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Posted 1:00 AM Eastern

by NWV staff writer
June 21, 2007
© 2006

ST. PAUL, MN. --Byron J. Richards, leading health freedom activist and co-founder of Wellness Resources, is featuring the screening of Aaron Russo�s inspiring documentary film, America: Freedom to Fascism. The screening is Saturday, June 23, 2007 (6:30 PM) as part of the 2nd Annual Solstice Film Festival being held at the historic Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, MN (the home of Garrison Keillor�s A Prairie Home Companion).

Only in its second year the Solstice Film Festival is rapidly gaining international attention as a premier event. This year the festival will be attended by local political dignitaries, celebrities, Warner Brothers, and will include significant sponsorship from the community, a charity event, and broad media coverage. Of the more than one hundred films submitted from around the globe for consideration, America: Freedom to Fascism was chosen for a Saturday evening spotlight event. Nationally renowned health expert Byron J. Richards will present the film. This will be the first time that those living in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and upper Midwest will have the opportunity to view this riveting critique on freedom in America.

While the film focuses on the IRS and their inability to be able to show a law that gives them the right to collect income tax from American citizens, the underlying message is significantly more powerful. In a country whose constitutional mooring have been uprooted, Russo�s documentary is a wake up call. Do Americans have the courage and fortitude to overcome the control mechanism of fear? How many citizens in a land rapidly losing its freedom are willing to stand up and be counted? Are we cowards or Americans willing to defend freedom and our constitutional rights?

Richards attended the very first screening of America: Freedom to Fascism in Tucson, Arizona back in January of 2006. At the time he was researching and writing a new health book regarding the optimal diet. Part of his research involved the corruption in the quality of the food and water supply in the United States as well as the FDA�s role in preventing Americans from understanding legitimate science regarding safe and effective options for health.

Upon seeing the Russo film Richards immediately divided his dietary book into two different projects, one focused on the principles of the diet and the other focused on FDA corruption. The first part of the project eventually became The Leptin Diet and was released in December of 2006. It is the owner�s manual for your metabolism, explaining for the first time the jigsaw puzzle of food cravings, hormones, and body weight � and how to eat to be in harmony with the powerful fat hormone, leptin. However, it was the Russo film that provided the spark for his hard-hitting analysis of FDA corruption, Fight for Your Health: Exposing the FDA�s Betrayal of America.

Richards worked around the clock to prepare Fight for Your Health in time for Book Expo America, held in Washington, D.C. in May of 2006. The book was well received by the national and international health freedom community. Almost immediately Richards began receiving a flood of e-mails asking about the current status of problems and what to do about them. Thankfully, Paul Walter editor of had also read the book and asked Richards to write articles for NewsWithViews. In the past year Richards has written over 30 articles for NWV, continuing to document FDA corruption and extending the story as written originally in Fight for Your Health. He is currently spearheading a national campaign to defend health freedom and the rights of Americans to have access to dietary supplements.

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Richards was and is a full time health professional, one of our nation�s top clinical nutritionists. What was it that sparked him to take on the additional duties and long hours involved with documenting FDA corruption? It was Russo�s movie � America: Freedom to Fascism. How will it affect you?

Don�t miss this special opportunity. Join us on June 23rd for an evening to remember. Wellness Resources has a limited number of free tickets available. Call 952-929-4575 to get your tickets and reserve your place at the festival.

Wellness Resources, Inc.
7155 Amundson Avenue
Edina, MN 55439
1-800-717-WELL or,

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Upon seeing the Russo film Richards immediately divided his dietary book into two different projects, one focused on the principles of the diet and the other focused on FDA corruption.