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By Betty Freauf
March 5, 2011

Many of us recognize what President Barack Obama is up to when he wants health care for all including illegal immigrants. He wants to expand the Democrat voter base and he wants to control every facet of our life. A March 2nd AP article said Obama increased the IRS budget by 10 percent since he took office, to nearly $12.5 billion. The president’s budget proposal for 2012 would increase IRS spending by an additional nine percent but the Republicans viewed the IRS as an ideal target in their promise to reduce government spending, in part because the agency would play a big role in implementing Obama’s new health care law with the help of 5,100 additional workers Obama wants to hire. In the late 1990s, Congress held hearings so taxpayers could relate horror stories about dealing with IRS tax collectors. The hearings resulted in a 1998 law that reorganized the IRS and largely reined it in, guaranteeing taxpayers rights and due process when the IRS files property liens, seizes bank accounts or garnishes wages.

Our government has grown so big and so out of control that nobody truly remembers what happened in the past and generally no one cares to do any investigating or researching. That’s why I enjoy Glenn Beck on FOX and his excellent team of researchers. Our Founders gave the media the First Amendment and expected them to be the watchdogs but they went to college to become journalists and in general jumped in bed with the bureaucrats and now they are lapdogs. And if you think I’m exaggerating, a former reporter for the Wall Street Journal admitted he was a “closet socialist” who promoted Marxist causes in news stories and wrote for communist publications under a pen name. We have enemies inside our gates.

So I’m always looking for little nuggets that the media did not find, purposely refused to report or they distorted. Recently a former “Progressive” Oregon legislator who now has a regular column wrote about how the public employees are being demonized and how wrong it is. He writes that the public sector now has the “haves” and the private sector the “have nots,” opposite of what it was when the state government workers began to become unionized. Following the Democrat talking points, in the article he mentioned that Wisconsin was the first state to allow state workers to bargain collectively in 1959. But right under his nose if he’d taken time to check the April 20, 2003 article in the newspaper for which he writes is an article “PERS Brings Security at a Hefty Price” and that “PERS Shortfall Empties Piggy Bank for Services” and accompanying these two articles is a picture of Republican Governor Earl Snell signing the Public Employees Retirement System into law in 1945! Eight years ago it was reported that PERS was bankrupting Oregon and the Democrats being in control during that time did nothing about it. Stimulus money has kept Oregon afloat through June and then the rubber will meet the road and I suspect the union leaders throughout the U.S. will then import their agitators into Oregon just as they’ve done in Wisconsin and Ohio.

Generally when the Socialist Planners want something passed into law, they’ll begin some type of a ‘pilot’ program in Oregon and then Oregon will tell others states what a great success it is and like sheep being led to slaughter, some others foolishly follow. President FDR for obvious reasons (conflict of interest) did not want federal employees to be able to unionize but the Tenth Amendment would allow states to do so and they’d be responsible for the outcomes – good or bad. Many speak of our “generational welfare system” but how about our “generational PERS system?” If that bill was signed in 1945, daddy saw what a great deal it turned out to be and he surely encouraged junior to become a state worker too.

But going back even before 1945 regarding Oregon, I find an article in the Curry County Reporter in Gold Beach, Oregon dated December 27, 1934 how Oregon Democrat Governor Charles Martin began the move to commit the State of Oregon and the state’s citizenry into the spiraling vortex of perpetual debt and virtually the beginning of U.N. Administrative government and all these new unconstitutional, unaccountable agencies began to be created and hire employees eligible for PERS.

World bankers were on the move towards centralization and Oregon’s governor wanted more power. The United States House of Representative in 1933 (under FDR) passed HJR-192 which by its nature, the official recognition and ultimate declaration by the Congress that the nation was bankrupt which meant that virtually every piece of property in the U.S., both real and personal, went into receivership and would require a debtor oriented form of government. You’ll notice in the article this form of government would rely exclusively on a long established and internationally recognized commercial code, the nature of such code being wholly inconsistent with our Republican form of government. To those who have had ears to hear and eyes to read, Obama claims he is using the “commercial code” to create his Obamacare which the Republicans are trying to dismantle.

Like I said above, I’m always looking for little nuggets in long lost and forgotten newspapers, books or government records and recently I came upon just one of those important nuggets. I had written Oregon’s “Progressive” Republican Senator Mark Hatfield about a concern I had about sexually transmitted diseases since AIDS was in the spotlight since the 80s.

