By Lex Greene

May 7, 2022

Whether you love President Donald J. Trump or hate him, there’s no denying the fact that he remains the most popular and powerful figure in American politics today. Firebrands like Trump always ignite a firestorm of controversy. We could say the same of every Founding Father!

2022 GOP Primaries started this week with 55 Trump backed candidates appearing on the ballots. All 55 won their primary races in a stunning victory for the Make America Great Again movement. Never before in history has any political movement delivered such a complete death blow to establishment RINOs in a single primary cycle.

TRUMP 55 – RINOs 0

This is exactly what the corrupt D.C. cabal is worried about. This is exactly why they are in a state of panic and rushing to establish a Nazi-style national censorship panel at the Department of Homeland Security, run by a far-left Marxist idealogue and social media “fact-checker.” They simply cannot afford to allow free speech in the USA, or democratic socialists and RINOs will go down in flames this November.

Keeping with his tradition of nominating far-left idealogues to critical positions, Biden has named Nina Jankowicz the head of his new Goebbels-style DHS “free speech governance board.” Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson can’t even define “woman” much less properly interpret constitutional text. Likewise, Biden’s new “truth Czar” at the DHS has never been able to accurately separate fact from fiction.

The recent Supreme Court “leak” ignited an immediate left-wing mobilization of BLM and ANTIFA terrorists within minutes of the “leak.” Clearly, it was pre-planned, well-funded and “extreme” in nature. It’s going to get worse…as these DNC sponsored terror organizations plan to attack churches this weekend on Mother’s Day.

2022 is shaping up as a full-scale war between the WOKE and the AWAKE, who are caught in the democrat party crosshairs.

In case you don’t know, Senator Joe Biden voted to overturn Roe v. Wade in 1982. Now Biden claims to be pro-abortion, as his party is set to be slaughtered in the 2022 mid-terms. The guy has no mind left at all, but even worse, he has no moral compass and never has had. Everything that spews from his mouth is designed to con voters, nothing more.

Even though it’s democrats in BLM and ANTIFA who have destroyed billions in property and threatened Citizens and officials with open violence for years now, Joe thinks “MAGA people are dangerous extremists” due to their deep-seated faith in freedom, liberty, and truth.

Trump is UNITING Americans against global Marxists

Although the left accuses Trump of “dividing our nation,” he has actually been uniting freedom and liberty loving Americans at every rally he holds across the country. This week, that resulted in 55 primary victories, from 55 primary candidates. That’s a 100% WIN ratio and that has everyone’s attention.

Trump is uniting Americans, and that’s what is causing a massive panic for every global Marxist democrat, republican or independent. Trump is WAKING UP AMERICA and bringing people together to put down the massive global Marxist assault on U.S. freedom, liberty, sovereignty, and security.

For four years, Trump was doing this from the Oval Office and that’s why the global cabal had to remove him from that office via unprecedented election fraud, laid bare in the current documentary 2000 Mules.

What kind of Citizen wouldn’t want to Make America Great Again? The answer is simple, an anti-American traitor.

Still a long way to go!

The Trump candidate victories this week are worthy of celebration. But I remind you, the 2010 mid-terms swept Tea Party Republicans into control of both chambers of congress, only to watch those candidates act exactly like the criminals they replaced after their election. Had the 2010 class of Tea Party Republicans done what they were elected to do, our country would not be on the brink of extinction today and no one could have been able to steal 2020 from President Trump.

55 Trump backed candidates swept GOP primaries this week, but now they face the challenge of winning the November elections, while democrats try every dirty trick in the book to hold on to their ill-gotten power.

If the MAGA class of 2022 can pull that off somehow, they will then have to do everything they promised in order to garner support and they will have to deliver at hyper-speed to prevent the final collapse of the USA under the laundry list of crises the democratic socialists have launched against the USA.

In the end, sooner or later, everyone responsible for attempting to “fundamentally transform America” into some global socialist member of Klaus Schwab’s COVID Scamdemic RESET must be held to account for their actions. The only way to protect the USA from ruin is to hold every anti-American completely accountable, so that no one cares to ever attack our sovereignty, security, freedom, and liberty ever again!

Those who claim there is no difference between republicans and democrats today, are dead wrong. Republicans are bad, but democrats (anti-American global socialists) are far worse. Republicans can be reformed with some serious effort on our part, but we no longer have democrats or liberals in the USA.

Celebrate the victories briefly, then stay focused on the real prize! We must finish what we have started!

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