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By Betty Freauf

October 28, 2009

I was cruising the radio dial one day and I ran into this guy called Glenn Beck and his assistant, Stu who had been given an assignment to follow presidential candidate Barack Obama around and report back to Glenn. The dialogue taking place this particular day found Stu following B.O. into the bathroom. He noticed him going into the stall, sitting down and “Wow,” absolutely euphoric Stu said, “This guy doesn’t even leave a stink.” I told my husband about it later and said maybe I should write an article. My wise husband of 54 years said it sounded like satire to him and Glenn Beck sounded like a jokester. Taking his wise counsel, I decided maybe I’d better not go out on a limb; however, after that encounter I became a regular radio listener and I, too, became impressed with Glenn Beck on the radio and when he was hired by FOX, I became a regular listener like so many of his followers and he’s to be commended for his leadership with the widely successful Tea Party and 9/12 movements. People are waking up. I bought about a dozen Common Sense books and gave them away.

However, some of my long-time astute networking research friends suggested I be “beware” of Beck and then about a month ago he praised Edward R. Murrow as being a terrific journalist for “exposing” Senator Joe McCarthy (R-Wisconsin) when McCarthy began accusing many in our government as being either communist sympathizers or outright communists. McCarthy died under suspicious circumstances at a government hospital in 1957 and many books and articles since have been written saying “McCarthy was right.” I talked to several other older friends from the McCarthy/Murrow era that love Glenn and his remark about Murrow went right over their heads. So, I wonder, how many other heads did it go over? Did I hear wrong? Certainly his remark wasn’t some sort of sick satire, or was it?

David Horowitz, a former Communist, said in his 1997 book, Radical Son, McCarthy was a latecomer to the anti-Communist crusade, which had begun in the early thirties when the rise of Hitler and Stalin first made the totalitarian threat real. The House Committee on Un-American Activities had already been created, and Congressional investigations launched. It was not until June 29, 1950, four days after the Communists invaded South Korea that McCarthy seized the national stage. In a series of famous speeches, he turned anti-communism into a weapon against the Democrats who had allowed that Party to infiltrate both its coalitions and the government itself. The liberals failed to appreciate the Communist threat. Most journalists are registered Democrats.

Glenn tells us to question everything so I took him seriously when he looks into the camera and says, “If I make a mistake, I will admit it” and I wrote him a $5 certified letter, return receipt requested and explained to him who Edward R. Murrow really was. I never got the card back and in the meantime I have misplaced the receipt.

On his October 23, 2009 TV program, Beck played a Chicago mafia thug with a baseball bat aimed at the alleged Marxist heads of the Obama administration and he played clips from the UNTOUCHABLES movie and then in the next breath once again praised Edward R. Murrow for his courage in exposing Senator Joe McCarthy but again failing to tell his audience that McCarthy was trying to call out the warning about the communist infiltration in America. Isn’t this a bit ironic when Beck appears to be doing the same thing with all the alleged Marxist mug shots pasted on his T.V. studio blackboard who surround the president? I don’t get it! Maybe some readers can help me understand. Did he not receive my letter? It was never returned. Is he not a man of his word, as he wants us to believe? He claims to read all the books on our Founding Fathers about how they gave their lives, their fortunes and sacred honor but why does he seem to be lacking in comprehension skills when it comes to a journalist such as Edward R. Murrow? Surely the Internet is filled with information about Murrow and his leftist ideology.


Perhaps he’s made his judgments from George Clooney’s movie Good Night and Good Luck that continued the smear campaign against Senator Joseph McCarthy while lionizing leftist reporter Edward R. Murrow. Beck wasn’t born in 1935, so perhaps he is unaware in that year the leftist National Education Association promoted a summer school held in Moscow, Russia, at which commissars (czars) were to teach and DID teach hundreds of American teachers. Some of the biggest names in American Education including now deceased John Dewey were sponsors of that school along with such members of the mass liberal media as Edward R. Murrow who later dispensed pro-Soviet disinformation.

