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By Cheryl Chumley
January 15, 2015

Mike Huckabee has sparked a bit of backlash for his assessment of Beyonce as a pretty vulgar performer who nonetheless seems to sneak a PG-rating with the First Family, earning first-class status as an invited White House guest.

As he pointed out in a recent People interview about his new book, "God, Guns, Grits and Gravy," Beyonce's sexually graphic in both musical lyrics and moves, oftentimes putting on shows more befitting for the bedroom than the stage. So why would Mom and Dad Obama, who otherwise chide their minor-aged daughters – not to mention, the nation's school children – into eating broccoli and exercising, nonetheless fall flat in the parenting department when it comes to monitoring the level of hyper-sexual content their kids see?

It's a valid point – and the fact that it's generating such controversy only shows how far down the path of cultural degradation this country's come. Heck, even former president Jimmy Carter was asked to opine on Huckabee's views, telling TMZ, predictably perhaps, that he doesn't "agree with much that Mike Huckabee says and I think that President Obama's going a good job."

The Washington Post chimed in with a list of 10 things that Sasha and Malia, and ostensibly, the rest of the female gender, can learn from Beyonce and her half-dressed stage antics – among, that having a "well-established professional life" and "your own money" is a terrific confidence booster. Well, that's true, but the real point is: Would a parent rather her daughter secure a profession and decent-sized paycheck fully clothed, or not-so-clothed?

And that, right there, is the problem: Many in America really don't care any longer.

Today's culture is that Kim Kardashian can make a sex tape – and then appear on the supposed family-friendly Fox and Friends with her sisters to speak about the hard road to success and learned entrepreneurial skills. As Hollywood Life wrote, of the $65 million the Kardashian family pulled in 2010, "the family first gained notoriety through middle sister Kim's sex tape with Ray J in 2006 and seems to have almost thrived off it."

But the Kardashians aren't alone. Think Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson. The sex tape-turned-business savvy crowd has really spawned a whole new generation of minor-aged girls who turn their teen years into seductive money-making ventures, oftentimes gaining fame before they've even reached the age of consent – Miley Cyrus, for one, or Brittany Spears, for another.

The lure of easy money doesn't fade with age, either. Jennifer Lopez, in her 40s, just made a splash with Iggy Azalea in the grossly graphic shake and rub "Booty" video. Nicki Minaj, now in her 30s, continues to release sexually graphic videos and sing sexually graphic songs – laughably, all the while claiming that she's not.

"[Sex is] not what I'm about at all," she protested, PopCrush reported.

And one Business Insider headline from 2011 summed the latest about pop star Rihanna this way: "How Long Can Rihanna Rely on Sex Alone to Sell Albums?"

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Here's the thing: Huckabee's a former Baptist preacher, so it really shouldn't be any surprise that his moral compass stands firmly on the side of decorum, in the most classical sense of the word.

But the fact that someone in America might be more outraged by Huckabee's remarks than by the image of a pre-teen girl watching with adoring eyes, alongside her clapping, cheering mother, as a half-dressed woman bumps and grinds, is the greater shock. Huckabee is no doubt only wondering What Would Jesus Do – not really a bad question to pose in these morally bankrupt times.

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Cheryl K. Chumley is the author of "Police State USA: How Orwell's Nightmare Is Becoming Our Reality," and an award-winning journalist who currently writes for The Washington Times.




The lure of easy money doesn't fade with age, either. Jennifer Lopez, in her 40s, just made a splash with Iggy Azalea in the grossly graphic shake and rub "Booty" video.