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By Betty Freauf

September 23, 2009

I’m reading this 2004 book which someone gave me several years ago entitled Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper regarding the missing link in the JFK assassination conspiracy with 663 pages of small print including copious reference footnotes, a terrific index and a myriad of intrigue, interlocking agencies, crime syndicates and many names readers can easily identify. The cover says it is “America’s #1 banned book and the controversial underground best seller” printed by the American Free Press in Washington, D.C. I read a few paragraphs a day trying to digest the many details and I’m still not certain who is who and I may never get it finished.

Is it coincidence again that I just happen to decide to start reading the book about the time President Barack Obama’s Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) are finally being reported in the mainline news after Glenn Beck and FOX have been on the connections for weeks? On page 80 in the book it tells how one major police “bust” took place that left members of that organization in turmoil and demoralized. The publicity caused the greatest heat since the 1930s and investigation by state and federal officials continued for well over a year while they tried to find some charges to stick against those involved. Does this sound familiar? I have no idea of the time line but assuming it was the 1960s after Kennedy’s assassination and during the escalation of the civil rights movement, the Weather Underground radicals, the Black Panthers and the anti-war crowd. We can’t unring a bell and elections have consequences so the 1960s hippies have now taken over the Capital.

I no more had two paragraphs written above when Laurie Roth's article appeared in my e-mail: Anti-American ACORN finally cracked and saying ACORN makes the Gambino crime family look wholesome. More coincidence? You make the call.

Now readers who are faithful listeners to the FOX cable network and who listen to conservative radio talk show hosts know where I’m going with this illustration because the Service Employees International Union ( SEIU) and the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) are aware how two young people decided to see what actually takes place inside ACORN, which they’d been hearing so much about.

What started out as mere curiosity, quickly turned into an international story. What these two young people did is what our Founding Fathers wanted the pimps in the mainline media to do – expose the criminals, lard butts and nepotism.

Film maker James O’Keefe, 25, and Hannah Giles, 20, discovered with their hidden camera and silly story that it would be possible to get a loan through ACORN for a bawdy house that would be harboring underage prostitutes from another country and profits they’d acquire off these young girls, O’Keefe was going to use to run for public office. Giles had gotten this flukey idea as she jogged passed an ACORN office and wondered what really went on inside. One ACORN worker even suggested O’Keefe could take the underage girls off on his income tax as dependants. ACORN’s CEO, Bertha Lewis, using the old race bait language again, claims it is disturbing that these young folks would go undercover to an organization that employs 99% black and brown people, dress up as pimps and prostitutes and “bully their way into the offices” and she felt O’Keefe’s mother would not approve of those tactics. In these clips being shown all over the Internet and on TV, listeners can hear small children in the background as their mothers or grandmothers seem to approve of the underage girls from another country being brought into the country for prostitution purposes. Lewis says O’Keefe and Giles broke the law and “we will be taking legal action against FOX (news) and their co-conspirators.” Would a lawsuit reveal even more than we know now when the defense begins its subpoenas and questioning?

However, so far, the prank is paying off. The Census Bureau has disassociated itself with ACORN who they were hiring to do the Census and most of the lickspittles in Washington, D.C. are distancing themselves from ACORN and cutting off its funding. As I write this article, the silence from President Barack Obama, who used to be attorney for ACORN and who helped him get elected, is AWOL. I wonder how he’s sleeping at night as he ponders on his pillow what lie he can tell to get himself out from under this most current dilemma? Oh what a web we weave when first we practice to deceive.


And then we hear about Jaime E. Feliciano, president of the California chapter of the SEIU has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for child molestation, possession and manufacturing of child porn and with previous convictions, failed to register as a sex offender. As SEIU president he was representing thousands of state employees.

In April of 2007 SEIU in Oregon was hoping to unionize adult foster-care providers. A bill to make it legal for these people to unionize was also in the works. They are always recruiting and signing up members as noted in my Job Patronage article. The AP reported on 9/18/2009 that a bill to oust private college loan providers and put the government in charge of the student loan business passed the House. Its fate in the Senate is uncertain but private lenders employ more than 30,000 people whose jobs depend on the subsidized loan program and the industry says many would be laid off. Would the government hire unemployed ACORN workers?

I wrote a letter to Oregon’s Attorney General asking him to pursue an investigation into the activities of ACORN and SEIU. If the Racketeering, Influencing and Corrupt Organization (RICO) laws at one time were used against pro-lifers to stifle its free-speech picketing, certainly RICO could be used to investigate organizations such as ACORN and SEIU. My Oregon Bluebook mentions the responsibilities of the A.G.’s office among which are investigating organized crime and charitable trust supervision. Does it appear as though ACORN and SEIU fall under one or both of these categories?