On his October 23, 2009 Beck confused me more when he praised journalist Walter Conkite, a United Nations supporter and another one-worlder. Why would Beck belittle Senator Joe McCarthy and then turn around and expose Obama’s affiliations with known Marxists such as Van Jones, the “green jobs czar” who admitted he was a Communist? The descent into Marxism is happening with breathtaking speed, against the backdrop of a passive, hapless sheeple…(people) writes Stanislav Mishin in his article “From Pravda With Love.” (The Schwarz Report – October 2009)

Beck admitted Cronkite was a liberal but claimed he kept his ideology to himself. Oh really – McAlvany News reported in its July 2000 newsletter that Cronkite accepted the highest award of the World Federalist Association and the “most trusted man” in America declared his loyalty: “If we are to avoid the eventual catastrophic world conflict, we must strengthen the United Nations (controlled by the communists) as a first step toward a world government… We Americans will have to yield up some of our sovereignty. That would be a bitter pill. It would take a lot of courage…”

Cronkite went on to urge U.S. ratification of the United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty rejected by Ronald Reagan, of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty rejected by the Senate, and of the Rome treaty for a permanent international war crimes tribunal. He urged America to surrender its veto power in the Security Council, and called for a standing United Nations Army to enforce the peace of the world - the internationalist’s version of world government and if President Barack Obama signs the United Nations Climate Treaty in the Copenhagen on December 7-18 and the Senate ratifies it, we will have come full circle to the Biblical prophesized one world government which the globalists have been dreaming about for more than a century. The Constitution means nothing to these traitors.

Recently I ran into an article from the Oct. 21, 1985 New American magazine entitled The USSR’s Spetsnaz: Special Forces Soviet Style about its plans to invade the West revealed that all the countries in the West had been penetrated by Soviet “sleepers” who came as tourists, merchant seamen, or members of visiting cultural missions. These agents then established safe houses for the day when Russia’s rapid-advance Spetsnaz forces arrived.

Members of the USSR’s Olympic team and the ZSKA sports group had been trained for reconnaissance missions, so that when Spetsnaz forces appeared behind the West’s lines, spreading disorder and sabotage, as well as planting mines and sapping Western defenses, they would not want for guides. Worse, the sleepers had not failed to contact Western revolutionaries who will aid an enemy incursion.

The Spetsnaz rapid invasion force elite was estimated at the time to number at least 30,000 men under direct control of the GRU (military intelligence), but would work in coordination with the parallel clandestine force organized and maintained by the KGB The Spetsnaz role is to soften up the West’s defenders. Infiltrating in small groups by sea and air, they are to disrupt defenses, mine seaports, destroy refineries and power stations, assassinate key leaders, and disrupt the communications system before the main Russian wave arrives.

Spetsnaz men are the cream of the USSR’s young army. Fluency in languages is emphasized and Spetsnaz methods are so secret that the entire force has been segregated from other troops. Midget submarines, known to be carried on the decks of the USSR’s India-class submarines, were specially designed to put Spetsnaz men ashore. NATO officials estimated that it would take ten regular troops to combat each Spetsnaz fighter- either a man or a woman – whom the Soviets planned to have in place and ready for action before the regular attack.

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While all of the above may sound like fiction, in my 2001 Is Communism Dead article, I noted Khrushchev said some day the red flag would fly over the U.S. but the American people would raise it.

September 21, 2009 Pastor Chuck Baldwein reported “The flag of the Communist Chinese regime has been raised over festivities near the White House honoring the restrictive nation’s 60th anniversary.

Please, Glenn, stop the satire. You’re confusing me and explain why I shouldn’t be questioning your support for such leftist journalists like Murrow and Cronkite?

� 2009 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004 and joined the Constitutional Party.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to









Cronkite went on to urge U.S. ratification of the United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty rejected by Ronald Reagan, of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty rejected by the Senate, and of the Rome treaty for a permanent international war crimes tribunal.