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By Pastor Roger Anghis
December 20, 2015

There has been a lot of talk about black Pastors endorsing Donald Trump. Some pastors feel that this should not happen and some have no problem openly endorse him. I might take a step out there and say that we see the same thing with white pastors. But what I have seen is people respond to leadership and strength. Not all do but most will. Recently there was a meeting held between a large group of black pastors and Donald Trump. Some attended and some didn’t.

To look at this we need to see both sides of the argument. What I see, for the most part, are pastors that don’t think that the church should be involved in the political arena and so they won’t endorse anyone. These pastors do not know what God’s intent for the church in the political arena is. The church is supposed to raise up those who run for political office. Churches that don’t support that ideal are failing our nation. Exodus 18:20 And thou shalt teach them ordinances and laws, and shalt shew them the way wherein they must walk, and the work that they must do. (21) Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them, to be rulers of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens:[1] The position most pastors take is to stay silent concerning politics. Some pay no attention to what is going on or at least from the statements they make, make it seem like that is the case. One pastor that does not support Trump is Pastor Jamal Bryant–who was invited to the meeting but declined the offer–questioned the intentions of some of the reverends. “I really felt that their contingency was really selling out their vote for nothing,” said Bryant, who briefly ran for Congress as a Democrat earlier this year before calling off the bid. “We’ve heard nothing from (Trump) about bridging the gap of economic inequality, mass incarceration, public schools, trade with Africa and other issues important to the black community.”[2] From his comment it is obvious that he does not listen to the policies and concerns of Donald Trump.

Another pastor that doesn’t endorse Trump is Bishop Paul S. Morton. His reasoning falls in line with the pastors that believe that the church should not step into the political arena, at least that is what his comments leave us to believe. Bishop Morton was invited to go but didn’t. He commented: “I think it’s so very important to meet. I don’t mind pastors meeting with anyone, but to endorse someone, it was out-of-order. We have to protect the Kingdom and I told them I refused to go to a meeting. I think it was a set up. You get us there and then they put the cameras on you,” Bishop Morton said.[3] He states that endorsing a candidate is ‘out of order’. It is no more out of order than a pastor standing against abortion or homosexual marriage. Pastors are to inform the people concerning the biblical stand of the candidates. Most pastors do nothing and the result is the anti-American, anti-Israel fool we have in the White House today. Dallas TX. mega church Pastor Robert Jeffress endorses Trump, receives a standing ovation.

The first question is why would a pastor endorse a candidate like Donald Trump? Again. I have to go back to what I said in my opening statement, people respond to leadership and strength and Donald Trump exudes leadership and strength. You don’t build yourself the empire that he has without leadership and strength. Many have called him a racist because of his statements towards Mexicans that have snuck across the border and the radical muslims that have done the same. It’s funny how a person that is concerned with the United States upholding our laws and maintaining our national security from people determined to take us down can be accused of racism.

The man who organized the meeting between Trump and a large contingency of black pastors made this statement: Darrell Scott, the organizer of Monday's meeting, said a formal endorsement was forthcoming. "We made history today," Scott said. "We had meaningful dialogue with Mr. Donald Trump. We voiced concerns that are sensitive to the African-American community and we asked questions and the questions were answered where we were all satisfied with the answers."[4] Many politicians have listened to the concerns of the people and gave satisfactory answers but did nothing once in office. These politicians have no track record of accomplishing what they promise. This last election is a perfect example of those failures in the Republican Party. Donald Trump has a record of accomplishments in dealing with many different people in many different countries and is well respected. People who lie and are dishonest in business don’t garner the respect of their peers. But plenty of attendees showed enthusiastic support for Trump, saying Trump has been villainized by his critics and some in the media. "You want stories, you want controversy. Anybody who knows Donald Trump personally knows that he's not a racist," said Steve Parson, a black pastor from Richmond, Virginia. Parson said he was in "total support" of Trump.[5]

I was watching Lou Dobbs the other night and he had on Roger Stone, political advisor to Nixon and Reagan. He made a very bold statement about Trump. He can’t be bought! No lobbyist can own him. The political party can’t own him. This is why the Republican elite are afraid of him. This commanding independent character attracts voters, even those that haven’t voted in years. Another thing that attracts voters is he won’t accept large donations. According to the percentage of donations to his campaign under $200 is 42%.[6] Jeb Bush has raised 25 times the money that Trump has but Trump is 3 times higher in the polls.[7] These numbers also point to something else that most of the other candidates in the Republican Party lack, people have confidence in Donald Trump. Commenting after the meeting with the black pastors Pastor Steve Parson commented: “He’s best for not only for the country but certainly the black community. We’re wanting to get off of welfare and we feel that can be done through the information the knowledge of a person like Donald Trump.”[8]

The American public has not seen confidence in our nation’s leaders for the last seven years and the prospects in the Democrat Party are even worse than what we have today. In the Republican Party at least there is a little hope. Trump has shown the ability to take a stand and not back down. He can’t be bought by lobbyists or the Party elite. He hit the ground running with the immigration issue and was lambasted for it but he held his ground and now all the candidates in the Republican Party are talking immigration. He’s made a controversial statement concerning muslims and was attacked for it even by a candidate that introduced a bill to do virtually the same thing! But he has held his ground. He does have the legal grounds to ban muslims according to the 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act[9], another law that is not being enforced by either Party. He is talking about the things that are of importance to the people. Guts, fortitude and vision, three proven qualities of Donald Trump we have not seen in a candidate since Reagan.

Maybe the white pastors should jump on this train too.

� 2015 Roger Anghis - All Rights Reserved


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The man who organized the meeting between Trump and a large contingency of black pastors made this statement: Darrell Scott, the organizer of Monday's meeting, said a formal endorsement was forthcoming.