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By Betty Freauf
March 15, 2014

It happened again in Keizer, Oregon – a suburb of Salem, the Capital. Two 17-year old friends kill the parents of the one young man, Brett Pearson. The mother, Michelle Yvonne Pearson, 44 died from the shooting. Her husband, “Bill” Melbourne Pearson, 57 survived multiple gunshot wounds but is in serious condition. For some unknown reason, the alarm was activated which brought police to the home quickly and Brett Pearson and his friend, Robert Miller II were apprehended. Friends of both boys were perplexed claiming this just was not like them. Shocked and brokenhearted family members agreed. No one had ever seen a problem when they visited the family.


Michelle was an active member of St. Edward Catholic church in Keizer where her son and husband also attended for at least 10 years. Brett was described by his friends as generous and by neighbors as outgoing. But the 3/8/2014 article said Brett Pearson admitted he shot his parents when he was high on meth. Although only 17, their charges are Measure 11 offenses that require them to be treated as adults in court. They are being held without bail. The solution by the liberals: Get rid of the guns while promoting marijuana dispensaries for recreational use and revenue for budget deficits when it is known fact marijuana is the gateway to the harder drugs.

The next day an article appeared in the same paper about another young man who had died from an overdose of meth- the second in just a matter of a few days and now in addition to Colorado and Washington already approving marijuana dispensaries other states are considering it.

It was reported on March 5 that three third-grade students ages 8 and 9 at Sonora Elementary School in California were caught smoking pot in a school bathroom. Former Rhode Island Congressman, Democrat Patrick Kennedy, a former addict speaks out against legalizing recreational marijuana. In his book, Christopher Kennedy Lawford, WHAT ADDICTS KNOW, agreed when both were guests on Bill O’Reilly. Today’s young folks commonly referred to as Millennials are fortunate to be living in America but far too many have rebellious, anti-authoritarian impulses. They don’t like being told what, when or how to do something. And there is an unsettling trend emerging over exposure to all this new technology that is used to manipulate the masses. And lets not forget the bullying on Facebook and in the social media that is causing mostly girls to commit suicide.

Why are our young people rebelling and killing? The best place to start is the Bible. 2 Tim. 3:2-4, “Disobedient to parents” is among the words used to describe perilous times in the last days. After escaping from a witchcraft family in which he was raised and becoming a Christian, John Todd tells about the double white album Book of Prophecy to Witches that the Beatles produced during Democrat President Jimmy Carter’s presidency (1976-1980) containing the song “Helter Skelter” and “Horse With No Name” as only two of many songs that had demonic influence.


You’ll recall all the newspaper coverage only a short time ago about the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles arriving in American getting their start on the Ed Sullivan show. Todd asks, “Parents, have you noticed the increase of rebellion in teenagers in the home?” He goes on to explain parents didn’t realize the danger is not necessarily in the words but it’s the music. Witches know they can hit certain chords on purpose to cause a type of hypnosis and warlike nature in young people. And how many parents were raised with the Beatles and their music? And then we can include the violent video games?

And we find that cohabiting together is no longer taboo. Living together has become common practice when a girl becomes pregnant while dating. A January 7, 2014 AP article indicated soon-to-be released government figures show a major cultural shift since the days of “shotgun weddings” aimed at avoiding family embarrassment. With marriage on the decline, the shift is helping redefine the traditional notion of families; however, households with unmarried parents are at higher risk of breaking up causing more trauma for children. Why? Because there is no commitment and cohabitors may be more violent than married. Hardly a week goes by that some boyfriend hasn’t beaten up on either the woman or the child.

Recently Dr. Phil on T.V. told of two young teen girls who were best friends with another girl who had taken pictures of them being intimate and fearing she might expose it on the Internet, tricked her into sneaking out of her house and going with them to a remote location where they vehemently stabbed her to death. Tweeters to the program described them as psychopaths and it wasn’t so long ago that “insanity” was a mental disorder in psychiatrist’s diagnostic manuals until homosexual activists got the disorder removed.


And who created the unconstitutional Department of Education on May 4, 1980? Democrat President Jimmy Carter. Brezhnev said the Soviets made their greatest gains under the Carter Administration. Number 17 of the 45 declared goals by the communist takeover of America says to get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum, Get control of teachers’ associations (unions) and put the party line in the textbooks.


Thomas Sowell writing in the October 1990 DETROIT NEWS told how schools were brainwashing our children and how some people may have been shocked when they saw a report on “death education” on the television program 20/20. Among other things, the program showed high school students being taken to morgues to touch dead bodies. In a Letter to the Editor in the EDUCATION REPORTER in September 1999, someone wrote about the death education curriculum he endured at age 15 in Ohio. He said our senior English course included trips to cemeteries and funeral homes where they saw a body embalmed or incinerated into ashes. They explored tombstones and wrote epitaphs.