The seemingly obscure octopus has been bent on destroying this great nation and its sovereignty a long time and it is not easily exposed so I know many have been praying. When we pray, we don’t know whom God will use. I’m reminded of David and his one stone and a sling shot in the Bible and how he brought down the giant. Are O’Keefe and Giles the Davids of our day? It seems as though God may be pulling the twigs from the nests of the comfortable tax-funded and tax-exempt organizations one at a time and the red-diaper doper babies (as radio talk show host Michael Savage calls them) in the nest are beginning to shake and shiver in their nakedness as their unscrupulous schemes are unraveling a twig at a time but we must keep the pressure on because this octopus has many tentacles and even though we cut off one, others will sprout up and we must become familiar with the Hegelian dialectic and how it is used. Google it.

The fact that many conservatives have been writing and talking about Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals has helped wake up God-fearing Americans too. In fact, Alinsky’s works are required reading at FreedomWorks, the Washington-based conservative group headed by Dick Armey, a Republican and a former congressman from Texas, and one of several responsible for the 9-12 project. “When we get our jobs in our organization, the first thing you do is you sit down with some of Saul Alinksy’s books (like) Rules for Radicals,” Adam Brandon, a spokesman for FreedomWorks, told National Public Radio (NPR). “And we read that book and study that book and everything we’ve been trying to do here comes straight out of those pages.” [1]

“According to Ryan Lizza, who has written extensively about Alinsky in the New Yorker magazine, the man called the ‘father of community organizing’ took the confrontational approaches he had used as a labor organizer in the 1930s and adapted them for political action in Chicago.” [1] Chicago was where Barack Obama was groomed for community organizing.

“Alinsky’s basic insight was, what would happen if you used the sort of hardheaded, very realistic negotiating tactics that labor uses when they negotiate with management, what if you took those techniques and adapted them to the relationship between your average citizen and public officials? Lizza said in a recent interview on NPR. The idea was to use confrontational methods to galvanize public opinion and hold elected officials accountable. The idea was to gain some attention for your cause. So he did, you know, all kinds of silly, confrontational events with public officials.”[1]

This brings us full circle from the radical 60s to the average John Doe hard-working citizen who pays his or her bills, raises a family to be civil, appreciative and thankful and who have never been involved in politics before getting up from their easy chairs, turning off the TV sets, and attending the April 15th Tea Parties and 9-12 Project. The Tea Parties movement evolved into recent confrontations on healthcare with their elected officials in August during the Town Hall meetings causing many of them to take cover like the cowards they are. Our elected officials have been nothing more than puppets in the hands of this radical sixties crowd for too long.

Kenneth Timmerman in his 2002 book Shakedown, exposed the real Jesse Jackson and how he played up his ability to serve as a Chicago fixer and how to gain concessions from big corporations. One corporation, Anheuser-Busch struck back hiring a team of private investigators to conduct a background check on Jackson which was most embarrassing but like a Ponzi scheme artist, Jackson continued leveraging assets he didn’t actually possess. And few thought to call his bluff but now Jesse may find his pot of money at the end of his “Rainbow Coalition” fading along with ACORN and the SEIU.. Although Jesse, Jr. is in Congress now, since the November 2008 we haven’t heard from Sr. Jackson or the Reverend Al Sharpton. These men with their race baiting are undoing in a short period of time what it took years to build for civil rights. It was “white guilt” that put Barack Obama in the White House but I think the fear of being called a degrading name because we don’t agree with someone with a hyphenated heritage is over. Maybe we can now all just become Americans! Now, that is a change I can embrace.

Some elected officials are still hiding. A caller to our local conservative radio show in Salem called from Washington, D.C. to report that she and a number of others who had attended the 9-12 gathering in Washington, D.C. stayed over to talk to Oregon’s senators and representatives. You could tell she was walking and talking at the same time. She had just left Democrat Senator Ron Wyden’s office and his staff said he was busy and couldn’t meet with them even though he’d been told weeks in advance they were coming. She was on her way to newly elected Democrat Senator Jeff Merkley’s office. Wyden is up for re-election in 2010. We’ll have to wait to see if the snubbing of his constituents will gain him another six-year term.

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Yes, freedom loving Americans are waking up and they are drawing a line in the sand. They are forsaking their own self-indulgences for their country offering their lives, their time, their money and their sacred honor so that future generations might also remain free. But time is running out so eternal vigilance remains the price of liberty.


1 - Sept. 14, 2009 New American (P.21) Town Hall Tempest by Jack Kenny

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004 and joined the Constitutional Party.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to










She had just left Democrat Senator Ron Wyden’s office and his staff said he was busy and couldn’t meet with them even though he’d been told weeks in advance they were coming.