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By Cheryl Chumley
September 2, 2016

The regulations, they are a-coming.

That's what at least one noted climate skeptic warned, pointing to the very capable pen and phone politicking of President Obama that's allowed him great success in bypassing Congress on various pet agendas – particularly, on those dealing with the environment, and even more particularly, on one provision he signed earlier this year, the Paris Accord. The measure supposedly commits America to abide what the Obama administration described as "the most ambitious climate change agreement in history."

But as Marc Morano, publisher of "Climate Depot" and producer of the new film, "Climate Hustle," a production that exposes the propaganda side of environmentalism, said in an interview: The commitment is smoke and mirrors, but a "cunning" Obama may see his long-held green-based regulatory visions achieve reality all the same, due to an unaware populace.

The accord itself is far-reaching and requires participating nations to actively prevent, via regulatory controls, the average global temperature from rising more than two degrees Celsius above "pre-industrial levels," and to "undertake rapid reductions" on various emission levels around the world. In other words, bye-bye U.S. economic production.

Technically, though, Obama's signature means nothing. Why?

The Senate never ratified the treaty, as required by the Constitution. Obama can sign all he wants, but truly, the accord won't last past January, when his administration ends.

So says the legalese, anyway.

But this president operates under a policy of act first, seek permission – never. And if America turns a blind eye to what he's done in recent months -- not just with the Paris treaty, but with his use of the Environmental Protection Agency to press regulatory controls turned down by Congress -- the reality is the provisions of the accord and more will take root and become the new national norm. It won't be long before all these environmental measures are considered binding.

"If the next president continues the policies of President Obama with the EPA and the U.N. climate treaty, we are going to have a situation where these climate regulations will be codified," Morano said.

One immediate impact?

"The coal industry will be long dead and buried," he said.

More detriments will soon follow.

"Be afraid, be very afraid of the U.N. agenda," Morano said. "The U.N. has been trying now since at least 1992 to get the U.S. tied up in an environmental regulatory scheme … but the United Nations openly admits they want to redistribute wealth via climate policy. It's social engineering."

The situation is all the more alarming because the will of the American people has been clear for years: Voters don't want overly restrictive climate change regulations. Not only has cap-and-trade consistently gone down in legislative flames - not only has the United Nations failed to receive U.S. Senate ratification on its many environmental treaties and accords. But these climate skeptic camp wins have come even as Democrats have held a clean sweep of the country's highest political offices -- while holding majorities in both House and Senate and serving under their own party's president.

"We are facing political defeat for the first time on global warming," Morano warned.

All eyes may be currently turned on the presidential campaign. And voters of free-market minds and conservative bents may be waiting with anticipation and relief for the exodus of Obama. But his departure does not automatically undo the last eight years. Remember, it was Attorney General Loretta Lynch who said in early 2016 her "goal is to position" the Justice Department to continue President Obama's law enforcement agenda, long after he leaves office.

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It seems the White House has set the same designs on Obama's environmental agenda, leaving the fate of America's sovereignty, post-January 2017, in a state of uncertainty, danger and potentially further demise. Only an aware constituency, emboldened by a passion for freedom and a love of country, can control the bureaucratic beast of Washington and press the new president, whomever that might be, to keep to an "American first" mindset.

© 2016 Cheryl Chumley - All Rights Reserved

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Cheryl Chumley, a former news writer for The Washington Times and WND, is also the author of the 2016 release, "The Devil in D.C.: Winning Back the Country From the Beast in Washington," available now on Amazon, and of "Police State USA: How Orwell's Nightmare Is Becoming Our Reality."

She may be reached at: E-Mail:

or through her blog,, or at Twitter @ckchumley.



The Senate never ratified the treaty, as required by the Constitution. Obama can sign all he wants, but truly, the accord won't last past January, when his administration ends.