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By Rodney Stubbs
Investigative Reports

August 10, 2003

The �Smart Growth� movement in urban areas (cities) parallels the "Ecosystem Management" and "Biodiversity" movement in the rural areas (country).

The destruction of the American Dream is already taking place throughout America. In the Northwest, �bad� science and the �Northern Spotted Owl� destroyed the wood products industry. Hundreds of mills closed and 30,000+ workers lost their jobs. The ripple effect destroyed families and towns impacting 210,000+ households.

The �bad� science spread to the �sucker fish� and farmers in the Klamath Basin who work from dawn to dusk producing food therefore can no longer pursue the American Dream.

The �bad� science also includes salmon, now putting the livelihood of millions at risk in the Pacific Northwest. The movement to overthrow America is lead by multi-national corporations and eco-saboteurs. The movement is funded by foreign interests with powerful lobbies that buy votes from Democrat, Independents, and the Republican representatives of the people.

The shake-down of America is in full swing and the target is the Nation�s wealth in Natural Resources.

The movement accelerated when President George H.W. Bush signed the Rio Accords in 1992. President Clinton followed with the President's Commission on Sustainable Development (PCSD). The work of the PCSD proposes to regulate every aspect of human life in America. And, George W. Bush is responsible for its implementation.

The Trojan Horse is the �Smart Growth� program that endorses new policies impacting Economics (capitalism v. communism & socialism), Environment (governance) and Equity (Social Justice).

The glue that holds everything together is the �Sustainable Development� policy and if not checked it will create a bureaucracy that will encourage corruption on a scale never before seen. Read: "System Governance Bankrupting States".

At the beginning of the 21st Century, this Trojan Horse galloped across America, fueled by grants from federal agencies designed to develop consensus among community environmental activists. The activists (mother earth globalists) associate themselves with land use planning in cities and counties. From this platform they propose their agenda and the elected officials dispose (implement) that agenda.

Our founding fathers felt 'all politics are local', there-fore in order to defend America we must band together and become knowledgable. As the saying goes "If we don't hang together now, we will hang separately later". Few Americans understand what is at stake and without funds the only tools at their disposal is the Internet.

Contact your friends, neighbors, small businesses, and veterans� organizations and form citizen organizations in your immediate area.

CAUTION: Make sure you use Robert's Rules of Order in all meetings, because infiltrators will steer unsuspecting members to a predetermined consensus (outcome) which will be reported in your local newspapers as fact. The people will be fooled again, because the organization they trusted endorsed the agenda.

Visit elected representatives face to face. Write letters to the editor and provide the local newspaper with facts. Resort to your State Constitution and where available use the initiative, referendum, and the recall process to re-establish the American Dream. Above all, don't compromise on principles.

If elected officials refuse to budge, associate them with the policies of Smart Growth or Ecosystem Management and recall them from office. The effect will spread like the �wild fire �, and once again the next generation of Americans will be free to pursue the American Dream. If not for yourself, do it for the children, because they will hold you accountable for the generation that allowed America to die.

Tools to help re-program local elected or appointed officials:

The Journalist's Guide to the American Dream

Sprawl and Urban Growth by National Bureau of Economic Research by Edward L. Glaeser and Matthew E. Kahn

The PCSD Task Force on Energy and Transportation with leaders like Kenneth Lay, Enron Corporation & etc. Reports/energy-top.html.

� 2003 Rodney R. Stubbs, Investigative Reports - - All Rights Reserved

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Mr. Rodney R. Stubbs is President of PlanTek Management, Inc., a corporate asset management company specializing in the location and siting of new plant and equipment investments. Mr. Stubbs received his BS in Natural Resources at Oregon State University at Corvallis, OR in 1964. As a founding member of the Board of Directors of the Oregon Environmental Council, Mr. Stubbs worked closely with the former Governor Tom McCall.

Following experience with public agencies, Mr. Stubbs founded the Oregon Property Rights Council in response to a number of business people in the Salem area that needed assistance in preventing the City of Salem from down zoning 82.5 percent of the City of Salem�s Commercial land to residential uses.

Experience includes the management of real estate portfolios ranging from private individuals to retirement trust funds for Fortune 500 companies.

In 2000, Mr. Stubbs assisted Floyd and Margaret Iverson, owners of the Blueberry Caf� illegally seized and closed by Marion County, OR. Stubbs concluded that something was terribly wrong with our government. Since that time, Mr. Stubbs has written extensively about his findings regarding the implementation of Environmental Governance a new approach toward implementing social engineering in the United States.

Rodney Stubbs is an investigative reporter for  His E-mail [email protected]









"The movement accelerated when President George H.W. Bush signed the Rio Accords in 1992. President Clinton followed with the Presidents Commission on Sustainable Development (PCSD). The work of the PCSD proposes to regulate every aspect of human life in America. And, George W. Bush is responsible for implementation."