Death Education starts early in some schools. In Florida first graders were given an assignment to make their own coffins out of shoe boxes. In Massachusetts, 8th graders had an assignment to write a suicide note. In the 9/10/1990 NEW AMERICAN magazine it was reported by Dr. Samuel L. Blumenfeld, one of the religious right’s foremost education gurus, that “over 50,000 American teenagers had committed suicide since the introduction of death education in America’s public school in the early 1970s.” The purpose of death education was to “desensitize” children.

Not unexpectedly, the National Education Association has played an active role in promoting death education, one of the trendy topics taught by teachers that used to spend time on academic subjects such as multiplication tables, fractions, and diagramming sentences. Phyllis Schlafly in her May 1988 report said death education meant experimenting on children’s psychos with discussions, assignments, questionnaires, games, crafts and field trips about death and dying, violence and burial. Death has joined sex, drugs, incest, stress, transcendental meditation, suicide and other psychological subjects that have invaded the classroom without parental knowledge or consent. The advocates of death education appear to be obsessed with the notion that the earth is overpopulated so suicide, euthanasia and abortion have become part of the program.


Undergraduates today tend to have an inflated sense of self. “When you correct writing, they’ll say, ‘It’s just your opinion,’ which infuriates Jean Twenge, a psychology professor at San Diego State University who compared studies on self-esteem of 66,000 college kids across the USA from 1968 through 1994. In the 2004 book THE DAY OF THE LORD IS AT HAND, Benjamin Baruch says in the last days, their minds will be absorbed with what they foolishly call their “self-esteem,” which is self worship. Check their Facebooks and the entertainment industry to validate that remark. You can start with the child prodigy Justin Bieber.

Schools got sidetracked into worrying more about feelings, says Charles Sykes in DUMBING DOWN OUR KIDS: WHY AMERICAN CHILDREN FEEL GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES BUT CAN’T READ, WRITE OR ADD. “Self-esteem has virtually become an official ideology,” he writes. A 1991 teacher training session in the Houston area taught the evils of red ink. “Teachers were told to pick another color,” says Pat Green, a teacher since 1982. They said it had a very negative impact, because red is so symbolic of wrong answers. Some also said grammar and spelling errors should be overlooked so students wouldn’t be discouraged from writing. Roy Baumeister, a psychology professor at Florida State University in Tallahassee, says he had “high hopes for the benefits of boosting self-esteem when he began studying it more than 30 years ago…but now admits, “It’s been one of the biggest disappointments of my career.” Another “social engineering” boondoggle. As you will see when you read this article, the common denominator for these problems are caused by the public school system including “having sex” in kindergarten.

President Barack Obama himself has said that having sex education in kindergarten is the “right thing to do.” In 2011 the Obama Administration was already committed to helping disadvantaged youngsters find success in elementary school through Head Start. In spite of the fact U.S. government statistics showed that Head Start has been a decisive failure U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, the Independent socialist from Vermont, had introduced a bill to provide “child care and early education to all children six week old through kindergarten.” I guess when you reward failure, you get more of it. Now I read where the president’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2015 over the next 10 years is to help states provide free prekindergarten education to millions of low- and moderate-income 4 year olds and parents are agreeing their children should be indoctrinated earlier!

And then there is 18-year old Rachel Canning in Morris County, N.J. suing her parents for $650 in weekly child support and college tuition after she claims they threw her out of the home. The girl who has been described as “spoiled,” left home on October 30, two days before she turned 18, during a period that her parents were separated and she began getting in trouble at school. If the judge ends up granting her this judgment, you can bet young people will be standing in line to sue their parents for something. As of this writing, she had been reunited with her family but the lawsuit continues. Shame on any attorney who would take such a frivolous lawsuit and any judge who would agree to hear it.


Senator Walter Mondale fathered the $multi-billion child protection industry in America when he sponsored the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) in 1974. It was considered a much needed federal bill since child abuse was rarely reported and frequently covered up and/or exaggerated. It was reported that the state of Utah received as much as $100,000 per child per year that it managed to retain in state custody. This was job security for those in these child abuse agencies. Build the trough and they will come. When states learned these federal monies would be coming into their coffers, they quickly created agencies to handle the influx of all the cases and each legislative session the list of those required to report is expanded to ensure a steady flow of traumatized children.


Sheriffs are elected and therefore, they are the ones that should investigate child abuse cases but instead, unelected social workers investigate and then accompanied by a policeman will take the child away from the parents without due process. Goal 38 of the 45 declared goals of the Communist Takeover of America is transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand (or treat) – a boom for the psychiatry industry.

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Fearing they could be falsely accused of abuse, parents became slack in discipline. Spanking once accepted as a form of discipline was now considered abuse. Goal 40 of the Communist takeover was to discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce. #41 was to emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents. Schools, oftentimes with women administrators which many boys have little respect, began inheriting the void that families are no longer playing in the lives of their children. The result: school shootings. Children crave discipline and boys especially need a man to provide it but today’s parents are often lax in that area fearing punishment from Big Brother or dad is AWOL.

� 2014 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to



Why are our young people rebelling and killing? The best place to start is the Bible. 2 Tim. 3:2-4, “Disobedient to parents” is among the words used to describe perilous times in the last days.