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by Chuck Morse

    Eight years of cover-up and drift by the Clinton Administration weakened our military and compromised our internal security leading to the supine position we presently find ourselves in. Clinton failed, pure and simple, to respond to the growing international and domestic terrorist threat. He did nothing when American targets were hit overseas and ignored the burgeoning domestic terrorist network. Clinton has a lot to answer for but, based on past evidence, it is doubtful he or his entourage will ever be held accountable for anything.

Attorney General, Janet Reno, ran interference for Clinton and his corrupt administration by blocking and slowing down congressional investigations. When Reno wasn't protecting Clinton, or firebombing private homes filled with children in Waco, she focused most of her attention on environmental violators or hate criminals. Such pursuits seem rather quaint today when we look at the "environment" of lower Manhattan, not to mention the "hate crime" perpetrated there on Sept. 11. Homeland security appears to have been a low priority for Reno and her FBI director Louis Freeh.

The Clinton Administration did nothing of significance in response to the first World Trade Center bombing, the bombing of the Khobar Towers in Dahran, the downing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, the bombing of the American Embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam or the bombing of the USS Cole in Aden. In fact, the Islamic terrorist network behind these mass murders continued to strengthen. It must have been obvious to the terrorists that America wouldn't strike back excepting the occasional and meaningless firing off of a missile for the benefit of the TV viewer and Clinton's image.

Even more troubling is the possibility of a cover-up, by the Clinton Administration, of an Islamic terrorist connection to the Oklahoma City bombing. According to U.S.News Report (8/29) "a few top Defense officials think Oklahoma City bomber Tim McVeigh was an Iraqi agent." U.S.News reports, "The theory stems from a never-before-reported allegation that McVeigh had allegedly collected Iraqi telephone numbers." The Clinton Administration's motive for covering-up this key aspect of the case; among other cover-ups around the Oklahoma City bombing is truly a mystery.

Former Clinton advisor George Stephanopoulos and Senator John Kerry (D MA) have recently stated on television that terrorists destroyed TWA Flight 800. The Clinton Administration apparently refused to consider this evidence, at least publicly, and instead chose to cover-up. In 1995, Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind behind the first World Trade Center bombing, revealed to federal investigators a plot called "Project Bojinka" which would have involved the hijacking of 11 US airlines on a single day with the intention of either blowing them up in mid-air or crashing them into US targets including CIA headquarters. The Clinton Administration covered up this information.

The Clinton Administration did nothing when UN arms inspector Scott Ritter reported violations regarding the Iraqi development of weapons of mass destruction. Nor was anything done when Iraq suspended the inspections altogether. Most damning, the Clinton Administration ignored the growing terrorist network in America, which included a large number of illegal aliens. Terrorists were laundering money through so-called charities and receiving para-military training and aviation training at American schools. Rather than encouraging the American citizen to learn about self-defense and the responsible handling of firearms, the Clinton Administration worked to dis-arm the citizenry. Americans were told to trust the government with their safety.

A gauzy sense of unreality swirled around the Clinton years. The very core of Clinton's being, his entire raison detre, was to cast himself in a favorable image. Everything about Clinton was always phony and narcissistic. This attitude pervaded our culture during those years and perhaps manifested itself in the willingness of all of us, to differing degrees, to suspend reality and focus on illusion. As a person obviously addicted to physical pleasures, Clinton's vision, or attention span, didn't go much beyond the immediate. What mattered to Clinton was that which made him feel good and look good. After eight years of Clinton, the rest of us are now left to grapple with reality.

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