitutional Republic which is to uphold and guard human dignity, a goal any positive affirmation of homosexuality negates. Rather than interpreting the American Constitution, the Supreme Court has effectively undermined and suspended the Constitution and the moral principles which have guided the American Ship of State since her inception.

In their illegitimate affirmation of homosexuality as a criteria for a protected class or social minority, the Supreme Court furthers the colossal scientific, and social fraud perpetrated against the American people over the last five decades, beginning with the Kinsey Reports of 1948 and 1953. Kinsey and his fellow sex workers, engineered their "studies" to reach a predetermined conclusion which provided a scientific pretext for the corruption of American law as it relates to human sexuality and the many social crimes and illness, both physical and spiritual, which arise from its perversion.

From this time forward, the United States will never be the same. Sadly, the Supreme Court of The United States is no longer in honor, but dishonor and shame. Indeed, the etiology of militarism and fascism IS sodomy. There is a "sacramental" component to human sexuality, and homo-erotic sexual conduct by nature is backwards and up-side-down. This inverts ones perception of reality turning freedom into slavery, liberation into bondage, good into evil and evil into good, night into day and day into night wherein life becomes death and death becomes life.

Essentially, there are only two brotherhoods known to mankind - one, pagan homo-erotic which is militaristic, and the other fraternal which upholds the family, human freedom and dignity. The militant "gay," or homo-erotic ethos seeks to conquer as the Nazis sought to conquer whereas the fraternal order seeks to nurture, and uplift mankind. In Germany during the first quarter of the last century it was a Nazi homo-fascist cult, which toppled a rotten democratic Weimar Republic. This is why liberal-`ism' is the flip-side of the coin to Nazi fasc`ism'. Liberal`ism' creates the social conditions i.e., moral anarchy, which opens the door to the next Nazi fascist police state. There is nothing new under the sun and the "elite" methods remain the same - to conjure a problem to justify the imposition of a predetermined "solution."

To be sure, Bill Clinton is no less a scoundrel than George Bush. They answer to the same forces which have maneuvered America into her present state of emergency. Both Clinton and Bush court the powerful "gay" lobby and both betrayed the American Constitutional Republic and the moral and ethical principles for which she stands. We are in a different age, wherein internationalists, religious, corporate and political, now work from many quarters to undermine and overthrow the American Constitutional Republic. It should come as no surprise then that hundreds of Catholic pederast Priests will now escape accountability as a result of this Courts bogus ruling. The hand of Rome now "guides the American justice system at the highest levels and the Office of The President of The United States is in her pocket. Proxy weapons, both internal and external are being marshalled against Americans - their hard fought freedoms must now be subsumed by a supranational global state as the thinking goes. And remember, Rome doesn't act overtly until she has crossed all the "T's" and dotted all the "I's" and even then, there's plausible denial. Rome plods along in her own good time building siege walls until every angle is accounted for - until everyone is completely snowed in.

Most will not recall how militant "gays" were the leaders of the Nazi movements in France, England and Czechoslovakia, and how the leader of the Nazi march on the Jewish community of Skokie Illinois was a militant "gay" pederast. In fact, homo-fascists largely operated as the fifth column of Nazi military aggression and barbarism in both Europe AND the United States. Make no mistake, the time of convenience and spending ones waking hours working hard at not knowing are about to end. The militant "gay" movement will soon remove their masks, if they haven't already, to reveal their true motives wherein all those Americans who stand for truth, justice and moral righteousness will become their targets. The top has been mostly corrupted. Only the masses of American people who still believe in America and the principles for which the Constitutional Republic stands can save the day. Your time to act is NOW!. Gird your loins with strength. May America and her people bless God through living in His ways and fighting His wars - which is the eternal war against every and all tyranny over the hearts and minds of men.. Essentially... there is no more United States Supreme Court, only, WE The People.

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Kevin E. Abrams is not a product of Academia. Kevin refers to himself as a lay "psycho-historian," meaning, the study of "who," and the "why" of history. Over the past 20 years, he has written numerous articles on the "gay" issue, and in 1995 co-authored The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality In The Nazi Party with Mr. Scott Lively. The Pink Swastika can be downloaded free of charge at:  Kevin's e-mail is: [email protected]








"Not long after my horrifying experience on the Evergreen campus, convicted death row cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal was invited to deliver the commencement address at the Evergreen graduation. Interestingly, every year Evergreen has two graduation ceremonies � one normal graduation and one just for minority students that is sponsored by the campus Multicultural Center."