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By Betty Freauf

August 31, 2004

Talk show host, Michael Medved, who boasts he went to Yale at age 16, from all appearances seems to be a walking historian and a memory like an elephant, so the saying goes, when it comes to a variety of stats including political and says he's the number one show on politics and pop culture. And when it comes to bloviating (excessive verbage on a variety of subjects), I believe Medved outdoes Bill O'Reilly on Fox. I can't help but wonder if he was a debate champon at Yale or is the Manchurian candidate with a brain implant.

On 8/27/2004 on my local radio station, Michael opened up his program, an encore, with the usual, "Another great day in this greatest nation on God's green earth. This is such a great nation that there are many great people who want to run for President of the United States. You all know about the current President whose name is George Walker Bush. You all know about his challenger, John Forbes Kerry, and if you listen to this show regularly, you also heard one of the fringe candidates from the "loser"tarian party (Libertarian Party)" and then he introduced Michael Anthony Peroutka from the Constitution Party - an attorney in Maryland and a family man.

He later asked about Peroutka's vice presidential candidate and his qualifications. Peroutka said his name is Dr. Chuck Baldwin of Pensecola, Florida who for a number of years had a syndicated radio program called Chuck Baldwin Live and he has an internet letter in which he articulates the basic fundamental principles of American government. Check out the following links. GodFamilyRepublic, Peroutka2004, Michael Peroutka Invites Chuck Baldwin to be His Running Mate.

From his opening salvo about the "loser" tarian party, I knew that Peroutka was in for one tough interview. The first question by Medved was about how many states would have the Constitution Party on the their ballots? Peroutka said they expected 41 and explained that with the two-party system in control of rules governing third parties, third parties were at a great disadvantage so 41 states and a number of candidates running for public office was impressive under the circumstances. He mentioned Utah and Oregon with a fairly large showing.

But that didn't satisfy pompous twit Medved who went on to make fun of Peroutka's predecessor, the founder of the Constitution Party, Howard Phillips, who Medved said only got 1/2 of 1% on the national vote in 1992, 1996 and 2000 when he ran and on at least two other occasions referred to it over and over again as a PATHETIC showing.

Medved seemed perplexed. He simply could not understand why the Constitution Party would keep running, running and running and not be able to accomplish more than 98,000 votes.

Medved forgets that it's taken more than 200 years for our great Republic that our Founders gave us to deteriorate to the extent it has especially since the turn of the 20th century and like a big ship with a tiny rudder unable to turn around on a dime, neither will third parties turn America around in one or two elections but does that mean they shouldn't keep on trying? If not third party candidates, then who? If not now, when? After all, Rome wasn't built in a day. Although abortion has not been stopped since the 1973 Roe -vs- Wade Supreme Court decision making it legal, the pro-life movement continues to make steady gains.

Peroutka told Medved his line of thinking is what they call "Preemptive Concession" meaning Medved is agreeing before the game starts that the other team is going to have more points at the end of the game so why play? He quoted John Quincy Adams who once said, "Duty is ours, and results are Gods."

During the interview, Medved did agree the goal of the Constitution Party to return America to our constitutional Republic was admirable which, in itself, was an accomplishment because in so doing Medved admitted several times our country is no longer governed by the Constitution but stopped short of admitting we are controlled by the United Nations Regional government given to us by another Republican President, Richard Nixon.

During the first half of the interview, Medved would ask Peroutka a question and when he tried to answer, Medved would rudely interrupt. At one point in the first half of the interview, Peroutka interrupted Medved once but quickly apologized. But Peroutka soon discovered that he would have to keep talking if he wanted to get his point across and during the second half of the interview it was difficult to hear because they kept talking over one another. Peroutka said the goal of the Constitution Party was to give people who want to return to Constitutional government an alternative to the two-party system, which Peroutka called at one point, "one party" and another time he referred to them as Socialist Party A and Socialist Party B.

Medved kept stressing the third party won't work and that any changes Peroutka and his followers wanted to make could better be made through the two-parties to which Peroutka brilliantly asked, "How is your way voting for the lesser of two evils working?"

Peroutka called to Medved's attention that Article 1, Section 8 said the federal govenrment was not to be involved in education and yet Democrat Clinton gave us Goals 2000 and George Walker Bush gave us No Child Left Behind which, he said, is even more intrusive then Goals 2000.

And I personally recall distinctly that Ronald Reagan ran on a platform of shutting down the unconsitutional Department of Education which has caused a steady decline in basic acadmic results ever since its inception under Democrat President Carter. A simple Executive Order like Presidents have been known to use would have gotten the job done. President Bush on August 27 signed a series of Executive Orders to strengthen U.S. intelligence. One of the orders gave CIA director more power.

One caller quoted Article 4, Section 4 requiring the executive branch to protect each individual state from invasion. Medved processed that for a second and then responded that our Founding Fathers would be able to tell the difference between an invasion, which implies a military force, and people in an unauthorized way coming to work.

