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By Betty Freauf
January 20, 2013

Christians readily acknowledge that the kingdoms of this world belong to Satan and that injustice and corruption abound in all governments, yet God still has control and allows it for reasons known only to Him. History is the monotonous account of how a government flourishes for a time in pomp and pride and then is brought to ruin and ruble. As the Titanic was sinking, there remains some uncertainty over what the last song the band was playing. According to one popular story, it was “nearer my God to thee.” Men and machines thought they’d built the impenetrable ship. Supreme confidence caused them to fail to remember that “Pride goeth before destruction and haughty spirit before a fall.” The earth has long been a graveyard of the indispensable nations of men. Its oceans remain burial places of man’s “unsinkable” ships. Previous empires before ours fell when a citizenry concentrated all its power in one central government.


Ironically, it’s the people who have legally migrated here from other countries who are calling out the warning. Paul Walter, Editor of NewsWithViews came from a communist country. Then there is the German lady who wrote me after one of my articles to remind me how it was in Germany when Hitler came to power – a time of terrible depression. Money was worth nothing. German people lost homes and jobs. Adolph Hitler was elected to power by promising “change.” How many remember the Weimar regime in Germany following WWI?

In the early 80s I met a couple from Canada who had been studying our U.S. Constitution and they began to educate me who knew next to nothing about it. If it was “emphasized” in my public school education, I must have slept through it. She and I began to attend the Oregon legislature in Salem and sit through boring committee meetings where it was obvious the “insiders” got lots of free time to testify while the “little” people were given a few crumbs at the end of the meeting and often laughed at their testimony and, also, by that time, many members had either dozed off or had an excuse to leave the committee meeting. We began publishing a weekly newsletter reporting these abuses and warning people of impending dangers.

I’m convinced that this nation is doomed unless we wake the sheep up quickly and educate them on the Constitution. This is why I’m recommending free U.S. Constitutional courses on line by Hillsdale College that operates with no government funds. (see below) In the 80s, my friend and I had to go to the Capitol to get the daily legislative action votes. Today citizens can get that information on the Internet so no excuses. Call your state capitol and get a copy of the Bluebook (cost about $20) which will have your state constitution in it plus other valuable information or maybe that’s on line too. Even the President wants to keep people engaged – at least his own folks!


Recently an acquaintance embracing “social justice” told me she was against the death penalty and wholeheartedly supports our Oregon Democrat Governor John Kitzhaber using tax dollars and precious court time to keep a convicted killer ready to accept his fate. Yes, you read correctly. The guy is ready to be put to death after years in prison and many appeals but our divorced socialist, Democrat governor with a “live-in” first lady in his third term is wasting court time and money telling the guy he can’t die and yet Oregon is one of two states with a “death with dignity” (euthanasia) law. Go figure! Washington state is the other. This acquaintance also had a Barack Obama yard sign in 2008. Yes, liberalism is a mental disorder. Oregon also has a lesbian Secretary of State elected for the second time and the first lesbian Democrat House speaker in America.

This brings me to the ongoing gun debate since the recent shootings. I keep hearing the mental health profession should be a determining factor in who can have guns and who shouldn’t have them; however, the mental health profession considering what is normal in today’s upside down culture is frightening. The first to be declared mentally deficient would be guns owners because they fear the government and how about those “preppers” who take a proactive approach toward doomsday? Would home school parents be considered with a mental problem? And only in America could the people who believe in balancing the budget and sticking by the country’s Constitution be thought as “extremists.”

Last summer, billionaire hedge fund manager and major Republican donor Paul Singer put up $1 million to launch American Unity. His goal was to break down the Republican party’s opposition to gay marriage and thus remove political resistance to the triumph of gay rights. Other billionaire peers were Jeff Bezos who contributed $2.5 billion, Bill Gates $500,000 and Michael Bloomberg $250,000. They were among those who gave $12 million to the campaign for gay marriage in the State of Washington. Singer said in a New York Times interview redefining marriage ‘very well fits within my framework of freedom.’ People should be able to do as they wish, provided they don’t hurt anybody or limit anybody else’s freedom.” This narcissistic moron forgets about what AIDS is costing the taxpayers and what price will the children pay when Heather has two mommies. And, unfortunately, many mainline denomination churches accept abortion and homosexuality.

With Singer’s statement in mind, will those next in line to be mentally disturbed be those who still oppose homosexuality or abortion. Author Alan Stang (now deceased) gave an example in his 2007 book NOT HOLIER THAN THOU of how small children are being taught early that homosexuality is normal. Whoever gets to the child first has a good chance of keeping that mind for life. I probably could say everyone except the “politically correct” is abnormal by today’s mental health standards.