When our European ancestors came to America, they got off the ship at Ellis Island and were required to have a medical exam to make sure they weren’t bringing any diseases. In addition, they also brought money or had sponsors who covered for them while they got established in their required profession or trade. His letter dated March 22, 1991 stated that sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS were not spread by casual contact and that the Immigration Act of 1990 eliminated the category of “dangerous contagious” diseases that had prevented visitors and immigrants from coming to the U.S. The medical terms eliminated from the list drove my spell check crazy so I’m not mentioning them but only tuberculosis remains on the list. Dr. Louis B. Sullivan, the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human services decided working with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) that education in the public school system would suffice. These federal agencies would work with educators across the country to improve the flow of information on sexually transmitted diseases. Of course, Oregon was already way ahead and once again was the first with sex education (SIECUS).

The Hatfield letter ended by stating Dr. Sullivan determined that, if finalized, this new list would not impose a major increase in the cost of health care for the public. The existing law that immigrants come into the country with money to support themselves guaranteed that immigrants with diseases would not fall to the responsibility of the taxpayer. This law safeguards the increasing costs of health care. I hope readers didn’t read this paragraph too fast.

Now that we’ve been told according to Sullivan that the immigrants weren’t going to be a financial drain on our medical system, let me tell you what the Director of Corporate Business Services at the Martin Memorial Medical Center in Florida said to a Health Care committee in Washington, D.C.:

“In 2001, we had a Guatemalan illegal patient in our hospital. He was there from 2001 until 2003. He had over $1.5 in health care services. We forcibly returned him to his home country of Guatemala at our cost of $30,000. You ask why I’m telling you about a case that happened in 2003? Today that case is not over. We have spent and are spending up to a quarter million dollars in legal fees because his family here in the U.S. is suing us because they think it was inappropriate for us to return this illegal patient to his home country.” (And you can bet the ACLU is probably helping his family at no cost.)

The Director reported they have a patient from Mexico that had been at the hospital for 760 days who has severe brain damage. He has no family, no friends. His charges to date for almost two years are $1.5 million and she said we have contacted the Mexican Consulate four times. We’ve contacted Immigration and nobody will help us return this patient to Mexico. We are even willing to spend our own $30,000 to return this patient. We can’t get anyone to help us with that.

Then she added, “In 2007 the Florida Hospital Association estimated that there was $100 million in costs for illegal patient care and that affects all of us. One of the major problems that health care institutions have today is that of ongoing care. Someone comes into our emergency room. We don’t turn them away but if someone comes into our E.R. and they have renal failure and requires dialysis, this becomes a huge problem.” She said they currently have six illegal/undocumented patients in the center that are on rental dialysis three days a week and for which the Medical Center has received no reimbursement. Our health care costs are severely affected by this.

And then she ends by saying a large percentage of the babies born at their facility are from illegal parents. One person on the committee asked, “When you know they are illegal and come to your hospital, do you report them to the federal authorities and do they come to get them?” She replied: “We have tried but we have been told on numerous occasions that they are only interested if a crime has been committed and from what I understand, it seems like they are not even interested.” The committee member asks: “The fact they are illegal isn’t enough of a crime?” She responds: “Correct.” This sounds a great deal like Bill Clinton’s definition of what “is” “is” when he was queried about Monica Lewinsky.

Psalm 127.5 in the Bible suggests we are to be fruitful and multiply and have a quiver of kids. Every ethnic group has to comply or soon their particular group will be no longer because the deaths will out number the births. Other industrialized nations and America, as a general rule, have been negligent in that area for a variety of reasons so should we be surprised that other ethnic groups coming to America who are more prolific are taking over? We’ve let down our guard; however, Lev. 19:34 says the legal immigrants are welcome but they must assimilate.

When they began arriving in droves primarily from Third World countries, the Socialist Planners thought those coming to America needed bilingualism. Now bleeding heart liberals require school districts throughout America to have bilingualism for every Tom, Dick and Harry and paid interpreters. Over 80 different languages are now spoken in the Seattle Schools according to a 2/28/2011 report on FOX – a virtual tower of Babel.

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Other countries are finally gathering the courage to admit that multiculturalism, diversity, political correctness have failed. Who would have believed in the space of a few weeks the leaders of the three major European powers would publicly denounce multiculturalism and declare, in so many words, that it was a proven disaster and a threat to society. It has led to segregated communities in Germany, the UK and France and Islamic Sharia is the current threat to all nations. Some studies show that Islam’s current rate of growth in 5-7 years will be the dominant religion of the world. Islam is planning a Million Muslim March in Washington, D.C. on July 4th. When it comes to political correctness, the threat of radical Islam can be deadly as it was at Foot Hood when Major Hasan killed many people in the military. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. Dorothy Rabinowitz of the Wall Street Journal says every branch of the military issued a final report on the Fort Hood massacre and not a single one mentioned radical Islam.

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to










Other countries are finally gathering the courage to admit that multiculturalism, diversity, political correctness have failed.