For the most part, believe it or not the United States is not a republic of seething racists running around looking for whom they may discriminate against.  In fact, the majority of those pointing the finger of blame at others as they accuse them of being racist, are themselves mostly likely to be guilty of such tom foolery.  In the city in which I currently live, the very people who are always at the ready to declare that conservative republicans are racist, are themselves are among the most racist or bigoted people I have the displeasure of knowing.

Fifteen years ago, when my family and I first moved here to Oakland County MI, we experienced the same old tired dislike from dopey democrats. Those people were not happy that an American family who happened to be black, dared to afford to be able to live in their nice community.  On the other hand, there were fabulous neighbors whom we are blessed to know as friends.  With the exception of one neighbor, everyone we became friends with is either republican or libertarian.  In fact, one of the leftist democrat neighbors had our political signs either destroyed or stolen during every election season.  We finally nailed down who it was after the election of Donald Trump for president.

It seems as if people who are always belly aching about racism are part of an orchestrated effort to destroy America from within.  It is called divide and conquer.  The overwhelming number of racists are limousine leftists, the leftist media, government and collegiate academia elites who socialize in homogenous lilly white groups who hate with a passion the very thought of upwardly mobile blacks, especially the men.

That is why great Americans like Lewis Latimer, Reginald Lewis, Frederick Douglas, Booker T. Washington and others are no longer taught about in government schools.  The leftists benefit from others including black Americans, who are suffering from a lack of authentic knowledge.  If black Americans are convinced by the leftists that the United States is a racist nation that is against them, they become a collectivist oriented ignorant enemy consisting of useful idiots, who will help their leftist controllers bring misery to America.  Some will continue to receive paychecks from either George Soros or some other globalist billionaire.   All the while not realizing that the leftist elites only appreciate blacks who are below them economically and socially.

Racial problems would die a natural death, if Americans were allowed to benefit from the blessings of real education, free market economics and a goal of higher personal morality.  Our republic can be made stronger when sovereign citizens maintain a sense of national unity and pride and are willing to focus and build upon the positives, both individually and in masse.   The leftists, including the dragon media and other gumps continue to play the stupid race card.  The reason is, they are hell bent on preventing the unifying economic nationalist agenda from succeeding.

Long ago, when Frederick Douglas read about and learned the truth for himself about our Constitution, Bill of Rights, along with Biblical passages that informed him that our rights come from God and are meant for everyone, there was nothing that could stop him from achieving greatness.  He also realized that a great America provided more opportunities for him to attain greatness, despite with the real democrat racists threw at him.  He was too busy and too blessed because of his efforts and righteous belief in Providential guidance to hate.  Douglas tried his best to convince the abolitionists and other “kind hearted” folks to present high moral standards and the philosophy of self help and Providential guidance to black Americans released from the bondage of slavery.  Most of those presented with such a way of thinking and acting lived much better lives on average than the ones who focused on the misery and legacy of slavery and racist democrats.

That is why today the leftist/bigoted democrats and other negative forces including academic bigots convince Blacks they are destined for nothing but a life of lack and few opportunities.  Unfortunately, far too many blacks buy into that leftist inspired hogwash. More often than not, they prophesy and then create their own life of misery for themselves and their children, one generation after another.  Our America is at a cross roads of endless possibilities.  I believe She will very soon, starting with the body of Christ seek God’s forgiveness for allowing the sea of crippling lies to permeate the minds of generations of Americans.  Then take the appropriate actions to return the republic toward the road of greatness as the land of the free, home of the brave and endless opportunities.   Racial problems can be allowed to die a natural death. Come on America, together we can do it.  Let’s meet via a page from “The Edwards Notebook” America’s best radio commentary now weekdays at 5:12 PM on Money Talk with Melanie via SHR media and overnights on Captains America radio show nationwide on dozens of radio stations emanating from flagship station WGUL AM 860 The Answer, Tampa, Florida.  The Edwards Notebook is now a part of the Morning News lineup on KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nevada at 7:30 AM PDT, 10:30 AM EST.

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