Author Mark Steyn writes in the 2012 book Imprimis on Politics by Hillsdale College Press that in Great Britian there are “snoops” who frequent restaurants and listen to adjoining conversations and then call in the “hate” police to arrest those who are politically incorrect. A person objecting to homosexual adoptions gets called on the carpet and then ends up being investigated by Scotland Yard’s Community Safety Unit for Homophobic, Racists and Domestic Incidents. In addition, he says a Daily Telegraph columnist is arrested and detained in a jail cell over a joke in a speech. A Dutch legislator is invited to speak at the Palace of Westminister by a member of the House of Lords, but is banned by the government, arrested on arrival at Heathrow and deported. He says America, Britain and even Canada are the three Anglophone members of the G7. They’re three of a handful of countries that were on the right side of all the great conflicts of the last century but individual liberty flickers dimmer in each of them.

While Romans 13:2 seems to preclude the possibility of a believer having any part in rebellion or revolution , as Christians we need to be aware of those who would change our government under the guise of improving it. For example, the “rights” today we have come to know as entitlements: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, prescription drugs and kindred welfare state programs gradually dominated our domestic agenda and usurped the Constitution. And what about those bailouts of Chrysler and GM? These are the kinds of things that most politicians in bygone years prior to FDR would have renounced.


I recently submitted the following letter to our local newspaper regarding House Speaker Boehner being criticized for not offering for a vote a bill stuffed with pork created by the Senate for relief for the Superstorm Sandy victims on the east coast. Of course, that letter was submitted before Republican Boehner eventually folded like a cheap accordion:

Turner, Oregon (suburb of Salem) was flooded last January (2012). They got no government financial help. I was reminded about the tale of Davey Crockett in which the old Tennessee bear hunter met up with the Constitution of the U.S.

He had voted for $20,000 in relief for Georgetown fire victims. An old farmer working in the field told Davey when he visited him the next election cycle that Congress had no power to appropriate this money as an act of charity. Later when the House of Representatives had a bill to appropriate money for the benefit of a widow of a distinguished naval officer, Crockett arose and while speaking with great respect about the deceased how he had sympathy for the suffering of the living, he was reminded about the old farmer’s advice and then recommended that Congress, as individuals, should take up an offering to the widow instead and although he said he was the poorest man on the House floor, he offered to give one week’s pay to the widow if every member of Congress would do the same. The bill died.

When I saw it wasn’t getting published, I sent it again saying I was going to make copies and share it with a gathering of more than 100 senior citizens to which I come in contact on a weekly basis. Well, the next day the letter got published. The purpose of the letter was to remind readers to run with it to their Congress people and Senators reminding them that there is no charity mentioned in the Constitution and voters should continually remind their elected officials of that fact and then vote against them the next election cycle. Devvy Kidd’s recent article said it very succinctly: To look for someone to blame for our current fiscal mess, look in the mirror. She goes on to remind us that a lot of those elected to Congress come from state legislatures. The mention of “experience and all that” was a bit of sarcasm on her part but how true. They are just as ignorant as most people who vote them into office. If voters were informed and watching how their elected officials vote, they could stop them at the dinner role, a parody about Obama inviting a businessman to dinner at the White House.


Social Security was the dinner role. The monies collected were to be put in the “trust” fund which soon became a Congressional “slush” fund and if interest on it would have been paid, the system would be sustainable. Republican Senator Alan Simpson from Wyoming and co-chair of President Obama’s deficit commission, calls senior citizens the “Greediest Generation” as he compared Social Security to a milk cow with 310 million teats. I’ll let Patty Meyers from Montana tell you what she thinks and all senior citizens can agree; However, Patty probably belongs to an unconstitutional Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) which in most states is underfunded and headed for insolvency too which will result in more class warfare.

Even the newly elected don’t have the slightest understanding of fiat currency, the income tax or the U.S. Constitution and they keep voting for the grossly unconstitutional foreign aid and so far the Federal Reserve hasn’t been audited. The first people Obama coercively says are not going to get their checks if the debt ceiling isn’t allowed to rise AGAIN are those on Social Security and the veterans. Not one word about foreign aid.

It is very difficult to say that we are to obey a corrupt government when there is corruption in our government from top to bottom and it is not confined to one party. Most of these unsaved, godless men who are in positions of power do not understand the American system. While not all the men who made our laws were Christians, they did have a Bible background and that is why when they step out from under the umbrella of protection the Constitution provides, they run into big trouble.

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Now, I’ve written all the above to tell you about the free Constitutional courses on line that Hillsdale College is offering.

Another website readers may find educational: or

On January 18th 2013, the General Accounting Office has released a damaging report that current spending will be unsustainable if spending isn’t reversed and then the government will come after our bank and savings accounts, annuities, 401k, IRAS and perhaps even our houses and our kid’s education fund to pay the bills. Will we be singing “nearer my God to thee?” You people better wake up while there is still time.

� 2013 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to










On January 18th 2013, the General Accounting Office has released a damaging report that current spending will be unsustainable if spending isn’t reversed and then the government will come after our bank and savings accounts, annuities, 401k, IRAS and perhaps even our houses and our kid’s education fund to pay the bills.