While growing up on the shores of Lake Erie in Cleveland, one of our favorite autumn pastimes was going to old Municipal Stadium to watch the Cleveland Browns, when they actually won football games.  I’ll never forget witnessing the Cardiac Kids pulling out many last minute victories, just after many of us would think it was all over.  In fact, the first Monday Night Football game was televised from Cleveland 42 years ago on September 21, 1970.  At the time, for a young guy, it was a thrill of a lifetime to witness the Browns defeat of Joe Namath and the New York Jets 31-21 in front of 80,000 rabid fans including myself.  My school grades were very good, so I was allowed a rare evening outing on a school night.

The image I had of football growing up was one of team work, striving to be your best, a high moral code that was stressed by my own high school football coach and, patriotism, a positive piece of the fabric of America, etc.  The current pathetic display of public disrespect toward the United States by the highly paid NFL players is a glaring example of the self centered attitude of cry babies who exaggerate problems and only foster division.  The great Jim Brown, who himself has been deeply involved with social issues concerning past racial injustice and economic development recently said “we should not disrespect the flag or our country.”

NFL commissioner no good Goodell (a deeply leftist ideolog) is an encourager of NFL players publicly disrespecting our national flag. In fact it does not bother him, that the players are setting a bad example for younger Americans.  Despite the fact our economy is the bedrock that allowed for them to make millions of dollars throwing a ball around and tackling one another, many NFL players would rather encourage disgruntlement than trying your best to succeed in American society.  I do not decry their nice salaries, whatever the market will bare is fine with me.

I find it rather hypocritical, for no good Goodell and others like Lebron James to complain because the president of the United States does not agree with NFL players and others disrespecting our flag, our republic and the heroes who fought and in some cases died to protect their freedoms.  Another glaring sad development in this sordid affair is that most NFL players and commissioner Goodell are products of a leftist oriented government school system.  It is that very system that indoctrinates students against rather than teaches American students about the United States.  For too long, American students have only been presented negative details and even lies about our republic.

Because of the relentless effort of government school educators and university professors many, including most football players are convinced that even the good about America they may stumble upon, is not worthy of recognition or respect.  That includes that fact they are blessed to live in a republic that offers them opportunities they could not dream of achieving anywhere else.

Many NFL and NBA players complain about oppression in America.  But I have yet to hear or read about any of those hypocrites expressing concern about the real oppression of black Christians being slaughtered and enslaved by Islamic brutes today in Islamic countries.

Not that long ago, RG 3 was forced to turn his shirt with a Christian message inside out, because it did not meet “NFL policy.”  Sometime later, hardly anyone uttered a word when the Islamic quarterback conducted a press conference with a Castro shirt on while wearing socks depicting police officers as pigs.  So now it is heralded as “freedom of speech” to kneel or turn your back on the American flag in protest of “inequality.”  Only brainwashed Alynski inspired rich dolts could be warped enough to feel unequal.

I’ll never forget when Dallas Cowboy players were not allowed by the leftist Goodell to wear a special patch in honor of police officers murdered by a Black Lives Matter supporter who shot them while they were providing protection for the very leftist haters who were protesting against them.  Antifa anyone?

My fellow American, what you are witnessing is an orchestrated and increasingly bold mission of those seeking to dissolve the cohesiveness of the republic through complaints, both real and mostly imagined.  If you go on a cruise and a disagreement breaks out, you do not try to sink the vessel to resolve the issue.  Unfortunately, many of those participating in narcissistic anti flag protesters have no regard for anyone but themselves and their destructive Cesar Chavez inspired ideology. They are willing to sink America into oblivion.

To prove my point, over the past twenty years, those who consider themselves to be African Americans (even though they were not born in Africa) have been the overall most abused, robbed, raped, car jacked, and murdered segment of the American population.  Was it mostly Trump supporters, young white males, KKK goons, police officers, or republicans committing those atrocities?  No, no, no, no and no.

If those hypocrites were true to their convictions, they would do us all a favor and move to Sudan, Cuba, Venezuela, or maybe try their luck in Lebanon, China, or Russia.  Those spoiled athletes and others of their ilk believe it is ok to rail against our republic and the flag, because they have free speech rights.  Yet, they and other leftists are filled with enraged hatred against others who like president Trump, who do not share their hatred of the police, America, the flag, the Constitution, etc.

They can dish out disrespect, but they cannot take any constructive criticism, which reveals a self- evident boatload of hypocrisy that is one of the hallmarks of their leftist ideology. But through it all and God’s grace, the republic will rise above this and other dubious developments.  You can tune in and enjoy the not so dubious Ron Edwards Experience talk show on KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nev. Fridays beginning October 6th 2017 at 4:00 PM EST, 1:00 PM PT also worldwide on SHR Media and www.americamatter.us.  Don’t miss a page from The Edwards Notebook commentary weekdays at 6:29 AM PT, 9:29 AM EST during AM News on www.americamatters.us and AM 118 KCKQ Reno, Nev.  At 5:12 PM EST, 2:12 PM PT It’s The Edwards Notebook commentary during MoneyTalk with Melanie on SHR Media and www.highplainspundittalkradio.com. Your weekends are made a little better with a page from The Edwards Notebook commentary during the weekend overnight instalment of the Captain’s America radio show emanating nationwide from flagship station WGUL AM 860 Tampa, Fla. at 4:30 AM  God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God.

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