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September 15, 2003

WASHINGTON, DC and DALLAS,TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- Carl Caldwell, the president of Right-to-Know, released a statement explaining the depth of information that the government collects about its citizens. Right- to-Know helps its clients uncover what the government knows about them.

Caldwell says, �the number of people with government files is staggering. FBI files can begin with records as simple as bankruptcy, Veteran Administration activities to income tax difficulties and passport and visa problems. More than 200 classifications like these are given to the files the FBI considers confidential, secret or top secret. An individual�s attempts to retrieve this information are often thwarted by the complexity of the system itself. Having assisted attorneys and business in securing government generated information for the past six years, Right-to-Know has recently extended its services to the general business public and individuals.�

�As the government gains access to more and more aspects of a private citizen�s life in the name of preventing terrorism,� Caldwell stated, �more ordinary people will unknowingly become targets of investigation, and more files will be gathered on the innocent.�

Though the Freedom of Information Act usually guarantees citizens full disclosure of their government surveillance, Caldwell says there are more than 1000 government agencies and offices collecting information on citizens and businesses. Individual organizations like Caldwell�s help citizens "cut through the red tape and get requests to see their files to the correct agency." Requests for information are made on behalf of the individual through the agency and information that is incorrect or outdated can be corrected, according to Caldwell.

One of Caldwell�s clients recently found out she was listed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms as a member of a radical military organization after she attended a fringe militia meeting with a college boyfriend. "Employers and government organizations have had access to this information for years," Caldwell said. "It�s time people find out what is being said about them."

Caldwell�s statement follows:

The U.S. Government wants to know who you "hang with;" what type of functions you attend and with whom; who you work with; who you sleep with, and where and why; where were you yesterday, and also, the day before, and where will you be tomorrow. IN OTHER WORDS, THE GOVERNMENT WANTS TO KNOW ALL AND EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU!

Within the last 5 years, the government has enacted procedures and laws to get all this information (and more) about you. Here are few of the measures enacted to do just that:


(For additional information on these acts go to: Besides all the vehicles that the government has to gather information and create a file on you, their most "productive" source to secure the "dirt" on you is from a disgruntled spouse, lover, neighbor, ex-employee, or by someone who feels they have had any perceived harm from you. Most of these "victims," as they feel themselves to be, will more likely than not turn to "big brother" in order to get even with you.

There are more and more HORROR stories coming to light, almost daily. Here are just a few of those people who wake up too late and determine that the government has files about them, which were INCORRECT, and/or INACCURATE, and which they DID NOT HAVE CORRECTED until it was too late.

In New York City Jason Rubin paid $1,500 in cash at a clothing store, which triggered the merchant filing a SAR (Suspicious Activity Report) with the IRS with the customer's name. In the U.S., paying cash for nearly anything can cause an SAR to be filed. This can be for as little as $500 for an airline ticket, or making a deposit or a withdrawal at your bank. It's the government's mindset that only CRIMINALS carry cash, that "good" citizens use credit cards, bank checks and traveler checks. In other words, anything that leaves a trail can be easily tracked and put into your file!

....A man in Chicago recently lost his job when his Social Security Number and FBI file were confused with a convicted felon's in New York City.

....A woman in Albuquerque recently had difficulty in securing health insurance because her medical file, secured from the VA, erroneously stated that she had heart problems and Alzheimer's disease.

....People who have taken the time to pursue getting their personal file from the FBI may be outraged to discover that their local police have tapped their telephone, sifted through their trash, or that a neighbor or co-worker provides information about them.

....Does this sound a bit far-fetched? Well it's not. There are literally thousands of known cases where this type of activity was carried on without the person ever knowing, until they finally received their file from the FBI office. It occurs every day and is still happening.

Do you need a copy of your file? THE ANSWER IS YES! It is absolutely essential that you know what is in your file, so you can verify its accuracy. It could affect your future, employment, promotions, your credit, and even your well-being. YOU NEED TO KNOW SO YOU CAN CORRECT INACCURATE INFORMATION.

� 2003 Right-to-know - All Rights Reserved

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�As the government gains access to more and more aspects of a private citizen�s life in the name of preventing terrorism,� Caldwell stated, �more ordinary people will unknowingly become targets of investigation, and more files will be gathered on the innocent.