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By Betty Freauf
March 30, 2002

PORTLAND, OR. A number of people made a 500 mile round trip from southern Oregon and all points in between to join others on Good Friday, March 29th, at a rally in front of the Multnomah County Justice Center which is housing Lon Mabon, founder of the Oregon Citizen Alliance, who has been held as a political prisoner for more than a month. The Lord provided a sunny day. Bob Ekstrom, chairman of the Constitution Party organized the event and the faithful supporters of Mabon provided the patriotic and Christian songs and prayers for Mabon's soon release.

Just as Jesus carried his cross to Calvary where uninformed people crucified him, Lon Mabon has been obedient to Mark 10:21 and he, too, is practicing what he has so long preached - take up the cross and get involved. While I know Lon in no way would want anyone to compare what he is doing with the supreme sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for repentant sinners about which we are reminded every Easter season, another similarity is that a criminal was set free while the people demanded Jesus be crucified instead. Criminals are being released from jail in Multnomah County due to overcrowding while Lon remains in jail.

By the way, the New Age bibles are revising the word of God and removing the phrase "take up your cross." The New International Version (N.I.V.) being used by many pastors and Christians today had a lesbian on the translation team so it is understandable why this bible, and many others, are removing "take up the cross" as well as being soft on the sin of homosexuality. Gail Riplinger in her book WHICH BIBLE IS GOD'S WORD reveals this fact and others.

Mabon was imprisoned on a debtor's hearing contempt charge when he refused to step inside the jurisdiction in the court room of "Judge" Ronald E. Cinniger and openly confronting the "judge" on the Record that the judge was acting under a false oath. This is being blamed by the judges on an earlier clerical  error.

Oregon's Chief Justice Carson suggested that all of the judges in Oregon take the oath found in Article VII (Amended), Section 21 of the Oregon Constitution. Cinniger took the oath on October 31, 2001 and the word "Impartially" that had been missing in the oath is in there now. However, Circuit Court judges are supposed to take Article VII (Original) Section 21, not the amended version, which was for Supreme Court Judges. So Cinniger's oath is still  wrong. The "order" which has Lon in jail was given under his first oath which allowed judges to be "partial".

We should be asking,  if the oath issue isn't important, why did they go through the trouble of removing the word "Impartially" in the first place, and why did Carson ask them all to take a new one? And, why won't Cinniger take the right oath? We should also be asking why Lon and Bonnie were finger printed and mug shots taken on a "civil" case such as this? Am I missing something?

NWV Photo    Bonnie Mabon at Portland Rally

The main theme of the rally was "TAKE THE CONSTITUTIONAL OATH" and a huge banner depicting that slogan was on display. But one smaller one that I noticed warned the churches they could be next. 

The story began ten years ago. Lon Mabon founded the Oregon Citizens' Alliance in 1986 and began sponsoring initiatives to stop what he deemed an obvious homosexual agenda in Oregon and the United States claiming once homosexuality was made an acceptable alternative lifestyle that pedophilia would soon follow. 

A lesbian journalist was assigned the task of attending an O.C.A. meeting. Of course, she was promptly escorted out. It didn't matter that she was trespassing. She sued for "assault" charges. Ten years later the unpaid $30,000 judgment plus interest the jury awarded her from O.C.A., and which they never had the money to pay, has come to a head almost simultaneously with the Catholic church scandal where, you'll notice, thus far no homosexual pedophile priests are being charged with sexual child abuse although the statute of limitations in many states allows such charges many years after the alleged abuse has taken place.

Just as Lon predicted about pedophilia following the homosexual movement, a March 26, 2002 Newhouse News Service article by Mark O'Keefe said sex between adults and children, once a societal taboo so strong it has been considered one of our few unquestioned moral principles, now finds arguments emerging in academic journals, books and online that at least some sex should be acceptable, especially when children "consent" to it.

The article says those making the case aren't just fringe groups, such as the North American Man-Boy Love Association, but by a handful of academics at mainstream universities. Some contend that minors are capable of agreeing to and even initiating sex with adults.

