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By Betty Freauf

February 19, 2004

Turn on the established news broadcasts on nearly any T.V. station, pick up the newspaper in nearly any town, check the Internet and the things we are reading would have a few decades ago made us blush but not today.

As I'm drafting this article Valentine's Day is ready to arrive and about the only thing I can see blushing is Hallmark's blushing bears -- another advertising gimmick to make the retailer wealthy for Valentine's Day and when many people haven't even paid for their Christmas credit card bills yet.

I remember when I was a young teenager, and unlike today's raunchy entertainers, Roy Rogers blazed happy, moral trails and when someone would tell an inappropriate joke, I could feel my neck turning red as it progressed up to my cheeks but I was trying to remember recently the last time I blushed. Of course, I'm decades older now and the world has become far more polluted and thanks to Calvary I've simply learned to avoid that portion of the world whenever possible. However, that does not mean I'm so Heavenly bound, I'm no earthly good. I still believe in testing everything and being informed.

I gave up watching all sports events, Hollywood awards, and other trash years ago when I read how one of the diversionary tactics to dumb us down was to keep the public entertainment below a sixth grade level.

And to make such a fuss over Janet Jackson's breast (which probably wasn't her real one in the first place) is amusing to me as I watch the constant re-runs on the T.V. news. I wonder what may be going on behind the scenes causing the media pundits to be so distracted by this boob story they are failing to report something more important. The media lap dogs for the global insiders have the assignment of keeping the adult public attention diverted from the real important issues and captivated by matters of no real importance.

Every time we turn on T.V. these days we get a steady diet of death, violence, war, perversion, filthy language being bleeped but we can all read lips. Psychiatry has so sapped our moral outrage that when we hear of some teenager giving birth to a baby, disposing of it in the trash can and then returning to the dance floor, it doesn't even bother us. If it is true that the more moral a society, the less it needs to be governed, then we can understand why there are so many laws which often contradict one another and often lack any constitutional authority.

One of the biggest lies the media and government leaders have perpetrated upon us is that communism is dead. Communism has long counted on the internal demoralization of the U.S. and it, not conversion to communism, has long been the primary instrument for the communist conquests of the U.S.

Topping the Humanist list and widely touted as a Quaker, Dr. Mary Calderone (now deceased), who never had a private medical practice, and her sexual shock troops promoting SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S.) determined in the 1960s that old-fashioned morality was outdated so situation ethics/sex education became a part of the school curriculum and today youth can dial for free sex answers to help reduce the teen pregnancy rate and the sensitivity training allows homosexuals to have "hot" lines so youth can "dial an expert" and the cost of HIV/AIDS has reached into the billions. Sex education stripped education of its moral component. President Theodore Roosevelt said, "When you educate a man in mind and not in morals, you educate a menace to society."

And while Massachusetts legislators are struggling to hurriedly get a constitutional amendment passed to ban homosexual marriages, California officials defied their state law and issued marriage licenses to nearly 100 gays and lesbians. Ask the Catholic church about the millions it has paid out to victims abused by homosexual priests.

It's the slippery slope scenario again. Morality watch dogs have long said that giving homosexual's "rights" and recognizing them as a "minority" would lead to pedophilia and now we see it happening. One would think that with all the cameras on public streets and inside public facilities as well as private facilities that the pedophiles would think before grabbing another young person but it is happening with greater frequency as if they have no fear. Our young people are no longer safe.

Next will come the legalization of polygamy, adult incest, prostitution, bestiality, obscenity, adultery, and whatever perversion someone will think about.

After four decades of open immorality, it's tough for parents to point fingers at their children because three fingers point back at them so today people are hesitant to impose their standards on others, creating what is called a Eleventh Commandment: Thou shalt not judge. However, in God's accounting, there is no moral distinction between the sins of the bedroom and the boardroom, between crimes on main street and the crimes on Wall Street, between someone who sells his or her body and someone who sells his or her soul.

While God alone is the judge of those on the outside of the church, the church as a whole is refusing to deal with immorality with its own members. I Cor. 5 deals with this subject in depth. A recent article noted that 50% of people who call themselves Christian dabble in pornography.