At this point, it should be noted the Washington Times (8/23/2004) headlined: "GOP to Finesse Immigration Issue". On January 7, 2004, President Bush proposed a so-called immigration "reform" which would allow millions of illegal aliens in our country to remain in the country as guest workers for renewable three-year periods if they have jobs. These illegal aliens would eventually apply for permanent legal residence. This has "deeply angered" many Republicans the Washington Times reports and the GOP platform may oppose such amnesty for illegal aliens BUT not oppose a proposal advocated by President Bush, which, of course, is amnesty. "Finesse" in this context means to trick or use fraud or outright lie. If this turns out to be true, then what I've often said about the party convention platforms once again reveals the hypocrisy of these conventions. A party platform is like a white wedding dress. It's only worn once and often flies under false colors.

After extolling the virtues of the GOP as opposed to the faults of the Democrats, Medved challenged his guest to find one issue in which there is no difference between the two candidates to which Peroutka responded, "I challenge you to find one principled issue where they are different." They both promote the United Nations New World Order agenda.

Of course, Medved claimed President Bush stands on behalf of Human Life but if my memory serves me correctly, First Lady Laura Bush, like her mother-in-law, Barbara, are both pro-choice and when Peroutka tried to respond that most of the GOP pro-life support is rhetoric, Medved had to go to a station break signing off that particular segment by saying, "It seems to me the pro-life issue is worth preserving but not to Michael Peroutka (who is pro-life) of the 'doubty' Constitutional Party."

After the station break, Medved immediately proceeded with his negative remarks by saying, "This is the Michael Medved show where every day we are proud to say, 'I am not a victim' and Michael Anthony Peroutka of Maryland, an attorney, refuses to be a victim of being largely ignored, laughed at, derided and dist including a certain amount of disrespect from this particular radio show although we do try to treat him with at least some modicum of courtesy."

God Bless caller Tim from Everett, Washington, who opened up by saying "Oh yes, Michael, you are beating people up again. Before I make my point, I just want to give Mr. Peroutka a little advice. Mr. Peroutka, Mr. Medved is a "preimminent intellecutal prize fighter." Whatever question he asks, you say, "That's a good point and then you go on to make your own point."

While the caller was trying to make his point about Medved voting in a deeply spiritual manner, Medved interrupts again, disagrees and says an election in our American democratic republic sense is not spiritual, it's practical.

The caller says you have faith in George Bush when you pull that voting lever. Or in the case of the Democrats, they pull the lever, use a touch screen or whatever rigged election device being used these days (without a paper trail) and they vote for JFK.

This brings me to the conclusion I came to a few years ago. The two party political convention reminds me of rock music festivals where drugs are prevalent for "spiritual" highs or an evangelist that comes to preach and gets his audience all revved up to go out to save the world for God. But after the lights are shut off, the mess cleaned up from the convention floor, things pretty much return to what they were before as I stated in my earlier article on the subject of politics: The Upcoming Election For Cosmetic Purposes Only. But not only do they stay the same, they are getting worse.

Peroutka asked if the Constitution Party's platform and principles are right, which Medved agreed they were, "Then why is the Constitution party on the fringe?" Medved said, "Because you refuse to grow up and participate in the two-party political system." At that point, Peroutka asked Medved to stop the (sarcastic) remarks.

Peroutka asked Medved where it says in the Constitution that we should have only a two-party system to which Medved conceded "reality" takes precedence and once again referred to third parties as "pathetic."

I do know this much, the few callers he allowed on the air seemed sympathetic to Peroutka and made some interesting points and if anyone was thinking of voting for Bush before this show, I'm sure they've changed their mind and will be voting their conscience in November instead the lesser of two evils.

I'll let Gene, the last caller to the program, close with his comments: I've never heard of you, Mr. Peroutka or your party but I thank God for you. And Michael, this is my question to you: If you have a man that appears to be of God trying to do the right thing in politics and (it's sad that) the only thing you can do is belittle and besmirch him by your comments and your innuendos. If David had your attitude, he would have never defeated Goaliath.

Michael responds that people who talk about political combat as if it were an existential war against the Philistines are heading for deep, deep trouble. Political combat is about choosing the course for the future of the country and if you want to try to associate the religious imagination and Biblical history with current events, you are absolutely condemning this greatest nation on God's green earth to a future less than what it deserves. Medved is Jewish and apparently forgets how God made the Israelites take another walk around Mt. Sinai until they learned their lessons. America deserves judgment and that is exactly what is coming if America continues on its New World Order path into the immoral abyss with the blessing of the two-party political system and talk show hosts like Michael Medved.

I remember a joke I once heard about the doctor's scribble on a prescription to the pharmacist which says: I've got my $100 and now the patient is all yours. I've exposed Medved, now he's all yours.

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Peroutka told Medved his line of thinking is what they call "Preemptive Concession" meaning Medved is agreeing before the game starts that the other team is going to have more points at the end of the game so why play?