Those who have not been so dumb- downed by the government schools and still have some reasoning power left between their ears can see the same public relations scenario unfolding once again which supported the homosexual agenda. They said this sexual sin was OK between "consenting" adults.

The evening following the Mabon rally, Bill O'Reilly on Fox had a rerun of the Rosie O'Donnell interview where she was given a platform to promote adoptions by lesbians and homosexuals. Following O'Reilly, Hannity and Colmes had on their show Robert K. Knight from the Culture and Family Institute and Jocelyn Elders, former U.S. Surgeon General, who wrote the foreword in the book HARMFUL MINORS by Judith Levine.

Elders was President Clinton's most radical appointee and promoted condoms, drugs, abortions, masturbation and mandatory sex education and called "homophobia" a health issue and to this day feels some sex with minors is permissible. Knight presented the opposing argument.

The book HARMFUL MINORS says under some circumstances sex with adults by children is OK. They rationalized it by saying the child wanted it or the child enjoyed it or the child instigated it. In the case of one Catholic homosexual pedophile priest (now a bishop), he claimed what he did to a young victim was simply "misguided therapy." A reformed homosexual, Richard Weller, was at the Mabon rally carrying a sign that connected the homosexual movement to pornography. In an article elsewhere on this website [Read Article] , in addition to crediting Lon Mabon for helping him escape the sin of homosexuality, he also says sons of single mothers are especially vulnerable to these pedophiles, who may enter the life of the child through a variety of oftentimes government-sponsored programs.

Weller also stated that parents, siblings, other relatives and friends are made to believe that the sin of homosexuality is normal. These parents have formed a national organization to support this theory and you'll often see them testifying on behalf of the homosexual community before legislative committees. The article by O'Keefe said "With more research, some scholars say, it may be only a matter of time before modern society, accepts adult-child sex, just as it has learned to accept premarital sex and homosexual sex." Take the bibles out of schools, the Ten Commandments off the walls and this is the result.

Prior to the 1970's when the psychiatric community still had the sin of homosexuality on its  "mental health list," it was not considered normal.  So it is the same song, second verse. It is called "gradualism." It starts out like a little snowball at the top of the hill but as it rolls down the hill, it gains momentum and can cause much emotional and physical damage when it entraps someone.

Past initiatives sponsored by O.C.A. to stop this evil agenda were never successful (although oftentimes close) because O.C.A. never had the money to counter the lies the opposition would flash before the viewers' eyes on TV ads only a few days before the election in the heavily concentrated voting population between Portland, Oregon south to Salem, the Capital, and on to Corvallis and Eugene, Oregon where the very liberal state college and university are located. The rural areas always passed the initiatives but the liberal Willamette Valley has been and continues to be the tail that wags the dog in Oregon politics.

So the liberal voters have only themselves to blame for the proliferation of the "gay" destructive agenda. Their ignorance on this matter caused them to believe the lies the well-funded, educated homosexual community gave them.

Could this whole matter have come into full bloom right now because of another initiative O.C.A. is sponsoring [Measure 16] called the Student Protection Act II which would stop the promotion of homosexuality in the schools? Thousands of signatures must be gathered before July 1 in order to be on the November ballot. With the leader in jail and his wife, in order to avoid jail herself, being forced to appear on numerous hearings regarding the finances of O.C.A., all efforts that should be directed towards the signature gathering are being diverted by Lon's imprisonment. In light of the recent Catholic church scandal, polls would suggest getting the signatures this time could be easier and passage assured. Was Lon jailed to assure that 90,000 valid required signatures are not met? Is this what the homosexual/pedophilia community fears? Is this why an innocent, God-fearing man is in jail? You be the "judge."


Betty Freauf has been a GOP activist for many years. Elected county chairman, state party secretary, congressional district chairman, candidate for Governor of Oregon in 1986, the house of reps in 1988 and 1990. 

She published a weekly "Legislative Action" newsletter for five Oregon Legislative Sessions, is an Excommunicated citizen Review Board Member to "WATCHDOG", Oregon's Child Protective Agency. (Fired for asking too many questions)


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