A Third Grade reader by Marcius Willson published by Harper & Brothers, N.Y.C. in 1860 contained many beautiful stories and poems and about one-third of the 264 page book dealt with religious and moral subjects starting with creation proving America was founded on a different set of values initially and until the 1960s when the sexual revolution broke loose, we remained a fairly moral nation. In fact, Oregon has a law on the books which says instruction in ethics and morality must be taught. To obey this law, the educrats came up with Character Education to develop in young people such core values as trust, worthiness, respect, responsibility, justice, fairness, integrity" but without any reference to any scripture as was the case in 1860 so this program, like the War on Drugs, is another gigantic failure.

Through the years of conditioning, people have been trained to accept the law as a given. The idea is to induce individuals to use the law as a starting point regarding all questions of morality. This is what the court in Massachusetts has done. This is, of course, is completely backwards. Statutory laws can be moral but they can also be immoral and it behooves people to begin to recognize this fact and what is moral in one country may not be moral in another. This is why it is difficult for America to fight a war in the Middle East because the Muslims have a different set of values than we do in America. What determines morality must be determined on a country by country, even state by state basis and (sometimes city by city) that is why our Founding Fathers gave us the Tenth Amendment and state's rights and President George Washington warned us about getting entangled in the affairs of other countries.

But with the advent of the birth control pill, abortion and now "the patch" available, there is no commitment, no more trickle-down morality in America and while the men were encouraged to sew their wild oats in my younger days, today, no thanks to the feminist movement, woman are liberated and they put many men to shame. They pose nude without blushing and they are "hooking up" like animals and those who try to remain pure until marriage are looked at as oddballs and the peer pressure to conform is tremendous. Read about how the women in Jer. 32:35, Deut. 12:31 and Lev. 20:2 sacrificed their babies by burning them upon Molech's alter. Today, after burning the books and traditions of their forefathers, they throw on - as an offering to their self expression - the bodies of their own children, i.e. partial birth abortion (will the Bush ban be obeyed or broken?)

These healthy babies are killed purposely to fulfill a barbaric quota of body parts to meet the growing market demand of our 21st century Molech (Cannanite idol to whom were offered live babies to be consumed by fire).

As a result of America lowering its moral compass, something may be exploding behind the scenes that no one has thought about. The 11/14/2003 WORTHY NEWS: "A Christian woman who once worked for a German television network in Lebanon says much of the current anti-Americanism in Europe can be attributed to the exploding Islamic population there. Brigitte Gabriel saw what happened in her native Lebanon when Islamists seized the once-thriving country that tolerated Christianity, and turned it into a haven for Islamic terrorists. Now, she says, Muslims could very well be the majority population in many European countries by the middle of the century. According to Gabriel, Muslim marital practices are behind the increasing Muslim populace. 'The problem we have with Europe is that (it) is infested with the Muslim population. The reason why is because they multiply at a much faster rate than we do,' she says. The former journalist believes the massive influx of Muslims into Europe is having a profound effect on the attitudes in countries like France and Germany."

Can we put the genie back in the bottle? Our response to this moral dilemma has been ineffective and as a result, is God turning America over to its enemies just as He did Israel when they were disobedient? Abortions on demand and the high divorce rate makes America extremely vulnerable. Even a casual observation of the current moral climate suggests that despite all the time, energy and fund-raising letters by the moral conservative groups over the last forty years, we have failed miserably. Things have not gotten better. They have gotten worse. Why? Marxism is two steps forward, one step backward but they always gain ground.

We worked at trying to get the right people elected praying they'd be able to fix the problem by passing the right laws. Some say we can't legislate morality but the truth is that moral ideals have guided legislation since time immemorial and every law is based upon someone's morality. While there is always an exception to every rule, after we get what we believe to be good moral people elected, they change. They either become enamored with power or entrapped in some compromising immoral act and then are easily blackmailed.

Today we are watching dirty tricks politics spew across the airwaves on a daily basis during this highly heated presidential campaign. The sixties sexual revolution caused a lot of the problems facing today's candidates and soon no one will want to run for office and voters won't even turn out to vote.

Has the subtle side of gradualism worked while the sheep slept? You decide.

� 2004 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican Party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years. Betty is a researcher, freelance journalist and a regular contributor to  E-Mail:








"Every time we turn on T.V. these days we get a steady diet of death, violence, war, perversion, filthy language being bleeped but we can all read lips. Psychiatry has so sapped our moral outrage that when we hear of some teenager giving birth to a baby, disposing of it in the trash can and then returning to the dance floor, it doesn't even bother us."